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Racial Abilities: Eldari Warriors

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Racial Abilities: Eldari Warriors

Post by Orgoth on Wed Nov 22, 2017 2:43 pm

Elemental Blade
Drawing upon their innate magical power, the Eldari uses their blade as a focus, infusing it with elemental fury for a time. When the Eldari first unlocks this power, the duration and cooldown begin at 1 post and 3 posts, respectively. The upgrade can be used to either strengthen a current element or to add a new element to the Eldari’s arsenal. Only four ability points can be invested in Elemental Blade, including the first. One element is selected from the following list at creation:

  • Ice
  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Stone

As well as sheathing the weapon in an elemental aura, the ability adds an elemental property to the weapon’s damage, and also bestows an elemental effect on the weapon. The effect of the ability is related to the chosen element and either buffs the Eldari or hinders their enemy. The effects are as follows:

Target Affected: Enemy
Cold-Snap: When struck, the weapon flash-freezes the affected area, limiting mobility for a short duration. The freeze can be removed by magical means, or by smashing it with immense strength, but otherwise it must thaw out on its own. This duration increases as the ability is upgraded. Level 1 starts with a duration of 1 post, and each subsequent level adds a post.

Target Affected: Enemy
Conflagrate: This effect adds fire elemental damage to the weapon with each strike. As a side-effect, when struck the target suffers burns to the affected area, and any flammable material is at risk from being ignited. The extra damage increases with each ability level, starting with 1x weapon damage at level 1 and increasing by one factor with each upgrade.

Target affected: Enemy
Electrify: When struck, The target experiences spasms and erratic motor control in the affected area for a short duration. If the target relies on wings for flight, then it cannot fly for this duration. If the target uses a spell or ability that has a cooldown during this time, an extra post is added to the cooldown for that ability only. The duration is 1 post at level 1, and an extra post for each upgrade.

Target affected: Weapon
Smash Logic: The weapon doubles in mass for everyone but the wielder, meaning double the smash for the opponent! For each upgrade to this ability, the factor of mass increases by 2, i.e. x2 at level 1, x4 at level 2, x6 at level 3, and x8 at level 4. In addition, once every other post the wielder can smash the ground at full force, creating a shockwave that expands outwards from the source in all directions. The radius of this shock-wave is 10ft at level 1, and increases by 10ft with each new level. The shockwave does little in the way of actual damage itself, unless the affected target is particularly fragile. However, unless the target is extremely heavy or can anchor themselves down somehow, they will be blasted away by the shock-wave.

Sunlight Blade
Channelling energy from the Sun, the symbol of the Eldari Sun-God Na’Sora, the Eldari call upon divine power to strike down their foe. This effect lasts for 1 post, with a 5 post cooldown, and while active the Eldari’s blade is sheathed in a bright golden aura. The weapon becomes a potent instrument of Na’Sora’s light, and a bane to the creations of her sister, Na’Kora. Against Heanta foes, the weapon does double its regular damage, and inflicts burns on the target, as if hit with the fire blade in the “Elemental Blade” ability above. The weapon is also capable of a ranged attack that can hit a target up to 40ft away. The user slashes at the target, and an energy wave is sent towards the target. These “Light Slashes” have the same effect on foes as if they were struck in melee by the weapon with this power active. 3 of these slashes can be fired in a post, with a post of cooldown. Each upgrade of this ability increases the duration of the power by a post and grants one additional “Light Slash”, to a max level of 4.

Blessing of Na'Sora:
With this ability the Eldari becomes enveloped in a golden aura granting them divine protection to aid them in their time of need. This aura protects the Eldari from magical attacks and abilities, while also acting as Light armor to physical attacks, but with no extra weight. Bear in mind that this ability only protects against the damage part of attacks and abilities, any status effects are still applied on a hit. On upgrading, the ability can be made more potent or it can have its duration and physical protection increased. The first time you pick this ability, you begin with both sides at level 1. Every subsequent upgrade to this ability increase aspect of the power, either Magic or Physical. The max level for each aspect is 4. The cooldown is locked to 5 posts. The scales for upgrading are as follows:

LevelMagic(Non-Physical Protection)Physical(Physical Protection and Duration)
1VW reduced by 50%, W reduced by 25%2 posts
2VW reduced by 75%, W reduced by 50%, A reduced by 25%3 posts and Medium Armor
3VW reduced by 75%, W reduced by 50%, A reduced by 50%, S reduced by 25%4 posts
4VW reduced by 100%, W reduced by 75%, A reduced by 50%, S reduced by 50%, VS reduced by 50%*5 posts and Heavy Armor
*If used to block a VS attack, the ability ends immediately, regardless of how much duration is remaining and the cooldown is increased by 4 posts and you suffer 1 post of exhaustion.

Healing Light
The Eldari calls out to the Sun-God for the precious life-energy that Na’Sora used to create the life on Asmir Ka’Lesa. The energy is used to heal the wounds of battle, allowing life to survive. This power operates like the Healing ability in the ability rules, but with these added limitations:

  • It works only on the user.
  • The user must be still and focused.
  • This ability is only available at R-1, and cannot be upgraded.
  • Limbs can be reattached using this healing, but not regrown.
  • The more severe the wounds, the longer this healing will take.

Damage CategoryTime neededExamples
Light1 postCuts, bruises, hairline bone fractures, light burns
Moderate2 postsDeep lacerations, minor bone fractures, moderate burns
Heavy3 postsMulti-layer lacerations, bone breaks, 3rd degree burns
Severe4 postsMinor organ damage, Multi-point bone breaks, charred flesh
Critical5 postsModerate organ damage, severed limbs, heavy blood loss

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