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Racial Abilities: Eldari Magi

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Racial Abilities: Eldari Magi

Post by Orgoth on Wed Nov 22, 2017 2:21 pm

Drawing upon their innate magical power, the Eldari wields elemental power like an ally for a brief time, using it to attack or protect themselves. The following rules apply to this ability.

  • Only 6 ability ranks can be invested in Elementalist, including the first.
  • One element is selected at creation. It is important to note that if an element is chosen to start, customs that involve elemental power can only be of the chosen element. If Elementalist is not chosen, then no elemental custom powers can be used by this character that are above weak category. The exceptions are Metal and Energy.
  • The ability bestows an elemental power to the Eldari’s arsenal, as well as a temporary enhancement to the Eldari’s capabilities.
  • Each upgrade to Elementalist can be used to either upgrade an existing element, or the acquire a new element. The duration and cooldown increase by a post, beginning with 1 post and 3 posts, respectively.
  • When using the ability of each element, the user can use a lower level of the ability with the appropriate cooldown applied to the entire ability.

The elements and their effects, as well as each element’s opposing element, are listed below:

Ice (“Cryomancy”)
Opposing Element: Fire
Passive Ability: 10% resistance to cold damage, 10% weakness to fire damage
Ability Name: Glacial Wall
Description: The Eldari can form a barrier of solid ice in a 10 ft radius around themself that can protect against attacks. The barrier 1ft thick and translucent, and each upgrade increases its strength. Upgrades to Cryomancy apply as follows:

LevelBarrier StrengthCooldownPassive Modifier
1Very Weak1 post10%
2Weak2 posts20%
3Average3 posts30%
4Strong4 posts40%
Fire (“Pyromancy”)
Opposing Element: Ice
Passive: 10% resistance to fire damage, 10% weakness to cold damage
Ability Name: Volcanic Burst
Description: Elemental energy is expelled in a fiery conflagration, centered on the Eldari. Upgrades to Pyromancy apply as follows.

LevelBurst StrengthBurst RadiusCooldownPassive Modifier
1Very Weak5ft1 post10%
2Weak10ft2 posts20%
3Average20ft3 posts30%
4Strong30ft4 posts40%
Lightning (“Electromancy”)
Opposing Element: Stone
Passive: Absorb Attack (very weak), Durability -1
Absorb Attack: Once per turn, you can absorb an electrical or pure energy-based attack that you've been hit by. You will still take the full damage, but you will gain Power Points for your next post, equal to half of the Power Point cost of the attack taken, rounded up. Each upgrade to Electromancy increases the power of attack you can absorb.
Ability Name: Volt Shot
Description: The Eldari fires electrical pulses from their fingertips, varying in number and intensity according to the way you upgrade it. The pulses have a range of 50ft. This ability is scaled as follows:

LevelShot StrengthNumber of ShotsCooldownAbsorb AttackDurability Decrease
1Very Weak101 postVery Weak-1
2Weak22 postsWeak-1
3Average13 postsAverage-2
4Strong14 postsStrong-2
Stone (“Lithomancy”)
Opposing Element: Lightning
Passive: +1 increase to Durability, -1 decrease to Speed
Ability Name: Fortify
Description: This ability functions identically to Glacial Wall, with the barrier being made of rock rather than ice.

LevelBarrier StrengthCooldownPassive Stat Modifier
1Very Weak1 post1
2Weak2 posts1
3Average3 posts2
4Strong4 posts2
The Eldari channels energy from the Sun-God to fuel this ability. The Eldari’s physical capabilities are pushed to the limit, but strain on the body is increased also. Functioning similarly to Elementalist, the Eldari is granted a passive boost while Solarist is active, as well as access to an ability. Solarist starts at level 1 with a duration of 1 post and a cooldown of 3 posts, with each increasing by 1 post for every upgrade. Once the ability is used, the Eldari enters a post of exhaustion, resulting in the Eldari’s combat effectiveness being reduced by 25%. This temporary exhaustion period is increased for each level of Solarist above the first that the Eldari utilizes.The Eldari can choose to use a lower level of Solarist if they wish, minimizing the drawbacks and but also the benefits. The max level of Solarist is 4.

Passive: 10% increase to Agility and Speed
Ability Name: Solar Beam
Description: The Eldari fires a beam of solar energy from their outstretched palm or from the tip of their staff. The beam begins at level 1 with a range of 30ft and inflicts Very Weak damage with no cooldown(though the consequences of spamming low-level abilities still apply). As the Eldari gains levels in Solarist, the ability increases in range and maximum damage output. The Eldari can choose to use a weaker version than the one they are capable of if they want, but the cooldown for the level they use applies to the ability as a whole, so no other levels can be used until the cooldown period is cleared. If the affected target is an Heanta, they suffer 50% extra damage, and receive burns as if they were hit with fire.

LevelBeam DamageBeam RangeCooldownPassive Modifier
1Very Weak30ft1 post5%
2Weak60ft2 posts
3Average90ft3 posts10%
4Strong120ft4 posts
Blessing of Na'Sora:
With this ability the Eldari becomes enveloped in a golden aura granting them divine protection to aid them in their time of need. This aura protects the Eldari from magical attacks and abilities, while also acting as Light armor to physical attacks, but with no extra weight. Bear in mind that this ability only protects against the damage part of attacks and abilities, any status effects are still applied on a hit. On upgrading, the ability can be made more potent or it can have its duration and physical protection increased. The first time you pick this ability, you begin with both sides at level 1. Every subsequent upgrade to this ability increase aspect of the power, either Magic or Physical. The max level for each aspect is 4. The cooldown is locked to 5 posts. The scales for upgrading are as follows:

LevelMagic(Non-Physical Protection)Physical(Physical Protection and Duration)
1VW reduced by 50%, W reduced by 25%2 posts
2VW reduced by 75%, W reduced by 50%, A reduced by 25%3 posts and Medium Armor
3VW reduced by 75%, W reduced by 50%, A reduced by 50%, S reduced by 25%4 posts
4VW reduced by 100%, W reduced by 75%, A reduced by 50%, S reduced by 50%, VS reduced by 50%*5 posts and Heavy Armor
*If used to block a VS attack, the ability ends immediately, regardless of how much duration is remaining and the cooldown is increased by 4 posts and you suffer 1 post of exhaustion

Healing Light
The Eldari calls out to the Sun-God for the precious life-energy that Na’Sora used to create the life on Asmir Ka’Lesa. The energy is used to heal the wounds of battle, allowing life to survive. This power operates like the Healing ability in the ability rules, but with these added limitations:

  • It works only on the user.
  • The user must be still and focused.
  • This ability is only available at R-1, and cannot be upgraded.
  • Limbs can be reattached using this healing, but not regrown.
  • The more severe the wounds, the longer this healing will take.

Damage CategoryTime neededExamples
Light1 postCuts, bruises, hairline bone fractures, light burns
Moderate2 postsDeep lacerations, minor bone fractures, moderate burns
Heavy3 postsMulti-layer lacerations, bone breaks, 3rd degree burns
Severe4 postsMinor organ damage, Multi-point bone breaks, severed limbs, charred flesh

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