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Racial Abilities: Eldari Magi

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Racial Abilities: Eldari Magi

Post by Orgoth on Wed Nov 22, 2017 2:21 pm

Drawing upon their innate magical power, the Eldari wields elemental power like an ally for a brief time, using it to attack or protect themselves. When active, this ability causes the hands and forearms to glow with an aura, depending on the element. The effect of the ability is related to the chosen element and either buffs the Eldari or hinders their enemy. The effects are as follows:

Ice (“Cryomancy”)
Passive Ability: 10% resistance to cold damage, 10% weakness to fire damage
Ability Name: Glacial Wall
Description: The Eldari can form a barrier of solid ice in a 10 ft radius around themself that can protect against attacks. The barrier 1ft thick and translucent, and each upgrade increases its strength. Upgrades to Cryomancy apply as follows:
LevelBarrier StrengthCooldownPassive Modifier
1Very Weak1 post10%
2Weak2 posts20%
3Average3 posts30%

Fire (“Pyromancy”)
Passive: 10% resistance to fire damage, 10% weakness to cold damage
Ability Name: Volcanic Burst
Description: Elemental energy is expelled in a fiery conflagration, centered on the Eldari. Upgrades to Pyromancy apply as follows.
LevelBurst StrengthBurst RadiusCooldownPassive Modifier
1Very Weak5ft1 post10%
2Weak10ft2 posts20%
3Average20ft3 posts30%

Lightning (“Electromancy”)
Passive: Absorb Attack (very weak), Durability -1
Absorb Attack: Once per turn, you can absorb an electrical or pure energy-based attack that you've been hit by. You will still take the full damage, but you will gain Power Points for your next post, equal to half of the Power Point cost of the attack taken, rounded up. Each upgrade to Electromancy increases the power of attack you can absorb.
Ability Name: Volt Shot
Description: The Eldari fires electrical pulses from their fingertips, varying in number and intensity according to the way you upgrade it. The pulses have a range of 50ft. This ability is scaled as follows:
LevelShot StrengthNumber of ShotsCooldownAbsorb AttackDurability Decrease
1Very Weak101 postVery Weak-1
2Weak22 postsWeak-1
3Average13 postsAverage-2

Stone (“Lithomancy”)
Passive: +1 increase to Durability, -1 decrease to Speed
Ability Name: Fortify
Description: This ability functions identically to Glacial Wall, with the barrier being made of rock rather than ice.
LevelBarrier StrengthCooldownPassive Stat Modifier
1Very Weak1 post1
2Weak2 posts1
3Average3 posts2


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