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Kingdom of Mondolin Government and Army

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Kingdom of Mondolin Government and Army

Post by Orgoth on Tue Oct 10, 2017 5:50 am

The Kingdom of Mondolin, despite the chaotic nature of its people, maintains a relatively simple ruling structure. The people are ruled over by the King or Queen, who retains a complement of Advisers. Advisers are elected from the nobility, though it isn't unheard of for a lower-class citizen to receive the honor. The nobility includes the governor of each city, as well as the governor of trade and the head of the diplomatic corps. The leader of the military also acts an an Adviser, as does the leader of the Knights of Mondolin. Much of the more mundane matters of state are handled by the Advisers, however matters of higher importance are addressed by the King.

The King of Mondolin title is usually inherited by the previous King's firstborn. However, several circumstances can lead to a different family becoming the royal family. If a King or Queen passes away without any offspring, a new King is elected. Though a male usually ends up assuming the position, there is nothing preventing a female taking up the throne. Indeed, there have been several Queens in Human history, most having long and healthy reigns. A King can also be made to step down if the Advisers vote unanimously to depose them. This usually happens if a King or Queen behaves in a manner that is seen as not in the best interests of the Kingdom.

In terms of military power, the Kingdom of Mondolin does not possess the magical power of the Eldari or the demonic might of the Heanta, so the Humans rely on numbers, spirit and ingenuity. They rival Eldari wizardry with sophisticated weaponry. The advent of the crossbow in Human lands give the Kingdom a new dimension in ranged warfare, a weapon that had similar range to a longbow, but required far less training and could be mass produced. The Kingdom possessed advanced siege weaponry, and their blacksmith meant that their armors were highly effective.

The Mondolin army is made up of disciplined infantry, with soldiers being trained with both sword and spear. Elite units of crossbowmen provide ranged cover for the infantry, but the real strength came in the form of mounted units. The Mondolin cavalry were renowned throughout the land, mainly for the strength of the Verdant Stallion. A special breeding ground was used for breeding the Equinus, the fabled mounts of the Knights of Mondolin. The Knights were led by the Knight-Commander, with four Knight-Captains serving as their direct underlings. Each Knight-Captain was responsible for a specific aspect of the Knights' operations, with each Knight-Captain having a Knight-Lieutenant to assist them. The Knights were usually only utilized for special missions that the regular rank-and-file could not deal with.

The equipment the Mondolin army uses varies. More often than not, the various provinces of the kingdom are granted autonomy over their own armed forces. The province of Silmar, for instance, borders the Eldari region of Endaron. This proximity to the Eldari has influenced their weapon and armor design significantly, with Silmar infantry favoring curved blades, usually in the form of katana and other similar blades. The capital city, however, is quite distinct in their approach. The Mith Silvanus forces are equipped with weaponry and armor that is effective at their purpose, while also being easy to produce. The Humans are known to be the best smiths in the land for a reason, and this is reflected in their designs. Straight swords and spears are the order of the day, with a formidable crossbow force making up the rest of the unmounted army. The mounted troops are renowned across the land also, with the cavalry equipment available being a large reason for this. Below is the standard equipment for the Mith Silvanus forces.


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