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Knights of Mondolin Hierarchy

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Knights of Mondolin Hierarchy Empty Knights of Mondolin Hierarchy

Post by Orgoth on Tue Oct 10, 2017 5:42 am

The Knights of Mondolin

The Knights of Mondolin are the backbone of the Mondolin armed forces. As well as serving as the most elite military units the kingdom has to offer, they also provide the technological breakthroughs that the Humans are renowned for. The Knight-Commander is the commanding officer of the Knights, and he/she also serves as an Adviser to the King/Queen, and as such receives assignments directly from the top of the ladder. Although they do not hold direct authority over the regular military, a Knights unit that is deployed usually becomes the de facto senior unit by reputation. Each of the four corps is commanded by a Knight Captain, who retains a second-in-command known with the title of Knight-Lieutenant.

Roster is formatted as follows:
Position: Character Name (Owner of Character) Rank

Knight-Commander: Marina Kaverra(NPC): E-5

Offensive Corps



Defensive Corps



Intelligence Corps


Members: Lilian Toral(Zenke): A-5

Armory and Tech Corps

Knight-Lieutenant: Andreas Toral(Orgoth): A-5



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