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The Kingdom of Mondolin: A land of change

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The Kingdom of Mondolin: A land of change

Post by Orgoth on Tue Oct 10, 2017 5:41 am

The land of Mondolin itself personifies the Kingdom that rules it. Geographically the largest area of land besides the Free Lands, Mondolin is a chaotic region that is as diverse as the people that inhabit it; green, fertile lands clashing with harsh mountains to the north and deserts to the south. The land s bisected by the great River Undine, a mighty river that starts in the northern mountains and heads south, through the capital city of Mith Silvanus. The Undine continues on into the Verdant Plains, a vast green province that is the main producer of the Equinus, the legendary mounts that serve the Knights of Mondolin. The Undine then turns west, with the city of Mith Verdanus lying on the river bend, heading all the way out to sea.

Mith Verdanus was established shortly after Mith Silvanus itself. The small city is a hub of agricultural trade in the south, with the trade route north to the capital being one of the most important. Ranchers come to trade horses, with the Verdant Stallion being one of the best and most valuable horse breeds out there. Other services include escort riders for trade caravans, carriage transport for those without their own means of travel, and livestock and other farming goods. Trade for crops is less popular here, with much of the agricultural community preferring to trade in the capital.

Following the Undine west, you reach Vasuarian Bay. The bay is named for Garrik Vasuarian, the envoy that was sent by King Casavir during the Human-Orken War of the Second Age to negotiate with the Eldari, and thus bringing the Golden Tide to the aid of the Human kingdom. The bay is dominated by Mith Marinus, the port city that is the primary berth of the Mondolin navy, and is also the main port of trade with the Eldari. Experienced sailors and fishermen can be found here, with plenty of work for those trying to make a living on the water. The fish trade means the port city is comfortably prosperous.

South of the Verdant Plains is the Manacus Desert. An arid and remote place, it is nonetheless home to several outposts that serve as bases for the renowned hunters that venture out into the desert for exotic game the likes of which cannot be found elsewhere. Hunting the creatures that live out here is dangerous work, but is good money for those that are skilled enough, and lucky enough, to make a living of it. People in the cities pay handsomely for the exotic, and as such renowned hunters can also be very wealthy ones. However, sometimes complacency results in wealthy hunters becoming dead ones.

The North of Mondolin is dominated by the Skycrest Mountains, beyond which lies Heanta territory. This area is heavily fortified and regular patrols keep an eye on the region. A pass allows travel between the two realms, but the danger is obvious and a large wall and gate restricts access from either side. The Human-Orken War was a lesson to the Humans, one they are determined not to repeat. Eastwards lie the Free Lands. Though there is no official aggression between Mondolin and the Free Land cities, there is nonetheless guard points on all roads between the two, monitoring trade and civilian movement.

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