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Eldari Government and Army

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Eldari Government and Army

Post by Dark Hunter on Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:13 am

The Eldari started off as a peaceful and passive race, with no armed force or government to speak of. Once they realized they were not alone in the world however, they decided they needed to unify to ensure the survival of their race. The first governing body on record is a simple gathering of the eldest and wisest of the Eldari who determined immediate courses of action for their kin. As the Eldari advanced and they grew more powerful, they established Gilderan as their capital, and the simple gathering of minds became known as the Golden Council. Consisting of six members elected by the leaders of the various towns in the realm, the Golden Council monitored the state of the land and made decisions that were unanimously agreed upon. Council members remained on duty until they passed away, or they were otherwise deemed unfit by the electorate, at which point a replacement was elected.

The Eldari armed forces at first consisted entirely of magic-users. However, this approach was quickly found to have weaknesses, and thus the Eldari decided that a more martial form of combat was needed in order to bring a bit more balance to engagements. As a result, the present-day Eldari military is a balanced unit combining skilled melee combatants with powerful magical support. The Eldari lack the technological acumen of the Humans, instead focusing on magic and swordplay. The Eldari also possess a naval force, but it consists almost entirely of light skirmisher craft. The only sizable ships in current service are the Eldari flagship, the Gilderdream, and her escort craft. Given the nature of the waters surrounding Sindaron, a large fleet was deemed superfluous.

Once the threat of the Heanta became apparent, the Golden Council decided to form an elite military organization that would work in conjunction with the Council to protect the land and the people. This group would take on missions that the regular armed forces were unable to. They called themselves the Eternal Watch, and it was an unsaid rule that if the Watch was involved, it was really bad. The Watch were relatively self-governed, though the Council were the final authority in most matters.
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