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Sindaron and Endaron: A land of supernatural beauty

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Sindaron and Endaron: A land of supernatural beauty

Post by Orgoth on Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:57 am

The homeland of the Eldari consists of two main parts; the coastal region of Endaron, and the island of Sindaron. Sindaron, an Eldari term meaning "safe-land" sits a few kilometers off the coast of Endaron, separated by a body of water known as the Cerulean Rift. It is an island of tremendous beauty, and even though roughly sixty percent of it is urban, it has still retained its natural color and vibrancy. Visitors have remarked that on a visual inspection, it looked like Gilderan (known in the common tongue as the Golden City) was always meant to be there. Upon arriving in Shor's Landing (Sindaron's main harbor, named after the Eldari hero Dalrodir Shor), visitors are welcomed by a port that is bustling but without being overcrowded. The road from Shor's landing to Gilderan is flanked by green fields that seem to have an ethereal quality to them. In another time, the fields would be tranquil and quiet, but the present geopolitical climate means soldiers can now be seen practicing graceful sword drills and apprentice mages hone their spell-craft in magically isolated training zones.

The Golden City itself is a wonder to behold. The buildings are all constructed with the traditional Eldari design of a wooden framework, reinforced with expertly cut stone. The building is then coated in the Eldari "Gildaril" alloy. The alloy gives the appearance of gold, but with the toughness of reinforced steel. Magical properties of the alloy mean that despite the outside being made of metal, the buildings maintain a pleasant temperature at all times. Similarly to Shor's Landing, Gilderan is prosperous but without the stifling busyness of other cities. Citizens get on with their business at a leisurely pace, due in part to the long Eldari lifespan. The Damerlond sits in the center of Gilderan, overlooking the whole island. This huge building is the central nexus of the Eldari race, both housing the Golden Council and serving as the base of operations for the Eternal Watch.

Back across the Cerulean Rift, the Eldari region of Endaron serves as the nation's presence on mainland Asmir Ka'Lesa. Endaron, meaning "life-land", is a land of quiet efficiency. The regions various settlements produce more than enough resources for the Eldari people, but without the intrusive industry that others like the Kingdom of Mondolin utilize. The needs of Endaron's populace are taken care of first, and then surplus is sent to Gateway Harbor to make the journey across the Rift. The border between Endaron and the Human lands has become a little blurred over time, with some Human settlements spreading across the border, as well as the presence of the Sunlight Covenant's lands. The Eldari, for their part, are happy enough to let this arrangement continue, though the chaotic ways of the short-lived Humans means the Eldari must be ready for anything.

The Cerulean Rift itself is one of the most notorious natural wonders on the face of Asmir. On first observation, the Rift is a tranquil and gentle body of water that surrounds the isle of Sindaron for miles. However, this serene beauty belies the treacherous hazards that exist below the surface. Many a vessel has tried to navigate the waters, but very few have lived to tell the tale. Some say the Rift is full of hidden reefs and other navigational hazards. Others say that there are giant marine creatures that attack unsuspecting ships, dragging them to a watery grave. More alarming is the claim that the Rift itself is responsible, coming alive and claiming souls for itself. Whatever, the true reason for the disappearances, the Eldari transports are the only vessels to be able to traverse the Rift without any trouble. The Eldari say that the secret lies in the specific path their ships take, but none have been able to determine if this is true or not, as the Eldari are not exactly forthcoming with such important secrets.

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