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Eldari: A Personal History

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Eldari: A Personal History Empty Eldari: A Personal History

Post by Orgoth on Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:37 am

In the beginning, Na'Sora, the goddess of the Sun, used her power to create a race that embodied both the power and beauty of the Sun she was tasked with holding. On both counts, Na'Sora succeeded. The Eldari were both graceful and adept, and began shaping the world around them. The values that Na'Sora instilled in them shone through, and the Eldari worked together in harmony as they found their way in the world. Initially, they spread everywhere, calling their territory Endaron, which was an Eldari term meaning "life-land". However, Na'Kora, godess of the Moon, saw to it that the Eldari would not advance uncontested. The Heanta emerged soon after, and the first meeting was bloody and decisive. An unarmed Eldari group encountered a Heanta pack and, in the spirit of co-operation, attempted to greet the new party with friendship. The group were attacked suddenly by the Heanta, and were swiftly defeated and brutalized. Upon learning of this hostile new race, and with a little guidance from Na'Sora, the Eldari decided to turn their considerable skill and intellect towards military matters.

Once the Heanta became known to them, the Eldari decided to fortify their home, constructing their main capital on an island just off the coast of their land. They called this island Sindaron, or "safe-land", and on they constructed a great city. The exteriors of the buildings were covered in a gold-like alloy that the Eldari had developed, that retained the appearance of gold but was as hard as reinforced steel. It was named Gilderan, but would become known across Asmir Ka'Lesa as The Golden City. Great libraries were constructed, allowing for extensive magical study. As the Eldari-Heanta border bristled with conflict, the Eldari were able to keep their enemies in check with magical power and martial skill.

The Eldari soon found themselves sharing a continent with not only the Heanta, but also Humans. There was conflict with the Humans, but the Eldari held strong, maintaining a watch over the land that would last until the present day. However, other dangers soon presented themselves, forcing even the Eldari and Heanta to join forces at least once.

In terms of pure martial skill, none have matched the exploits of Dalrodir Shor. Shor was an average magic-user at best, preferring instead to focus on swordsmanship. His skill and renown inspired a whole school of combat to the Eldari. Shor was unmatched with a blade, and he proved his might many times, most notably when he fought the Kishin Dola alongside Ren The Hornless. The two warriors were their best of their respective races, but the tension between the races almost caused them to come to blows themselves. However, Ren and Shor were able to put aside their differences, earning each-other's respect during the titanic battle. After the Kishin Dola was defeated, a mortally wounded Ren challenged Shor to an honorable duel where, despite still pushing Shor to his limits, he was defeated by the Eldari.

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