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Explaining The Ability Template (wip)

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Explaining The Ability Template (wip)

Post by Zenke on Wed Oct 04, 2017 9:05 pm

So, on every app there is a set number of ability slots for you to fill out. These are your characters in combat powers. Combat is an important part of Asmir, and making sure those fights are fair is also important. The ability template is part of what makes the combat fair, by structuring abilities in an understandable way and to stop powers that are overpowered slipping through. There are five parts to the template, The Name, Type, Damage Catagory, description and cooldown. Each part is explained below.

The name of an ability isn’t essential but it can be helpful when refering to abilities in rp. 

Abilities have 4 basic categories, Offensive, Defensive, support and healing.

Offensive abilities are abilities that deal damage. They are an important part of a character’s arsenal. They're cooldowns depend on the damage catagory, and additional effects.

Defensive Abilities are abilities that protect against damage, such as magical barriers. They are useful but too many can unbalance a character. Its probably better to have only 1 or two of these. They're cooldowns depend on the damage catagory, and additional effects.

Support abilities are any abilities besides defensive, offensive and healing. Summoning an extra sword is a support ability, as is summoning a monster ally. A buff that increases your speed, an ability that helps detect enemies or an ability that lets you move objects with your mind are all support abilities. Support abilities do not need a damage catagory. Base cooldown of 1, depending on the power of the effect, and additional effects, this will go up. 

Restoration abilities involve removing poison, negative effects or giving back a little energy. Healing wounds can be done too, but there is a very set method to how wound healing works here. The rules for that are below. Restoration abilities do not need a damage catagory. Base cooldown of 2, depending on additional effects this will go up. 

Damage category
Very weak: Very weak Offensive and defensive spells have no cooldown, but don’t do much in the way of damage. Very Weak Defensive Spells cannot block anything stronger than very weak attacks. it might be good for deflecting blades or ranged weaponry but strong opponents are likely to shatter the shield. Damage similar to being shot with an arrow, hit with a club depending on the attack. No cooldown.

Weak: Weak Offensive and Defnsive abilities have a 1 post cooldown. Weak offensive abilities do a slight deal more damage, similar to a well placed strike to a limb, but nothing that will leave your character down for the count. Weak defensive abilities can block anything below weak with ease, and strong opponants would have a bit more trouble smashing your barriers. Possibly cooldown based on additional effects. 1 for shields

Average; The average for most attacks. Can be pretty devestating, think getting slashed across the chest with a sword or grazed in a vital point with an arrow (besides heart or brain) These attacks are less spamable than weak and very weak but pay off in damage, and shields of this level can block a good deal, other than that strong attacks or blows from powerful melee fighters.. 2 post cd 3 for shields

Strong: Opposite to weak, this level of attack is akin to getting shot or slashed in a very vital point on a direct hit, such as kidneys, livers guts, groin and so on. While not enough to kill outright unless you took it to the face, it can still be very devestating and leave you needing healing. Shields this strength can block most levels of attacks and defend from some powerful melee blows. 3 post cd 4 for shields

Very strong: Devastating level of attack, this is reserved for high powered spells and abilities that will leave most victims struggling to keep fighting on a direct hit without medical attention. Shields of this level can block anything of the caster’s tier. But both attacks and shields of this category have a heavy cooldown and are extremely taxing on the user. 5 post cd 6 for shields


This is both for the flavor and effect of the ability. If its just a simple fireball, give it a nice bit of flavor text. If its a complex support ability, make sure to explain it fully and in depth to avoid misunderstandings and loopholes.

The Cooldown is what decides how often an ability can be used. If its a powerful ability, this will be high, if not it might not have a cooldown at all. While you are welcome to judge the cooldown yourself, staff may change it. If your not sure, we will help you so dont worry.

Example Abilities

Below are several example abilities to give you an idea of the template in action. Anything in brackets is me explaining my reasoning for the cooldown.

Name: Firelash
Type: Offensive
Damage Category: Average
Description: Charn channel's fire into the palm of his hand, building it up into a large flame before lashing his arm out. Fire whips out from his arm following the path of his swing, and lashes anthing in its path with flames. Has a reach of 10ft.
Cooldown: 2 post cooldown. (2 post cooldown for average damage. No additonal effects.)

Name: Snare
Type: Offensive (+ extra Effect)
Damage Category: weak
Description: Celaena throws out multiple barbed tendrils of electricity that latch onto the target of her attack, blasting them with weak electrical shocks. The tendrils then rapidly retract and pull the target towards Celaena. If they're strong enough, they can resist or break themselves free. 30 ft range.
Cooldown: 2 post cooldown. (1 cooldown for weak damage, + 1 for the extra effect that drags people towards Celaena.)

Elemental Manipulation

Recycling energy, especially in the various forms of body manipulation (which is mostly solid, like bone) the max is 50%. There will be no gas manipulations either, and no various forms allowed to encompass a single one. Like if you control water, you don’t get ice and steam. You get liquid water. Fire and lightning are also two different things. This isn’t Avatar. Nothing like vector manipulation either.

List of allowed Elements

If there is an element you want to use, that is not on this list ask staff. We may just not have thought to add it. Or it might not be allowed.

(energy based) Fire, lightning, energy (raw, holy or dark), darkness, light, wind and cold
(solid Based) Ice, earth , metal (Except Divinium), Plant, crystal, bone
(liquid Based) Water, acid, blood

The Elemental manipulation Template

Name: (fancy name for your ability goes here)
Element: (What element is it)
Description: (give a description of how your character uses their element. Do they summon fire to their hands? Or form it away from their bodies? Be descriptive.)
Effect: (Choose one of the three effects to match the element. Fire is energy based, rock is solid based, water is liquid based and so on.) 

(Energy based) The user is skilled in the manipulation of a chosen element. They can manipulate their element in several ways like throwing out waves, balls and blasts that can travel up to 50ft, or shoot it as small projectiles up to 130ft. Elemental manipulation attacks deal damage based on that element. Larger blasts and waves deal average damage but travel slower, and smaller projectiles travel faster and deal less damage.

(Solid based) The user is skilled in the manipulation of a chosen element. They can manipulate their element in several ways. They can create walls, shoot projectiles and in general use the ability to attack or defend. They can create spikes or pillars, the maximum being 10ft long and 1ft wide, or create walls of their element 5 x 5 ft wide and tall. They can launch small, medium or large projectiles, which travel up to 100ft, 50ft or 25ft respectively, and deal more physical damage for their size. 

(Liquid based) The user is skilled in the manipulation of a chosen element. They can manipulate their element in several ways, like throwing waves, making a wall of liquid, or making elaborate traps. They can launch small, medium or large projectiles, which travel up to 100ft, 50ft or 25ft respectively, and deal moderate physical damage for their size. 

Duration/Cooldown: 3 post duration, 2 post cooldown.

Healing Guidelines

Abilities that heal damage to a person's body are powerful, and can change the course of any battle. This is something that makes heanta, with their fast regeneration, so unique. It is possible to have abilities that heal a person's wounds as if they had fast regeneration. This type of healing is powerful but it has it's weaknesses. 

It requires continuous contact with the patient. Its not that taxing on the user, but it can take a while to heal the victim fully, up to 5 posts, depending on the severity of the injuries. Limbs can be reattached but not regrown. It is possible to have a limb restored, but it requires allot longer than can be achieved by one person on a battlefield. And as much as it can save lives, if someone is so severly injured that they are close to death, they will not be able to rejoin the fight, if they even wake up.

If you want to make a healer, copy the ability below straight into the app and fill in the blanks. This takes up an ability slot so keep that in mind.

Name: (You can name it what ever you wish.)
Type: Healing
Description: (besides hands on contact, how does your character heal others? be descriptive.)
Effect: As long as contact is maintained, the target's wounds will be healed. The more severe the wounds, the longer this healing will take. minor cuts and grazes will be closed after 1 post, 2 posts will see deep gashes, moderate burns and other such ails cured, 3 posts will see most major injuries closed or near too it. After 4 posts, most severe injuries will be cured, and 5 posts will see the victim brought back from the brink of death, albiet they may stay unconcious. Limbs can be reattached using this healing, but not regrown using this method of healing. 
Limitation: This ability requires hands on contact. Cannot be used if the user is in the second stage of exaustion state or higher. Only restores the target's physical body. It does not restore their stamina or magical energy. 


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