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Abilities Rules Empty Abilities Rules

Post by Zenke on Wed Apr 17, 2013 11:41 pm

Here is a list of things you can and can't to with your custom abilities. If something's not here assume it's allowed or ask a staff member if you really want to make sure. This topic will focus mostly on what's not allowed.

1. Elemental Manipulation powers are allowed, and there is a guide to their use to avoid missuse and overpowered characters. You cannot have more than two elements, and your control over 2 is weaker than it would be over 1. Opposing elements work against each other, you could still have fire and water, but they would weaken your control of both elements farther.

Accepted Elements are earth, water, air, fire, lightning, ice, crystal, wood, light, darkness, shadow, blood, and metal. If there's something not there and you want to use it, ask a staff, its probably allowed. Dark and Divine aren't technically elements, so they're just called energy types. However, since they're very direct opposites, you can't have both.

Side note, blood and bone manipulation CANNOT be used to manipulate somebodies blood or bones inside or on their body. if its on your sword, or the ground, its fare game.

2. NO Time Manipulation powers of any kind. These are automatically denied, so don't waste your time (massive pun intended) making them or trying to find away around this.

3. Poisons are allowed but must not be able to kill someone over time, make them go fully blind, paralyze them, or make them fall asleep. Things poisons can do are as follows: cause drowsiness, vomiting, sickness, blurry vision, intense pain in the infected area, weakened motor control, and difficulty breathing.

If you have an effect you want to use and it's not here, ask staff if it's allowed first. Also, the more effects a single poison has, the longer grace period it must have. Poisons cannot have more than 3 effects, but you can have multiple poisons, granted they cannot all infect a person at the same time.

4. Gravity powers are allowed but highly moderated. They cannot increase the gravity past x3 times that of the Earth's gravity. They cannot decrease the gravity enough that the person could be launched into space.

5. Teleportation powers are allowed, but highly moderated. They must have a minimum of a 2 post cooldown in combat situations.

6. No Time Manipulation powers. Already covered it, but just making sure you got that.

Staff can deny any power they think to be op. If staff ask you to change a power or remove it, and you say no, they retain the right to fully deny your app. If your app has been fully denied, only and admin can undeny it. Staff retain the rights to make additions and changes to these guidlines. If a Rule change happens, everyone will be informed, so you cannot say you didn't know.

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