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The Sunlight Covenant

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The Sunlight Covenant

Post by Jun on Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:03 pm

The Sunlight Covenant is archenemies with The Red Dawn. While the Red Dawn are associated with evil and tyranny, the Sunlight Covenant is more concerned about spreading the Good Word, a religion based on open mindedness, civility, kindness, and assisting the sick and elderly. They encapsulate, or try to, everything that is good while providing freedom. And thus often goes against the Red Dawn. They have likewise have gone in interference in Eldari wars, assisting them in any way they could, should the Red Dawn move in defense (or attack with) the Heanta forces. They accept almost any race, though should a Heanta join, or the other race aligned with them, they would almost certainly be watched at all times and be restricted. Like their archenemies, they're unaffiliated with any nation, though not without lack of trying.

Military wise, they're fairly similar to the Red Dawn. A sizeable army and a large following, they do not have the forces to go toe to toe with any of the other nations, nor are large enough to be considered their own nation. They do have several would be heroes, equal in strength to the Elite Forces of every other nation, such as the Oculi Draconis and the Eternal Watch. They favor a more mobile style of warfare, though isn't afraid to bring out minor siege equipment or heavy shields, depending on the Commander's tactics.

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