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The Heanta Government And Army

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The Heanta Government And Army Empty The Heanta Government And Army

Post by Zenke on Tue Aug 08, 2017 8:21 am

The Heanta were formerly a people organised into tribes and clans, however the founder of the sanguine Dominion, Ren the hornless changed all of this many years ago when he united the tribes and clans and established himself as the first warlord of the Heanta. He rulled for three hundred years before finally deciding that the torch should be passed on to a new ruler. After that, the position was taken by the strongest and smartest of the heanta.

The government is military based, and generals that lead are also high ranking nobles and elites, and hold much of the power. The heanta are seperated into three castes. The Elite caste, the Warrior caste and the slave caste. The elite caste hold the reigns of the army, and form the warrior caste into different legions. They are desendants of powerful bloodlines such as clan leaders of old or warriors who earned a name for themselves. The elite caste runs the city, army and lands, and the more powerful of the elites hold the warlord's favor, serving as his council. Others plot against him. Betrayal is a supremely heanta trait, but its when someone doesn't make an attempt on the warlord's life they he becomes suspicious. Elites are organised by clan, not family, though they may have a family name. Heanta can be adopted or marry into clans. There are nine clans, and only one new clan has been founded, when Ren the hornless united the clans. 

The warrior caste are the every day citizen, if you can call an army of murderous savages everyday citizens. They form the ranks of the army, and elite Legions. They spend the vast majority of their time training, fighting and training. They also take care of important tasks such as smithing, crafting and enchanting the army's weapons and armor, and one way a warrior can earn a place in the elite caste is to earn themselves a renown name as an artisan. Every heanta not of the slave caste serves in the army. Warrior heanta do not have second names, though some adopt them.

The Slave caste is filled with those considered to weak to fight, cowards, disgraced elites and breeding stock. While its very uncommon, heanta born slaves can become warriors, if they are strong enough to earn a place in their better's ranks. Slaves do everything from food production, waste management acting as servants and anything else required of them. Slaves aren't even considered worthy of bedding, and they are not trained to fight. They are not docile however. Slaves horns are filed down and their claws are kept short. Some elites even have their slaves fangs removed. Its also not uncommon to see human slaves, and the very rare broken eldari. However Eldari dont usually survive long as slaves, as heanta hate them so much Heanta slaves kill them.

The rank and file of heanta armies are equipped with an asortment of weapons, the uncommon shield, and light armor. There are 9 different elite Legions. Each Legion is led by the head of each clan.. The armored Legion Of Kran Sarkus for instance, is the heaviest equipped force in the army, with heavy armor, shields and brutal pikes, while also carrying an asortment of personal weapons.

Most heanta serve as rank and file soldiers at first, and once they've proven themselves, will be taken into an elite unit. Many elite units hold special combat games to find promising new recruits. On rate occasions the Sanguine Dominion will swoop in to recruit truely promising heanta for their ranks. However its far more common for members of elite units to move on to the sanguine dominion. Heanta fight to rise in the military, and only those with noble blood, or considerably powerful demon matrices get to skip this step and go straight ot the Sanguine Dominion.

The heanta of course have an arial devison of highly skilled warriors, second to only the asentari and their great Wyverns. They also have a small navy. Their ships are fast sleek transport vessels, and when battle breaks out on the high seas for heanta, they aim to board enemy vessels as fast as possible. Their greatest military strength is ground troops though.

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