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The Asentari Government and Military

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The Asentari Government and Military

Post by Jun on Sat Jan 28, 2017 7:44 am

Their armies are generally smaller, but make up for it with superior training and power, striking a balance of range/magic, and close quarters combat. Like any other military, it does have various divisions. There isn't a rivalry between any of them, at least not a natural one. They tend to prefer light and medium armor, since their natural Dragon Skin already makes it hard to cut them, on average. Weapons tend to be more personalized than in other militaries, and not restricted only to the Oculi Draconis.

The government is that of a republic, with various districts having an equal number of representatives, being two each. With 15 districts, 30 representatives (Praetors) are present, making the big decisions as a group. They then appoint a Primoris Rex, the supreme commander of the armies. Their credentials are always called into question, from their fighting capability to their ability to lead. They're often the strongest fighters in the army. They can be from literally any division. They then appoint a second in command. These two people control the entire military and update the Council on all military matters. Including bandit raids, invitations for alliances, etc. They are not allowed to show favoritism for a specific Praetor. To do so is punishable by maiming and immediate imprisonment. As too many have attempted to do so before in their history, and has often led to disaster and chaos.

The general army are mostly ground troops, utilizing only the occasional flying mount, but mostly drakes. They're the grunts, but don't underestimate them. They handle most situations and incidents. A Centurio and their second in command, called an Adjutor, controls the general army, though they are also underneath the Primoris Rex and the Cordus Rex.

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