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Character Creation Guide

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Character Creation Guide Empty Character Creation Guide

Post by Zenke on Sun May 19, 2013 11:57 pm

Character creation help

Character creation can be tricky, especially if this is your first time rping. So here is a little guide to help with that.


Now the first thing you'll want to do is choose a race. Each race has its own unique set of racial traits and abilities that make them different, however as varied and different as they are, they share one thing in common. They have been designed to be perfectly balanced with each other. There is no "strongest race", and while npc humans are much weaker than npc eldari and heanta, Player Humans are not.

Humans - humans are considered one of the weaker races in existance, however heroes arise in their ranks, who's spirit and resolve allows them to surpass their fellow men and women. Humans a very chaotic race, and are often responsible for technology advances. humans live much longer on asmir, thanks to magical medical advances. They reach adulthood at 20. They're average lifespan is 200 years.

Eldari - regal and powerful, eldari magi and warriors are two sides of the same coin. Beings who live up to 1000 years, the eldari take everything slowly and carefully, including aging. They reach adulthood at 50. Eldari are known for many things, one of which is their undying hatred for the Heanta.

Heanta - ethereal form crossed with a bloodthirsty, savage nature, the heanta are one of the most warlike people on asmir Ka'lesa. They're entire society revolves around war readiness. They are carnivors who will prey on anything and anyone, except their own kind. Most of the time. Heanta are often likened to demons, especially in their true demon form. They live for up to 900 years, and reach maturity at 15 because of their bodies latent magical energy. Heanta are mortal enemies with the Eldari.

Asentari - Asentari are the youngest race on asmir. Easily discribed as humans with dragon blood in their veins, Asentari are indeed a mix of the two races, using complex magic rituals. Certainly not as powerful as the mighty dragons who ravaged the world in a great war long ago, the asentari share their tough skin and the ability to use a powerful breath attack. Are less chaotic than humans, and while they reach adulthood just as fast they easily live for 600 years.

Each races has its own board for convenience, and each board contains all the information you could possibly need, from descriptions of the races homelands, their history and their unique racial abilities. It also contains their template.

The creation process: Filling in the template

After you've chosen your race, you'll need the template which you'll find with their other racial information. Once you've got it, you'll need to fill it in using word or the on site word editor or note pad or whatever you want. If you're going to post it before its finished please place WIP on it along with the character name, to show staff its not ready to be looked at.

Detail is always good, so don't skimp on the details. The more information about your character, the better. We even grade a little higher for the more detailed apps, so do your best.

The creation process: Personality

This is perhaps one of the hardest sections to fill out. One of the Golden Rules of RP is to rp as that character, not yourself (unless that character is based on your own personality). Generally speaking, saying to what degree a person is when giving them a personality trait is a good idea.

Some examples or questions you might want to ask yourself could be the following: Are they curagious or cowardly? Are they an introvert or an extrovert? Are you a nice guy or a very hateful one? Are you a puppet master and love to manipulate people or are you gullible and easily controlled or manipulated? Are they optimistic or pessimistic? Stuff like that. There are many other personality traits as well that you could use. Just try not to be contradictory in this section. Playing too complex of a character can be very difficult (Jun knows this from personal experience on another site), but if you can do it well, more power to you.

An important note when filling out your personality is the character's background. What happened in their lives that shaped them up until now? More about filling out the background will be a little later.

The creation process: Fighting Style

Beyond your powers, this is where the majority of your character's combat ability is determined and the spot to balance out your character. As a note, character flaws are usually NOT weaknesses. Some can be, but those are few and far between. Being descriptive on how a character flaw is a weakness is a very good idea and helps staff determine if it really is a weakness or not.

To fill out General Fighting Tactics, ask yourself the following questions: Are you a ranged fighter or a close range brawler? Are you an assassin or a frontline soldier? Are you a berserker or do you fight with your head? Stuff like that. Mentioning your strengths and weaknesses here could be appropriate. Biggest thing is making sure there isn't any contradictions between the three sections.

The next thing to think about is your character's stats. Stats are used to messure a characters physical and magical capabilities. These six stats are as follows:

Strength – how physically strong your character is.
Speed – how fast they are while moving.
agility- how fast they react to incoming attacks.
durability – how much punishment they can take in a fight before collapsing.
Stamina - How long they can last in full on combat.
Magical power- how much energy they have to fuel their abilities.

For more information on the stat sytem, and how to fill in your character's stats, go Here.

Armor is a seperate stat to durability, and only applies to you through equipment or as an asentari. See the equipment page for more information.

And Finally, there are Strengths and Weaknesses. These are pretty self explainatory. What are you good at? What are you not so good at? Resistances and weaknesses? Just a note, immunity to anything is a no go. Things like pain resistance, body flexibility, mental strength (resistance to mental attacks and such) are examples of strength's while a low pain treshold, bad hand to hand or a weakness to illusions would be examples of weaknesses.

The Creation Process: Skills

Skills are non-combat skills that a character knows. You have a choice of 2 points to put into these at start, and then depending on your tier, can have as many as 12. These are not counting the one point automatically in chosen skills. These are shown just so people aren't "I'm not a doctor, but I can sow wounds like a boss" and "I'm no assassin, but haz stealth skillz up the wazoo" and "I'm oblivious as hell, but I see that assassin trying to get in there" and similar crap. As you rank up, you'll get more points to spend, as it means your character is out there, learning something besides combat. Additional points may be given in accordance to staff depending upon special circumstances. Sometimes having a buddy that isn't great at combat can be more skilled than your combat ready bad-ass, and also very nice to have. That said, still keep it realistic. If you have stealth maxed out, you're not gonna keep loose chains from jingling and alerting everyone to their presence. You can find the list of skills and how they work here, and the skill sheet template here. Also keep in mind these are posted in a separate post from your actual character app. and that your chosen skills are already at the Novice level and takes 1 point to rank up, where your non-chosen skills takes two to rank up.

The creation process: Weapons

Primary and Secondary weapons can be whatever you want. And can include duel wielding a weapon type so long as your character is physically capable of doing it (so no duel wielding bows and arrows unless you have four arms or can use telekinesis). The only real rule that we have with weapons is that only the Primary weapon can have one free magical attribute and that the Secondary weapon doesn't have any. At least, you'll have to pay for any additional thing. Physical tricks of the weapons are ok. Consult the equipment creation guide for additional information on weapons. Secondary weapons can be replaced with Light Armor.

The creation process: Abilities

The abilities slots on the app aren't just for show. First off, you cannot exceed the number of abilities slots there.

Now unless the information says otherwise, your abilities can be anything from summoning magical swords to using sound waves to create explosions. There are limits, such as no (absolutely 0% chance of an exception ever) time manipulation powers. If your an asentari your abilities dont have to match your dragon element powers aside from the one custom element attack. Also, let it be known the some illusion/mental based abilities could be met with mixed results, depending on what they do, and will be moderated. Other things that will be moderated is gravity, fazing/teleportation abilities, telekinesis and similar abilities, the use of blood, vectors, last resort like abilities, and poisons (nothing lethal can be used on player characters without permission). That list may be expanded on. Also note that any element you have/use will have the exact same strengths/weaknesses of that element.

Being descriptive here is also a good idea. Being vague allows for loopholes which leads to godmodding which leads to unhappy rp's and angry staff. So try to describe the ability the best you can and if your not sure ask staff or a senior member for some help. Although, if you add in needless fluff, we'll ask you to remove it or separate the fluff from it's actual ability. 

For more information on how to create abilities for your character, go here.

The creation process: History and Rp sample

Writing a good history is almost as important as the rest of your app., and ties everything together. If you're stuck, ask for help, or work off the race histories or even make your character the sibling/parent/child of another character already on site (I for one, love families. XD) Do ask the owner of that character if you can use them in your history first, incase they dont like the idea.

Now, the rp sample is very important the first time around, because it shows your level of skill. But dont worry, becuase it doesn't influence your final grade or whether we'll approve or not. It does give staff a heads up to say that you might be new to rping and need help. If you've already made a character you can skip the rp sample.

The creation process: approval and ranking up

Once your app is finished 2 staff members will go over it. They may ask you to change or clarify some things, and if they do please listen or try to compromise. Fighting with staff will only cause trouble for you and waste time, and staff have the right to deny an app fully if you dont do as asked. (Its in the rules. You should know this.)

One of the two staff members will then give your app a rank between A-1 and A-5. Now A-5 is the highest rank anyone can earn with a new app, including staff, but its not the limit of your power. Its barely a taste. You can rank up and become much stronger, and may even obtain hero rank one day. (You can only have one Hero ranked character) For more on the ranks, go

Additional information and help

If you need more help on creating your character do not be afraid to ask a staff member for help. Thats what we're here for.

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