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Example Application

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Example Application

Post by Jun on Mon May 20, 2013 10:56 am

Example Application


Character information

Name: Krad Obidaiya (O-bee-die-yeah)
Age: 13
True age: 17
Sex: Male
Personality: Being small for his age, he was often picked on and bullied, giving him a strong sense of justice. Often considered to be one of the weakest people in their class, he's also given some respect, due to how hard he forces even the strongest of their class to fight him (and how annoying it is to fight him). He's extremely stubborn in times where action is needed, and often needs to be knocked out before he'll quit. Translation: He never gives up.

While intelligent enough to get by without worry in regards to his classes, he has few friends. This is because they don't look after him as much as he looks after them. So he does have some trust issues. He's generally very quiet. So much so that for a year, everyone thought he was a mute until he was actually called on to answer a question in class.

While seemingly cold, and mostly unapproachable, he is a kind and caring person. Often anonimously helping people when they're down and the like, such as giving them flowers if they had lost a loved one. Though he is seen helping the elderly and young children or those in need on occasion. Volunteering for various public works jobs/humanitarian aid within the Republic is kind of a hobby he developed. While he's a common face for volunteers, he's often gone unnoticed due to both his size and his quiet personality.

He's persistant, but doesn't speak or communicate with his teammates, which does makes it difficult to coordinate with him. But is otherwise a very valued teammate to have, and is often picked first for teams in practice fights, despite his percieved weakness. He also hates being ignored on the battlefield. He speaks mostly by action. He's very stoic, otherwise, making him smile is often quite a feat of its own.

Likes/dislikes: Likes helping other people, training, and ice cream. Dislikes bullies, terrible food, and warm temperatures.
Fears: Not protecting anyone, lava/magma, ghosts


hieght: Five feet two inches tall.
weight: 125 lbs.

On his back, there is a large snowflake pattern of ice blue scales, with smaller versions on his palms. There is also a small, bone spike on his left knee. Like most Asentari, he has longer than normal canine teeth. Behind his right ear is a patch of ice blue scales as well. On his stomach is his Draconis Seal. He is surprisingly flexible.

clothing: He wears a plain shirt like in the above picture most of the time. Occasionally a blue cloak when the weather gets bad. Brown or black trousers and shoes/boots often finishes his outfit. Only on occasion does he wear black gloves.

Fighting style

General Fighting Tactics: Survivability is his mantra. If he can't dodge it, he'll tank it. And he'll wear you out. Like a persistant ankle biter, taking advantage of his speed, reaction time, flexibility, and ability to take hits. But if you ignore him for too long, you might get his ice breath attack in the back. Combine this with his never give up personality, he's quite the annoying fighter to take on and an almost invaluable team asset.

Strengths: Durability: He can take a lot of hits without going down.

Speed/Flexibility: He's a fast bugger, and reacts fast. He's also flexible, often able to dodge something by the skin of his teeth or getting a cheap hit in. Or hide in odd spots, though depending on how he bends, it could be straining on his body.

Stamina: Only reason he hasn't worn out even the strongest of his classmates is because they're able to kick his butt harder than he can avoid them or tank. He can go on for a very long time without taking a break.

Duel Dagger User: He's practiced day and night with his neighbor and closest friend on using his primary weapon.

Weaknesses: Physical strength: His weakest trait. In hand to hand, it takes him a very long time to knock someone out.

Secondary weapon proficientcy: When a target is standing still, and he's moving at 3/4 his full speed, it takes at least 10 tries before he'll even hit the target.

Magical Enchantment: It lasts half as long as normal on him.

Fire weakness: He takes 10% more damage from fire than a normal person should.


Primary Weapon: Duel daggers with an ice blue blade and handle. In addition to cutting someone, it gives first degree burns from frostbite around the cut, though only an inch, below is pic, just give it a blue-ish tinge to it.

secondary weapon: A standard bow and arrow.

Dragon Element

Element: Ice

Name: Dragon Breath
Type: Attack
Damage Category: Very Strong
Effect:The Asentari can breath out a powerful blast of their element. Generally speaking, the stronger the Asentari, the more devestating the attack, but this is their most powerful racial ability.
Cooldown: 5 post cooldown.

Name: Element ball
Type: Attack
Damage Category: Average
Effect:The asentari can fire a powerful ball of their element. Some litterally spit it, while others throw it or launch it from a weapon. The attack explodes on impact with a 15ft blast radius, and is quite powerful.
Cooldown: 2 posts

Name: Element bolt
Type: Attack
Damage Category: Very Weak
Effect: A weaker, smaller form of the attack above, this does not have a blast radius. However it can be fired faster and does not have a cooldown.

Name: Weapon Enchantment
Type: Support
Damage Category: N/A
Effect: The asentari can enchant their current weapon with their chosen element, adding additional damage to each hit landed by the Asentari's weapon. If the weapon is ranged it has multiple uses.
Cooldown: Lasts 6 posts with a 3 post cd. (For him, it only lasts 3 posts.)

Draconic Seal Lvl 1

Seal appearance: An ice blue version of the symbol below, located on his stomach, just above the belly button.

Transformation method: He stabs himself in the stomach with either his daggers, his hand, or an arrow, anything really.

New appearance: He gains a spike on his right knee, as well as a trio of very small, but sharp spikes on the front of his neck, surrounded by small patches of ice blue scales. His fingernails become more like claws. Two small spikes form from the back of his neck as well, where the neck connects to his head. His sides become coated in ice blue scales. The new Draconic Seal is in the same spot. He also grows a little bit, but only a couple of inches. His shoulders are also covered in ice blue scales.


Name: Pressure
Type: Attack/Support
Damage Category: Strong (Starting)
Effect: When cut by one of his claws or bitten, the area swells up, and pressure is felt. Depending on the area, it becomes more difficult to move that limb from that area and "up" as the swelling pinches the nerves. This does not stack. This lasts 4 posts, with a 4 post cooldown. After five infections, the body starts getting an immunity towards the poison, and starts recovering faster by one post until they're immune to it. This immunity resets after the thread. This is passive.
Cooldown: Lasts 4 posts, 4 post cooldown initially, see effect afterwards.

Name: Liquid Spray
Type: Attack
Damage Category: Average
Effect: The patch of scales behind his ear starts producing a liquid that then deposits it in a gland that's in his mouth. He can then spray/spit it from his mouth. It is acidic in nature, burning the person on contact. He could hurl it as far as he can spit it. It only burns up to third degree, and it requires two posts to build up enough liquid to do it again effectively. He could coat his weapons in it as well, by spitting on them (it does not effect metal, but will effect leather, wood, anything organic.).
Cooldown: 2 posts

Name: Freezer Burn
Type: Support/Defensive
Effect: He can control his body's temperature, somewhat. He can make it so cold that it will burn a person to even touch him (His skin tone turns blue-ish). This also makes his average Dragon Skin even harder to cut and pierce. 
Cooldown: Lasts 5 posts, 3 post cooldown. Fire can stop this process.

Name: Deep Freeze
Type: Attack/Support
Effect: This compliments Freezer burn. When grabbing onto a weapon, he can freeze it, and make it brittle, allowing someone strong to shatter it, though it does take a few seconds at minimum, depending on how large the weapon is (this does not apply to special materials (which means most combat weapons on the site is uneffected by this). It can be frozen, but won't be brittle or anything like that.). While he could do the same to organics, it takes considerably longer, up to two to three posts of constant contact. While the area is brittle, it is also very dense, making cutting it or piercing it next to impossible. If completely frozen like that, it'll take up to 5 posts before feeling is even regained, longer before full functionality is returned. The recovery process can be sped up via gentle and careful applications of fire.
Cooldown: lasts five posts, 3 post cooldown. five posts before feeling is regained, not full functionality, recovery can be made faster via gentle and careful applications of fire.

Boosts: Durability and speed are tripled. Strength is doubled.

Draconic Seal Lvl 2

Seal appearance: It is in the same spot and looks mostly the same. There's a double of it facing it (centered) with a snowflake in the "background" of the two.

Transformation method: Exactly as last time. He stabs himself there.

New appearance: He gains ice blue wings that allow him to fly. His entire neck is covered in ice blue scales. He gains three more spikes across the back of his neck, and a spike at the back of his hands and on the top of his feet. His teeth becomes more carniverious in nature. His eye color changes dramatically, matching his hair color. He also grows by 10 inches, his body size increasing appropriately. His shoulders gain a spike as well.

-New powers-

Name: Acid Rain
Type: Attack
Damage Category: Strong
Effect: With every flap of his wings, he sprays out acid. This will cause up to 2nd degree burns on organics. The "rain" are small drips. While difficult to dodge, it is possible, even for a human.
Cooldown: This lasts 2 posts, 4 post cooldown in which the acid is building up again.

Name: Acid Icicle Crash
Type: Attack
Damage Category: Very Strong
Effect: Instead of the rain, he can form it into icicles (freezing it obviously), and fire it. This is potentially more lethal.
Cooldown: 5 post cooldown and acid rain cannot be used at the same time.

Name: Frozen Wonderland
Element: Ice
Description: Collecting water molecules and freezing them into various forms. From turning the ground like that of a frozen lake, to making makeshift weapons (they're brittle though, a mace or heavy axe can break them). Or making a wall of ice. Anything large and/or thick is not a quick process to make. Such as making a thick ice wall between him and an incoming lightning attack, unless the distance is at least 100 yards, and the lightning attack is moving kinda slow, it won't be ready in time. Fire can naturally make this useless. While it's possible for him to freeze someone, they can break out of it, even a mortal man. How quickly they can is determined by their strength. That also takes time, it far quicker to simply freeze a small body part like a hand or foot. They would be able to feel it happening, and moving that limb can screw up the process. Ice shards being made and thrown, stuff like that is also possible.
Effect: Solid Manipulation.

Name: Area Cooldown
Type: Support
Damage Category: N/A
Effect: The area in a 30 foot radius of him is noticably cooler, like 33 degrees F is the temperature around him. While it may not impede movement, if one isn't prepared for cold weather (or a fire user), it could make fighting him at close to moderate ranges difficult because of the cold.
Cooldown: N/A, passive

New Boosts: Speed, stamina, and durability is tripled, strength is doubled.


History: He was born in a small village in upper Edia, with no memory of a father. As he grew up, he was bullied a lot in the village, with only one true friend that helped him out when he needed it. This friend became a brother figure, and practiced with him when learning to use duel daggers...keepsakes from his father, according to his mother. His mother, seeing him getting bullied and no one doing anything about it, urged her child to enroll in a private academy in the main city of Eapara.

With studying and help from his neighbor, he passed and got in. While the bullying didn't stop, it was significantly less of a problem. And anyone caught was punished appropriately. While he had to live in the dorms, he does miss his mother and friend, who he heard is now down in lower Edia. He had gotten a wierd white knight type of reputation for standing up for other people and volunteering near constantly for soup kitchens and stuff like that.

While known as a competant fighter, he was easily picked out as the weakest in the class, overall. But was also noted by nearly all the students in his class and by the teachers, that he was extremely annoying to fight, and could, in theory, wear almost everyone down. As such, he gained some respect. But he gained the most respect when they started doing team battles. Often being the key to his team's victory. Either because he was ignored (and thus used his strongest racial attack in their backs) or the other team became focused on him that the other members took them out. Despite his lack of communication to his team.

Now in his second year, and returning from his visit in the village his mother still lives in, he has a new roommate. And even harder classes to deal with.

Side notes: Doubles as an actual character app. and an example app. And that background is unusually crappy compared to what I'm usually able to pull off. But it suffices for an example app.

Rp example: Krad walked into his new dorm room, clad in his signature white shirt with blue stripes, black pants, and black shoes. The standard stuff seemed to be there. Two beds, two dressers, two closets, and two desks. And just enough room for one or two more small pieces of furniture from each student. He didn't bring much. Not like he needed much.

The small boy started unpacking, ignoring the chaos that was moving day going on in the hallway behind him. His roommate came in. "'re small..."

Krad wanted to facepalm. Really? He hadn't noticed...he was only picked on because of it once a week...maybe twice. He turned, and just stared at the man. Just over six feet tall compared to his barely over five feet tall, red eyes, green hair that matched Krad's eye color, fancy clothing. Probably bought his way in. He turned his head back and continued to unpack.

This kind of stunned the other Asentari. "So mean..." The other boy said as he started his own unpacking. Then one of his friends showed up. "Hey! have Krad as a roommate."

"You know him?"

"Yeah...I was in the same class as him last year. Considered the weakest, but easily the most annoying person to fight. And a must have in a team fight. Kinda cold though...but considering the type of dragon bloodline he is, not surprising." The guy's friend gave a basic synapsis of him.

After getting done, he started to walk out. His roommate's friend getting in the way. "Get past me." He grinned. Krad knew he wanted him to show off a little. To let his roommate know he wasn't all bad. Krad threw a punch, getting it caught easily. Doing a short hop, twist of the arm, spit of a cold blast, and jump, he kicked off the wall and on his feet in the hall. He continued walking away, avoiding the various other students there.

Finding his way to the courtyard, he sat down near a tree, with shade. It was oddly cooler outside than it was inside. And he liked it better. Now...he just sat and enjoyed the cool air.

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