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Oculi Draconis Hierarchy

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Oculi Draconis Hierarchy

Post by Jun on Sun Nov 27, 2016 12:16 pm

As stated, this is the hierarchy of the Oculi Draconis. Created to defend Asentari lands and all those that dwell within it, they are exclusively made of Asentari and maybe the one or two humans with hero traits. The republic appoints a Primoris Rex, the supreme commander of the armies, and of the Oculi Draconis, the elite force. They're the best of the best, when all else fails, they don't. When it comes to safeguarding the kingdom. The Primoris Rex candidate's credentials are always called into question, from their fighting capability to their ability to lead. They're often the strongest fighters in the military and are often from the Oculi Draconis. They then appoint a second in command. These two people control the entire military and update the Council on all military matters. Including bandit raids, invitations for alliances, etc. They are not allowed to show favoritism for a specific Praetor. To do so is punishable by maiming and immediate imprisonment. As too many have attempted to do so before in their history, and has often led to disaster and chaos.

Oculi Draconis

Primoris Rex:

Cordus Rex:

Elite Guard

The Elite Guard are the strongest division. The best of the best. They handle the most dire of situations and the most dangerous of missions. When taming wyverns, two of them are always there to make sure nothing goes awry. They also handle any Crag Drakes that show up in the free lands and the desert.



Everyone else:

Air Corps.

They patrol the skies around their floating islands. The Air Corps. also makes fantastic scouts and quick reaction force. They assist in intelligence gathering to some degree, mostly troop movements. And of course, handle any others in the sky, and are often unmatched in the skies.



Everyone else:

Assassin Guild

In addition to handling things quietly, by killing, they also deal with the more specifics on gathering intelligence. Spies and assassins, they are perhaps the most used division. Mostly due to their wish to be left alone, but still aware of what is going on.



Everyone else:

In addition to the standard military, there are also military academies. Public academies are for the standard military, the grunts of the army. Private Academies on the other hand, are for those that are gifted. There is only one, and that is in the capital city. There are teachers and students. Students can be sent in groups to deal with the most minor of situations. Teachers can also be officers in the regular military.



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