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Exhaustion state

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Exhaustion state Empty Exhaustion state

Post by Zenke on Fri Oct 07, 2016 5:26 am

Exhaustion state

Every character becomes tired while fighting. This is known as the Exhaustion state, a state that can be triggered by a veriety of things, and is controlled by a players stamina. Stamina is chosen at character creation and is a key combat stat.

Poor Stamina - 7 posts of straight combat before hitting exhaustion.
Fair Stamina - 8 posts of straight combat before hitting exhaustion.
Average Stamina - 9 posts of straight combat before hitting exhaustion.
Good Stamina - 10 posts of straight combat before hitting exhaustion.
Very Good Stamina - 11 posts of straight combat before hitting exhaustion.
Excellent Stamina - 12 posts of straight combat before hitting exhaustion.
Amazing Stamina - 13 posts of straight combat before hitting exhaustion.
Transcendent Stamina - 14 posts of straight combat before hitting exhaustion.

When a character hits exhaustion, they're power begins to decline rapidly. There are 3 stages of exhaustion, as follows.

Exhaustion Stage 1- Your character is tired, they're fighting ability drops to 75%. You can no longer use Elemental/material manipulations, such as fire or water manipulation, and bone or crystal manipulation. After 3 posts of straight combat, you hit exhaustion stage 2.
Exhaustion Stage 2- Your character is fatigued, and on top of their reduced fighting ability, they can no longer use powers 4 post cooldowns or higher. After 3 straight posts of combat, you hit Exhaustion stage 3.
Exhaustion Stage 3- Your character is exhausted. You can only use powers with 2 posts cooldown or lower, and your fighting ability has dropped to 50%. After 3 posts more of straight combat, you pass out from exhaustion.

Magical Power Usage

Like stamina, magical power has a purpose. It controls how often you can use your abilities during combat. Magical power grants you Power Points(PPs) you can use every post. PPs do not accumulate, it's strictly a post-by-post thing. An ability's cost in PPs is its given cooldown. The ability below has a cooldown of 3, and as such costs 3 PPs to use.

Name: Fire Cannon
Type: Offensive
Damage Category: Average
Description: Tarin charges and fires a conctrated ball of fire from his hand. It has a 5ft explosive radius.
Cooldown: 3 post cooldown.

Tarin has Average Magical Power, which means he can use up to 5 PPs in one post. He could cast another spell in the same post with a cooldown of 2. However he does not have to, but the unspent PPs will not transfer to his next post. Below is a full breakdown of Magical Power to PPs.

Poor Magical Power - 3 power points
Fair Magical Power - 4 power points
Average Magical Power - 5 power points
Good Magical Power - 6 power points
Very Good Magical Power - 7 power points
Excellent Magical Power - 8 power points
Amazing Magical Power - 9 power points
Transcendent Magical Power - 10 power points

Just to note, even if you happen to have Transcendent Magical Power, you cannot pull off two abilities that cost 5 or more PPs in one post without putting severe strain on your character's body, most definitely causing devastating or possibly even fatal damage to them.

High-Intensity Power Usage

When you fight, it is possible to use abilities that cost more than your available PPs in a single post. However, doing so will result in your character draining Stamina. The list below details what happens to your character as you go further over the given limit.

1 Power Points over - Going 1 over your power point limit will result in a 1 post stamina reduction
2 Power Points over - Going 2 over your power point limit will result in a 2 post stamina reduction
3 Power Points over - Going 3 over your power point limit will result in a 3 post stamina reduction
4 Power Points over - Going 4 over your power point limit will result in a 4 post stamina reduction
5 or more Power Points over - While its unlikely you will ever go 5 or more over your Power Point limit, if you do, you will probably be rendered unconscious if you don't kill yourself.

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