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Geography Of Asmir Ka'lesa

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Geography Of Asmir Ka'lesa

Post by Zenke on Tue Oct 04, 2016 7:24 pm

These are maps of Asmir Kalesa in different levels of detail. This first map is the general territories devided color coded.

The Brown at the top is uninhabitable land.
The grey is Sanguine Dominium lands, heanta,
The Yellow is the kingdom of mondolin, humans
The purple/blue, including the island, is the eternal watch, eldari
The green is the collective, eldross,
the red is the Oculi Draconis, Asentari,
The brown surrounding the asentari is the free marches, everyone.
the light blue is the Selios brotherhood, the undari.
the small dark purple is the Red dawn Alliance.
The Small light orange is the Sunlight Brotherhood.
The Dark brown off to one side is the wildlands.
the purple pink is the groll lands.
The grey islands are currently nothing.

this is not finished, its for staff use more than anything right now.


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