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Minor Races/Wildlife

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Minor Races/Wildlife

Post by Jun on Mon Oct 03, 2016 5:31 am

This post will detail some of the lesser races and untamable wildlife. Well, most on this list is untamable, but will be specified if they are. These lesser races you cannot make characters of. Just know that they exist. You'll see most in human based cities or the good empires/cities, though you will see some in the evil ones. Some of them are the typical fantasy beings, but some you won't recognize. Inspirations are taken from many media. All real life animals do exist in their respective biomes here, though some can grow much larger, especially insects and reptiles. Hybrids, like say and Asentari/Eldari hybrid, also exist, but we will not be approving characters like that any time soon if ever. All mounts can be found in the wild as well. Also of note is that this is by far not all of them. We would still like to have some flexibility for custom mounts and the like.

Keavna: These creatures average at about 4 four tall at adulthood. They're intelligent enough to speak, are quick to become violent and easy to drive a blood lust in a pack, or army, of these creatures, as the Undari did when the creatures wouldn't get the picture that they weren't welcome on undari soil. This was the initial cause of the Keavna wars, where droves of the creatures streamed into the free marches, asentari lands and mondolin, causing general nuisencry. They have a elongated face with wide swept back ridges, their teeth are permenantly bared, with no lips. Their eyes resemble a serpents, yellow and slitted. They're understanding of personal hygeine is limited to "If its smellls goods, rollos in it!".

While some are capable of living among humans, they are generally unwelcome due to their smell and grotesque appearance. Most are driven off as if they were plaque carriers, which is a possibility since they have an unnaturally high resistance ot disease, and most heanta would prefere to starve. Keavna are scavengers, feading off carcasses. They come in droves after a battle to feast. Unlike heanta, who prefere fresh meat, they will prefere when their food has spoiled beyond safe consumption. Again, the smellier the better, for a Keavna.

Groll: Freindly giants, the groll are about as intelligent as farley but the average stands at 8ft tall, with alpha males reaching up to 12. They do not come easy to violence, but when provoked Groll are a force of nature near impossible to kill with conventional weaponry. With thick hide capable of stopping a crossbow bolt, they are saught after as war machines by heanta and humans alike. However War does not come naturally to these gentle beasts, and its easier to get a farley to wash than make a groll fight. But it's been done, during the groll uprising and other times, and the consequences were devestating. One of the more famous incidents, other than the groll uprising, was Gremor the Smasher. Driven mad by heanta, they let him lose in battle to great effect, causing losses on both sides until Dalrodir Shor put him down.

Groll, besides being tall have stocky legs and thick arms. Their necks are short, their torsos thick, and their bones as strong as iron. Beheading a groll is almost impossible, even when you can find a neck in all that muscle, and reach it. Groll survive solely on vegetation, and are adept farmers, constructers and miners. Before the uprising, they were used by humans for many of these tasks, but now its a case of hiring them. Eldross have entered into a pact with the groll to keep them safe from other races. Most groll live in a reservation surrounded by eldross territory, in peace.

Chimeras: The front body of a lion, a goat's head on the back with a goat's hind quarters, and a snake head for a tail, these creatures are unpredictable in attack patterns. Slightly larger than a griffon, it can dish out a mix of physical, magical and poison based damage. Most common poisons are absorbed through the skin and messes with movement/reaction speed/time. Other combinations of creatures can also be called chimeras depending on what they are, but these are the most common.

Manticore: A chimera like beast, it boasts the body of a lion, wings of an overgrown bat, and a scorpion tail. A common predator among Heanta lands, they're as large as a griffon and more dangerous. It is often best to take out one of the wings, then the tail if you want to survive long enough to get away or kill the creature. Those that like dark magic loves having these as guard dogs or a personal mount, but must be bound by magic in some shape or form.

Dire Wolves/Wolves: While wolves are about as dangerous and the same size as their real life counterparts, dire wolves are about twice the size and more aggressive. Even those raised by a person from a pup go feral eventually. Pack hunters, they're still not as dangerous as other monsters on this list.

Golems: There are tons of different types, from rock golems to magma golems to coral golems. They vary in size and shape, but are still usually not very aggressive, only attacking when provoked. However, they can change forms to look like a rock. The smallest of golems are still about the size of an elephant. Magic is often the best and only way to deal with them, though some do have weak points for physical based fighters to take advantage. Should you anger them, you can often run away from them easily enough.

Kelit: Native to Edia, adults often get to the size of an Alaskan Malamute. You don't see a lot in the wild, they're smaller cousins to the Kelari, which you do see in the wild at times. As puppies, they're very playful and generally good. Like most canines, if you treat them right, they won't ever betray you. They're sometimes used as guard dogs and for land based scouts/search and rescue operations. Tamable, but not ride able.

Hydras: There are a lot of different colors and shades and designs, but the Black Widow Hydra is the most deadly, with acid spit that will melt off even heavy armor, while others are less corrosive, mobility is your best bet at taking one of these things down. Cutting off their heads is always a good idea, although if you want a quick victory, cut off all four of them in a hurry, then they won't regenerate. They have very good stamina, regenerative abilities, and strength in general...all though you can easily get eaten and kill them from the inside or get out via their throat.

Velrins : Miners, businessmen, and siege engineers are their trades. You need a battering ram or ballista or trebuchet built or need a specific kind of ore, these are your men and women. relatively few, they inhabit mostly the free marches, and ply their trade there. Maybe a select few in Asentari lands, but otherwise that's where they'll be. Velrin guilds can be hired to construct just about anything mechanical in nature, discover ore and direct mines, but they are expensive, rowdy and drink far to much for someone their size.

Mimics: These sneaky bastards disguise themselves up as anything immovable. Including chests, rocks, trees, etc. They will take a bite out of you. Worm like in real appearance, they use magic that slows you down to catch and eat you. Use generous amounts of fire on these suckers and stab fast and hard.

Treants: Living trees, these are gentle giants that live side by side with the Eldross. Intelligent enough to speak and surprisingly wise, they typically stay out of conflict. But when drawn, they use nature and earth based magic and are physically strong, able to match a Groll in power. But like a Groll, they're slow to get going.

Terror Bird: This flightless bird often strikes from seemingly nowhere. Large enough to ride, good luck taming one or even a small flock of them. While fairly speedy for land, they're ideal hit and run mounts for the lucky few that can tame one, particularly since their short wings are just large enough to assist them in gliding in mountainous terrain. Obviously tamable, but usually only bandits use them.

Strigoi Raptor: These flyers love tropical environments, as such are common in Undari lands. Almost five feet in length, they also stand at three and a half feet. They can tear a person apart with relative ease, though they tend to prefer smaller prey like children, small animals, and fish. They typically like to be in groups of three or four, but it's not unusual to find a loner. They hate Asentari because of their dragon's skin. Below is a picture of one.

Strigoi Raptor:

Magma Raptor: A small predator that uses its coloring to attract what little prey it finds towards it. They are the giant rats of the Heanta lands. Only reason they survive as long as they do is because they swarm the larger land predators by the dozens and out of the woodwork. You see one, there is often another dozen at minimum waiting to join them in a feast. Water and Ice based magic or speed based people are best suited to taking them down. Below is a picture.

Magma Raptor:

Vikarion Fox: These water loving mammals are a common sight as guard dogs for the Undari and make ideal pets for them. Particularly since they can breath both underwater and on land. They utilize ice and water magic in addition to being swift and ferocious. In the wild, they live in small family units. Not a mount, but is tamable.

Vikarion Fox:

Mountain Ox: This herbivore travels in herds of about ten to fifteen members. As it's name implies, it is primarily found in mountainous regions. You'll certainly feel it if this thing hits you when charging. This is a delicacy in western lands, while Edia and other regions enjoy them. Ranchers naturally herd them. Picture is below. 


Meiji River Cow: Famous for their milk, these things are practically harmless. But they reproduce very quickly. They prefer living by rivers, and the more swampy the better, without actually living in a swamp. This makes it harder for ranchers to, well, make a living from their milk. But those that do are often very wealthy. Below is a picture.


Vong Swamp Sloth: A common herbivore for the swamps, it is also surprisingly strong. However, it is a self-defense based creature. It prefers fruit and leaves from tall trees, though will eat plants that live in the water. Picture is below.


Canessa Cow: A common herbivore along the edges of Heanta lands. It uses the sail on its neck to detect anything with magic and the quills on its lower tail to defend itself. It's a commonly hunted animal by those living there, especially since they could be ecological disaster, often eating entire fields of crops. And that's just one. Picture is below.


Rocky Lizard: This hardy creature feeds on rocks and ore mostly, but will also eat what little vegetation is in their environments. Primarily found in the rocky and near uninhabitable heanta lands and the badlands, very few predators can actually feast on them due to their tough hide.


Crujis Sabertooth: Just a little bit larger than the African Lion, its hide and bone shards/armor makes it more terrifying. Common in the badlands and rarer in Heanta lands, it is not something you should try to fight alone. In the desert, you might also see this, but only extremely rarely.


Karack: These small predators love meadows. They feed on rodents and smaller prey. They breed like rabbits though, and several towns often have a long hunting season of them and make for good eatin. Even if they are a pain for farmers and those that raise chickens.


Desert Crocodile: Reaching 15 feet in length, these reptiles join their Yoshio Worm rivals as mainly desert ambush predators. It moves through the sand quite well, and unlike their worm rivals, can actually chase someone up a rock. Their hide is quite valuable for making light and medium armor, however.


Veena Crag Drake: The only drake that can't be tamed, it's found in the badlands. It is also the largest of the drakes, even larger than a wyvern by a good amount. This alpha predator is a fine trophy for the monster hunter, and it's bones and hide make excellent materials for weapons and armor, even enchanted stuff.


Saurian: This alpha predator of the coldest of environments is just as large as a wyvern. Highly aggressive, if it's fleshy, it'll eat it. It's know to take on small armies or tribes and win. So dangerous, even the hardiest of warriors scoff at those wanting to take it down. You don't know fear until you see this thing catching up to you to eat you. Unless you've met a dragon, but this comes in at a good second.


Yoshio Worm: Close to 30 feet in length, it lives in the desert and eats whatever moves on land, even staying at the area until its prey dies of thirst from staying on a large rock. Using seismic disturbances to hunt, it is more easily fooled than you think, but it does learn. Even setting up traps. Its tongues will bite at you and drag you into its mouth.


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