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Rena Lisola w.i.p

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Rena Lisola w.i.p

Post by Rena Lisola on Thu Sep 15, 2016 8:18 am

Mortal Men

Character Information

Name: Rena Lisola
Age: 17
True age: 22
Sex: Female
Personality:(How does your character act? Be detailed)
Likes/dislikes: Cats, Booze, Smoking
Fears: Lightning, Jellyfish, Electric Eels


Height: 5'7''
Weight: 140 lbs

Clothing: Usually dark leather or any night-clad garbs to match her appearance picture. She doesn't like to change too much.

Fighting style

General Fighting Tactics: (Give a brief description of how your character acts in combat, and what style of fighter they are. Be detailed.)

Strengths: Speed, Stamina, Combat Expertise

Weaknesses: Strength - Her strength is sub-par, but because of her speed it rarely effects the damage her strikes can deal.

Endurance - Although she regenerates she still feels the full damage of any attacks that hit her.

Lightning Weakness - Due to the way her body metabolizes and functions to enable her enhanced speed the plasma in lightning deals 10% more damage to her than it would an average person.

Heroic Trait: Hero Rush - Enhanced Speed


Primary Weapon I: The Katana, known as Muyasaru, in her appearance picture is her primary weapon. it is enchanted so that she is able to teleport to it's location regardless of distance or circumstance every two posts. This aids her in protection against being disarmed or allows her to cross obstacles she could not otherwise. This weapon never leaves her side.

Primary Weapon II: 

This weapon is magically enchanted to allow her to mentally unhinge and throw the two mini daggers on a sword swing and then have those mini daggers teleport back into position on her weapon once per post. This blade is sheathed in a black leather and is usually located on her back.

Secondary Weapon:

This is a basic defense style knife that she has on a strap near her back right hip which she uses reverse style if needed for extra self defense measures.

Battle Mode


Name: Accelerated Vision
Effect: She is able to see so accurately she could fire a crossbow into the arrow loading section of an enemies crossbow or throw a knife at an enemies knife without even trying. This also increases the "range" she can see though obstructions still limit this somewhat. She can also process what she sees faster than most normal humans allowing her to "seem" like she was seeing the future of an incoming projectile when she really just saw it and decided to move to the side much quicker than an average person could hope to. This does not give her the ability to see in the dark like the "Enhanced Vision" talent however.

Name: Speed Combat
Effect: She is able to fluidly use her incredible speed with her swordsmanship allowing for a deadly dance of steel and body on the battlefield. She is able to swing her weapon without loss of speed and does not have to stop moving her feet for the rest of her body to keep pace. This incredible momentum allows her attacks to almost ignore her sub-average strength and still deal good damage but does not make up for her mentioned lack of super strength in any other fashion.

Name: Regenerative Healing Factor
Effect: Because of her bodily speed being superiorly heightened she also heals faster than a normal human. can recover from wounds at a much faster rate than any other race on the forum. This allows her to survive longer in battle, but wounds to internal organs do not recover as quickly. This ability stops her from bleeding to death, but she will still become fatigued and eventually pass out from taking damage. She can also regenerate limbs, but it takes much longer. If she loses an arm in a thread, it will grow back before the next thread, but not in the same thread. She can also recover from one lethal wound per thread but the same limit as a limb exists. She would recover by the next thread but not in the thread she basically died in.

Name: Battle Soul
Effect: She is extensively used to tapping into her spirits reserves and has an extended capacity for doing so. Because of this her well of stamina is several times greater, almost supernaturally impossible, than one would consider for a human. Each time this ability is tapped she is surrounded by an otherworldly and odd energy. Each tap of this ability gives her an additional two posts of combat, but she loses more of her consciousness and begins fighting on instinct and feralness rather than cunning human intellect as this progresses. Around four taps she has completely blacked out. she can only tap once more at this point and is then totally rendered unable to battle. This ability activates as soon as her normal reserves of stamina have run out. (So in summary this ability gives her ten more posts of combat than her stamina would normally allow but her combat style and priorities change during this time)


History: (tell us about your characters past)
Side notes: (anything else?)
Rp example:(Give us an example of your rp style. Note, you only need to do this for your first character.)

Rena Lisola

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