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Special Materials in detail

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Special Materials in detail

Post by Zenke on Fri Sep 09, 2016 12:57 am

Material NameDivinium
Racial availabilityAny can start with it, all can obtain it.
DescriptionDivinium is a valuable metal first discovered by humans. However its become as well known and wide spread across Ka'lesa as the humans themselves. It is expensive, so common soldiers wont be carrying a Divinium sword, but Pc's are never common soldiers. It is incredibly strong and hard to break, and holds an edge better than steel. It has a bright white color, but forging techniques allow it to be dyed. It seems to adapt to its color, and a black divinium weapon looks like its drinking in the light, whereas a red divinium sword may appear on fire. When making a magical item out of Divinium you must add the price to the item.
PropertiesHighly Durable. Can be used to craft just about anything except Armor. Heavier than steel.
Unique PropertyDivinium is one of the hardiest metals in existance. When sharpened, it will never lose its edge, and never need to be sharpened again.

Material NameTwilight Wood
Racial availabilityAll races can start with this, any can obtain it
DescriptionTwilight wood is a rare and valuable material created by Eldross and Elven magic, as a response to the Human Divinium. However they failed to keep it to themselves. Twilight Trees can be found almost anywhere now, growing fast and strong. They are particularly hard to cut down and work with, but they more than make up for it when used in combat, making bows and other wooden weapons capable of blocking blades and powerful attacks like divinium can.
PropertiesHighly Durable. Lightest of all special materials. Makes excellent bows and shields. Can't be sharpened. Doesn't Burn or take water damage.
Unique Property


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