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Undari: Appearance and Nature

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Undari: Appearance and Nature

Post by Zenke on Wed Jun 04, 2014 11:01 pm

Undari are a sentient aquatic race of humanoids. They share many similarities in features to both humans and Eldari. They are generally lean with compact muscles, and its uncommon but possible for Undari to be bulky brutes. They have sleek skin similar to dolphins, as opposed to being scaled like a fish, and long finger and toes, with webbing between their toes. They're skin is similar in color to a caucasian or asian human, sometimes with a tinge of light blues or greens.

Undari do not have horns or notable protrusions like heanta, but some have natural markings, generally these marking are darker blue or green, and come in stripes, swirls. Some have markings all over their bodies others have barely any.  Undari do not have ears, but instead a small ridge running along the back side of their ear hole. This sets them appart from Eldari and humans, and unless they're hiding it with hair or a helmet, you can usually tell when your talking to and Undari.

It is not uncommon for an Undari to have hair. Their hair is sleek and finer than a humans, rarely curles and comes in a range of vibrant colors. Many undari shave all or part of their hair off, especially soldiers and fighters. Eldari lungs are capable of processing oxegen in water and they technically never need to leave the water in their lives if they do not want to, however they can just as easily live on land. The only draw backs to an undari living on land is they tend to need more water than humans. Deserts are a very dangerous place for Undari, as is anywhere overly hot and dry. They also heal slower on land, and most undari feel a natural pull towards water, so its very uncommon for an undari to spend its entire life on dry land. Though some make their homes in humid areas like jungles and rain forests.


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