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Undari: Powers and Abilities

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Undari: Powers and Abilities

Post by Zenke on Wed Jun 04, 2014 11:01 pm

Undari are powerful magically adept beings Who thrive in the deep dark waters of Asmir Ka'lesa. They are known for their deadly speed and grace underwater, and their natural weakness to fire and resistance to cold. Unlike the Eldross or Heanta, they do not need a magical object to channel their natural abilities, and gain access to powers without a release state.

Water Born

Undari have have a 25% weakness to fire, 25% resistance to the cold, and have a 25% speed advantage in water. While other races can, using various means, take a fight with an Undari underwater, its not advised. Especially if that Undari is already as fast or faster than you on land.

Natural Abilities

Even sealed, Undari have access to their first four custom abilities without the use of a magical focus. Most undari can even learn to use one or two of these, but only Undari with true power gain mastery over all four and unlock their higher states of power.

Oculus Umbra State

This is the first of two states of power an undari can enter. A third eye appears on their forehead. This eye is a manifestation of their power brought to the surface, as opposed to an actual physical eye, and glows with the essence of their Aura. They gain access to their first set of custom abilities and boosts. Changes to their physical appearance are possible but generally quite minimal. Unlocked at R-1.

Sangius Oculus State

This is the Undari's second and final achievable state of power, the Sangius Oculus state is only achieved by the most powerful of Undari warriors. The Undari's eyes turn black and begin to glow like their third eye. this is their greatest form of power. Changes to appearance in this form are more prominant. and as with before, they gain access to a second set of custom powers and boosts. Unclocked at E-1


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