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Undari: a Personal history

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Undari: a Personal history

Post by Vala on Wed Jun 04, 2014 11:00 pm

The undeniable rulers of the sea, the Undari, as they are called by all other sentient races, are one of the last races to emerge into the world.  The name Undari was coined by the Eldari who seen them as brethren when they first emerged from under the sea, but soon regreted their attempts to befreind them. The undari are a race of supremacists, who hate all other sentient beings. However they also believe in isolating themselves and while they are happy to claim the lands above their city and the ocean, they have no need to fight for more.

However soon after laying claim to the lands above and around Sengio city, they came into contact with a now extinct race known as the orken. The Orken seen the new arrivals as easy pray and pushed for their land and tried to ransack Sengio city. However each time the brutish humanoids attacked they were driven back. Until one attack succeeded, and they set foot in the city. This was beyond a declaration of war. The Undari, who were secretive did not look kindly on the actions of the Orken. And so they marched against the brutes, fighting them all they way back to their home in the mountain. The Undari used the rivers that flowed from those mountains to outmenenouver the Orken counter forces time and again until finally they stood on the orken doorstep.

The two armies sized up to face off, when the Heanta arrived from the north west, in aid of their orken comrades. However the Heanta have always been at odds with the orken, and the deceptive beings switched sides, aiding the Undari in the fight instead. The Orken were easily overrun and the army smashed. When there was no one left to fight, the undari returned to their rivers and went home. However the heanta marched into the mountains and slaughtered the Orken wholesale.

The news of this Genocide reached the ears of the other races. The Eldari were outraged by the undari's flippant disregard for life, but when confronted the Undari turned it around on them. The Eldari, the eldross, humans, and asentari, they did nothing to help the Orken against the Heanta hordes. No one else tried to stop the war. As far as the undari cared, they were all responsible for what had happened, the Orken more so than any other race because they had pestered and prodded a mighty beast until it turned and bit their hands off.

Needless to say, the Eldari and Eldross were at odds with the Undari, but they backed off knowing the Heanta would be on their backs if they did engage in war. And so, the lands and seas of Medin Taji returned to a peaceful state, for the time being. But the Undari were not so content to sit back and watch anymore.

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