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Custom/stock Mount Rules/Template

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Custom/stock Mount Rules/Template

Post by Jun on Sun Dec 01, 2013 2:08 pm

Mount Rules

These are non-negociable. Before we get to the actual rules, lets get into why would you want a mount and why have a stock/custom mount.

Mounts will help you get around quicker. They can also assist you in battle in some cases. Think of them as a pet. Some of them are also really cool. That's really it...

Why get a stock mount instead of a custom mount? For starters, they're usually cheaper, unless you get them from the black market. Sometimes it's just cheaper to grab a stock mount that is similar to the custom one that you want. However, the wildlife in Asmir is very diverse. If you have a suggestion for a stock mount for a certain race, feel free to suggest it (we tried to get three per race). Custom mounts are more personalized, but be careful with them. Also as a note, the stock mounts themselves might have different breeds. Some easier to do than others, but their stats are still the same and everything, only thing having a specific breed would do is add flavor/rp tools to it (like an Arabian horse holding water better or a wyvern that prefers fish over deer or something.)

Da Rules:

1. As said in the description of this section, you can only have one mount per character. If you want a new mount, you have to scrap the one you currently have. No, you can't trade it in to get the one you want cheaper.

2. If there is a stock mount that you want, but you do not fit the race, you need to buy at black market prices. Which are double the listed price.

3. DO NOT try to make a small wyvern into a custom mount when you can get a wyvern. Or any similar mount in the stock list...especially if you try to get one that your race does not have ready access to. You'll end up paying just as much for it as buying it on the black market.

4. You must still pay for a mount if you get it in RP. Custom or stock.

5. There is at least one mission that gives you a free mount of your choice upon completion. I recommend you take advantage of it. (Ok, not really a rule...)

6. Under no circumstances will a dragon be approved as a mount for anyone, even as a custom mount. Not only are they to powerful, they are sentient, and count as an event only race, not a mount.

7. DO NOT trade mounts among YOUR OWN characters. Mounts can be traded between other, seperate members, but only via staff approval.

Below is the template and sorta what we're looking for when looking at custom mounts.

Name: [What is the name of the species? I mean general name, not scientific.]
Description: [What does the mount look like (include length/height if necessary, or compare to common animals)? What is it known for? Where does it usually live? What is the rarety? Pictures are welcome.]
Traits: [What physical attributes does it have that are good, bad, neutral? What resistances/weaknesses does it have? Does it have any special abilities?]

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