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Rex von Broven (wip)

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Rex von Broven (wip)

Post by Jun on Thu Aug 08, 2013 11:01 am


Character information

Name: Rex von Broven (Bro-ven)
Age: 18
True age: 22
Sex: Male 

Personality: Seemingly carefree, he sometimes gets on the bad side of his superiors for bring in people that he's encountered that were useful in his missions. Often getting close to them. They've all been humans though, as, like other Asentari, regards the Elves and Eldross as tree huggers. And kills Undari and Heanta pretty much on site after they've been useful because of their transgressions against his people. Sometimes he gets on their bad side just because he can.

He cares for those that gets close to him, which unfortunately is entirely too easy for a human or another Asentari to do. But he'll also level with them harshly if need be. In battle, he's often silent, cold, and calculating. He stays quiet about his work for the Oculi Draconis because being an assassin is very much a stigma.

He's only really an introvert when he's on a mission. Otherwise, if there's a party, he's probably there. Maybe not getting drunk off his ass, but there and having a good time. He's also quite the charmer, being able to even crack seemingly cold people like Krad, his former next door neighbor. Though he is exceptionally picky about his dates.

Intelligent and resourceful, he's gotten out of scrapes that even his superiors couldn't believe. After the first five times of giving him suicide missions because he pissed them off, they stopped trying, and instead became the go-to guy for such seemingly impossible missions of extreme importance.

A combat expert, he doesn't mind volunteering his time at local private academies for training future soldiers, assassins, etc. He mostly does it to see and converse with Krad. But none the less, he enjoys the interaction with the students, despite not being much older than they are.

Likes/dislikes: People, though mostly at home. Wyverns. Dislikes his superiors (the Praetors mainly) for the most part, and drunk people. 

Fears: Failure, Death (his own mostly), and meeting a bonafide dragon.


hieght: Five feet, ten inches
weight: 150 lbs.

Appearance: He has some navy blue scales covering most of his right side between his armpit and just below the hip. In the middle of which is his Draconis Seal, in bone. Obviously, he has slitted eyes and longer than normal canines.

clothing: What's in the picture when not expecting fights (except with shorter boots, cuz those look silly), and a black version of it, but otherwise he typically wears black, light, leather armor and soft, yet durable, shoes.

Fighting style

General Fighting Tactics: Stealth until the first strike is often his goal, and killing in one blow. When that isn't possible, a bullrush of very strong attacks and often very unpredictable moves when he starts unleashing his scythe's little tricks, sometimes even combining his sword. As well as being an assassin, he's very easily a combat expert, and despite his age, can give even veterans a run for their money. This allows him to do missions where it may not be possible to be stealthy. He favors attacking from the air at high speed in those particular cases. The first act of surprise is often his goal if stealth is just not possible.

Strengths: Speed: He's very fast, as in this is possibly his greatest physical strength. This makes him difficult to hit and possibly makes it more difficult for others to counter him.

Physical Strength: While it is a strength, it is above average. Not that you could really tell with his form.

Stamina: Due to often not having reinforcements or any help at all, plus the fact that once bodies get discovered, they're searching for him, can be very long and grueling missions. This has built up his stamina tremendously.

Primary/Secondary Weapon proficientcy: His swordsmanship and his scythemanship is top notch.

Weaknesses: Durability: Is just below average.

Magic attacks: He takes double damage from pure energy based magic. Meaning not fire magic, lightning, wind, or anything elemental. However, it does include Holy and Dark magic.

Element Bolt: Is weaker than normal coming from him. Like half the normal damage if the person was average on it.

Element Breath: Is weaker than normal coming from him. Like half the normal damage if the person was average on it.


Primary Weapon: A retractable scythe. On the opposite end of the scythe, with a twist from the middle section closest to it, the last section will flatten out into a blade. The scythe itself is can seperate into six sections. Last, but not least, it can absorb a single spell at a time and converts it into electrical power, and is then fired, though is a tad weaker than the original spell. It is passive, and has a cooldown exactly the same as the ability absorbed. If the ability has no cooldown, then he can absorb up to five at once and fling them back with their combined power, though a little weaker, and with a single post cooldown. No matter what, there will always be a single post cooldown minimum. Below is a picture of it, just with a longer blade, but same general shape of what's show below.

secondary weapon: His sword is navy blue throughout. It's a standard long sword that he carries on his back and has no special properties/tricks.

Dragon Element

Element: Lightning 

Name: Dragon Breath
Type: Attack
Damage Category: Strong
Name: Dragon Breath
Description: The Asentari can breath out a powerful blast of their element. Generally speaking, the stronger the Asentari, the more devestating the attack, but this is their most powerful racial ability.
Cooldown: 5 post cooldown.

Name: Element ball
Type: Attack
Damage Category: Average
Description: The Asentari can fire a powerful ball of their element. Some litterally spit it, while others throw it or launch it from a weapon. The attack explodes on impact with a 15ft blast radius, and is quite powerful.
Cooldown: 2 posts

Name: Element bolt
Type: Attack
Damage Category: Very Weak
Description: A weaker, smaller form of the attack above, this does not have a blast radius. However it can be fired faster and does not have a cooldown.
Cooldown: N/A

Name: Weapon Enchantment
Type: Support
Description: The Asentari can enchant their current weapon with their chosen element, adding additional damage to each hit landed by the Asentari's weapon. If the weapon is ranged it has multiple uses.
Cooldown: Lasts 6 posts with a 3 post cd.

Draconic Seal Lvl 1

Seal appearance: The picture below, in bone and in the center of a patch of blue scales on his right side...I said where above.

Transformation method: He simply touches it and wills it to happen.

New appearance: His new appearance is rather mild. The biggest change is the addition of two four foot, if straightened, scythe bones, one on each forearm. They can be shot out and such, though connected by a yellow "wire"/"rope", though if cut, it will hurt him a lot (as it is a bundle of nerves). And will take a while to regrow or going into the next stage to regrow them. Small spikes, starting from the middle of his forhead, and down the middle of his back form. His left side now matches his right in terms of the scales and bone seal.


Name: Supercharge
Type: Support
Effect: By cutting off his nerves via electricity, he's able to bring his body closer to what it's fully capable of doing, boosting his strength and speed by triple, and pain is pretty much ignored/dulled. Though during the cooldown, he's more susceptible to pain.
Cooldown: 4 post cooldown, lasts 5 posts.

Name: Electro-Shield
Type: Defensive
Damage Category: Very Weak to Very Strong
Effect: While passive, he can strengthen it at will. By default, unless the small weapon/arrow is enhanced by magic, they will never get past it, or if the explosion is weak. Otherwise, he can strengthen it with the same cooldown as whatever attack he's blocking (at least for that level of power), plus one post. It surrounds him completely, like a second layer of defense. If he doesn't strengthen it, it will soften a blow, however much is dependent on the attack and the person's strength.
Cooldown: Not strengthened, no cooldown, strengthened: 1-5 posts.

Name: Bone Assassin
Element: Bone
Description: Small weapons and small parts of him forming a type of bone armor is about all he can do with it. The bone armor does stack with Dragon's Skin and his Electro-shield. The armor can't be larger than his hand and is essentially a second average leveled Dragon's Skin. For weapons, daggers, small spikes on his knuckles or knees, small spiked bone balls, stuff like that. Nothing larger than a short sword can be made. Wounds from this heals instantly.
Effect: Solid base.

Name: Clairvoyance
Type: Support
Effect: With his control over his nervous system, he can essentially turn off his mind and then turn it on in less than a split second, allowing him to negate any and all illusions. Minimum of a one post cooldown, plus the cooldown of the illusion he just negated. So if you have multiple different types of illusion abilities...he's screwed. 
Cooldown: 1 or more posts

Boosts: Dragon's Skin, Dragon Breath, and durability are doubled, speed, strength, and stamina are tripled. 

Draconic Seal Lvl 2

Seal appearance: Same as above, except with a scythe above it and one below it, both horizontal and the scythe blade facing opposite each other. It's still made of bone.

Transformation method: Using his mild bone manipulation, he tampers with it, releasing the energy and seal.

New appearance: Two silvery blue wings emerge from his back, with a bone whip between them. The wing span is roughly 50 feet. His hands are covered by scales, with the tips becoming claws. The scythe bones shrink to two feet, but he gain shoulder spikes, which are a foot in length. His neck lengthens only a little, with patches of scales on it. His face also elongates a tiny bit, but still easily resembles that of a standard human face. That bone whip is controllable by him without use of his bone manipulation and it has lots of little spikes and blades. The bone whip is 30 feet long.

-New powers-

Name: Storm's King
Element: Lightning
Description: His primary offensive manipulation, blasts of electricity from his hands, wings, feet, knees, even mouth or spikes. Any defensive uses of this manipulation blocks strictly other energy forms, so it won't block an arrow. And if it's an enchanted arrow, that enchantment will likely be stripped while the arrow passes through to him. He also likes to add tiny little effects to his weaker attacks, such as numbness, mild and very short duration nerve blockage, mild homing capabilities, etc.
Effect: Energy

Name: Keeper of the Bone Graveyard
Element: Bone
Description: Larger weapons can be formed, and much larger area for his bone armor can likewise be made and is equivalent to an above average Dragon's skin on top of his average Dragon's skin that got boosted. This is what makes him a close range nightmare, despite being his primary defensive manipulation. Likewise, getting rained on by small bone spikes and small lightning blasts is fun!
Effect: Solid

Name: Blood Regeneration
Type: Healing
Damage Category: ?
Effect: As a passive ability, this makes it exceptionally difficult for him to be knocked out or die from blood loss. Unless it's a very huge gash or he got split in half. Pretty much, you'll have to hit a couple major arteries before blood loss becomes an issue for him.
Cooldown: N/A

Name: Poison Conversion
Type: Healing
Damage Category: Very Weak to Very Strong
Effect: Poisons last half has long on him, as it gets converted into energy, which is then used to heal any injuries. The stronger the poison, the stronger the energy and the faster the regeneration. If he has no wounds to heal, then he simply regenerates magic power. This is also passive.
Cooldown: N/A

Boosts: Everything times 3.


History: Rex was born to a noble house of lightning Asentari in Upper Edia. Granted, a small village, but it was well enough known in the Capital. Attempts to groom him to be his father's successor was straining, as he kept sneaking off to play with a younger neighbor that was far lower born. Punishments came to a head when he was determined to go through the private military academy in the Capital. The ruckus and sheer noise prompted the touring Primoris Rex to stop by, and put a stop to it by crushing the boy's father before he could kill him.

This act made him hero worship Alura Wanderweich. Who then took him in as her adopted son, and after his extremely early graduation, her apprentice. He was an honorary Oculi Draconis at that time. He stayed to train with Shade, the Sicarius of the time. Just being her student made him a target, as Alura had made many enemies with the Praetors, but they also acknowledged her skill and ability. Making his attempt to fill in rather big shoes all the more eyebrow raising. None the less, he still strives to one day succeed her. And he perhaps had done that just by being too opinionated and voicing them out loud.

When he had the time, he did assist Krad with his training, to follow in his own footsteps.

Side notes:
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