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Rex von Broven

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Rex von Broven Empty Rex von Broven

Post by Jun on Thu Aug 08, 2013 11:01 am


Character information

Name: Rex von Broven (Bro-ven)
Age: 18
True age: 22
Sex: Male 

Personality: Seemingly carefree, he sometimes gets on the bad side of his superiors for bringing in people that he's encountered that were useful in his missions. Often getting close to them. They've all been humans though. Eldari are still untrusted and Heanta have attacked them, though experience with each is extremely limited for him. Sometimes he gets on their bad side just because he can. Though he could come off as overly playful and teasing at strangers that catch his interest.

He cares for those that gets close to him, which unfortunately is entirely too easy for a human or another Asentari to do. But he'll also level with them harshly if need be. In battle, he's often silent, cold, and calculating. He stays quiet about his work for the Oculi Draconis because being an assassin is very much a stigma. Though he does inspires to one day surpass his caretaker and Primoris Rex, Alura, but his first obstacle is Shade, the current leader of the Assassin's Guild. Still, he's close to both of them and will carry out their orders without question.

He's only really an introvert when he's on a mission. Otherwise, if there's a party, he's probably there. Maybe not getting drunk off his ass, but there and having a good time. He's also quite the charmer, being able to even crack seemingly cold people like Krad, his former next door neighbor. Though he is exceptionally picky about his dates. He holds himself almost like a teenager, which helps a little bit, despite barely being out of that stage of life.

Intelligent and resourceful, he's gotten out of scrapes that even his superiors couldn't believe. After the first five times of giving him suicide missions because he pissed them off, they stopped trying, and instead became the go-to guy for such seemingly impossible missions of extreme importance.

A combat expert, he doesn't mind volunteering his time at local private academies for training future soldiers, assassins, etc. He mostly does it to see and converse with Krad. But none the less, he enjoys the interaction with the students, despite not being much older than they are.

Fear means nothing to him. Of course, he does fears some things, but he's one to face them head on and not let it rule his life. He did that once, and isn't going to do it again. He knows pain very well, and tries not to cause others pain, while also stopping others from inflicting it on those weaker than him, a result from abuse he's suffered as a child.

Likes/dislikes: People, though mostly at home. Wyverns. Alura and Shade. Dislikes his superiors (the Praetors) for the most part, and overly drunk people that are super rude or assholes. 

Fears: Failure, Death (his own mostly), and meeting a bonafide dragon.


hieght: Five feet, ten inches
weight: 150 lbs.

Appearance: He has some navy blue scales covering most of his right side between his armpit and just below the hip. In the middle of which is his Draconis Seal, in bone about the size of two one fifty cent coins. Obviously, he has slitted eyes and longer than normal canines. But is otherwise a very normal, if a bit pretty, looking boy with longer blond hair and blue eyes. Slender, he does have a good amount of muscle, with the beginnings of a four pack, but is otherwise lean, and doesn't really show his physical strength. The blue iris closest to his pupil is a darker blue than the rest of the eyes, so it makes it difficult for someone to tell that they're slitted unless they're very observant or in extremely good light. Unlike most other Asentari, his skin does feel slightly scaly, even where he doesn't have any scales.

Rex von Broven Ea7d733009220c8c85a231a0a39807f4

Rex von Broven Latest?cb=20160823063827

Rex von Broven Large

Rex von Broven 218?cb=20141220060456

Rex von Broven Mikaela_hyakuya_by_nekotek105-db9b5kt

clothing: What's in the picture when not expecting fights (except with shorter boots, cuz those look silly), and a black version of it, but otherwise he typically wears black, light, leather armor and soft, yet durable, shoes. Black trousers, boots, and shirt is also a common outfit for him, often when he goes joy flying. He doesn't have much variance in clothing choices, though will try on something new once in a while. Particularly to abide, at least somewhat, by other cultures.

Fighting style

General Fighting Tactics: When a stealthy decapitation or throat slit isn't possible, he tends to go more with physical power and speed than magical. However, he likes to attack in odd angles or move in harder to see areas of one's vision, being more akin to his assassination style. The tricks in his scythe likewise helps with that. He often uses his weapons at once only against those that he views to be of equal or greater strength, and surprisingly well considering they're both heavy, using his scythe for long ranged attacks and deflection and his long sword for shorter range and weapon locks. Agile, fast, and strong, he's not a full glass cannon, but he's good enough of one to get the job done, and skilled enough to get out of trouble. Unlike most pole arm users, he uses the entirety of his scythe and typically starts with this the outdoors or larger, open areas, in more closed off areas like a hallway, he'll use the sword. Should he ever be separated from his weapons, he's a master at improvising, and isn't afraid to steal someone's weapons to defend himself.

That said, he also isn't afraid to be a bit more upfront, full frontal type of fighter, particularly in one on one duels. When handling multiple opponents, he likes to move a lot, and maim first then kill.

Combat Stats-

Strength || Good
Speed ||  Good
Agility ||  Good
Durability || Poor
Stamina || Average
Magical power || Fair

Strengths: Resourceful: He doesn't just convinces people to help him, he stages and prepares his escape routes, weather on the fly or beforehand. He is extremely good at finding another way, as reckless as it sometimes seems.

Pain Tolerance: Having been abused most of his life, he's gained a higher tolerance for pain.

Weapon Skills: One handed longswords and most pole-arms (scythes and long handled axes, though only ones with a single axe, not a duel head) he's very good with. Though, generally, if he can wield a sword with one hand, he's good...though on shorter ones, he does tend to misjudge distance.

Weaknesses: Long-Range: He has trouble dealing with ranged opponents that spots him. With no bow and arrow, and only a fair amount of magic power, he has to rely on throwing things to conserve his power. He also doesn't have the talent for a bow and arrow, nor the aim for a crossbow or something similar. He'd often hurt himself and others when using a bow and arrow.

Lack of hard hitting magical attacks: He has mostly average or weaker magical attacks or support. While this does help in keeping his fair amount of magic power last, it does mean that tougher opponents might force a stamina match.

Curiosity: "Curiosity killed the cat." Or attempted to several times in this case. One of these days that curiosity may just do him in or make him learn his lesson. Borderline reckless, he'll purposely spring a trap just to see what it was. Or get up close and personal with a rare alpha predator while it's sleeping.


Primary Weapon: A retractable scythe. On the opposite end of the scythe, with a twist from the middle section closest to it, the last section will flatten out into a blade. The scythe itself is can separate into six sections. Fully extended, it is six feet in length, while three and half feet in length when retracted. With the chains, it can extend up to 20 feet, with the longest bit of chain being between the scythe head and the next section down. It is heavy, Rex only able to wield it as well as he has through physical training and practice. Only the chain isn't made of divinium, but is still pretty good steel, so it will take a few whacks to force some maintenance on the thing.

Last, but not least, it can absorb a single offensive spell or energy based magic ability at a time and converts it into electrical power, and is then fired, though is -1 stage weaker than the original spell, but is faster moving. It is passive, and has a cooldown exactly the same as the ability absorbed. If the ability has no cooldown, then he can absorb up to three at once and fling them back with their combined power and with a single post cooldown. No matter what, there will always be a single post cooldown minimum. Though they must be fired the next post before it goes poof. The max power he can do this with is average. If it is very weak, it's power and speed does not change.

He could do the same with a defensive spell, but would be a separate enchantment with the same limits. Marked in red since it is currently N/A.

Below is a picture of it, just with a longer blade that is black, but same general shape of what's show below.

Rex von Broven Latest?cb=20120809123928

secondary weapon: His sword is dark navy blue throughout. It's a standard one handed long sword that he carries on his back and has no special properties/tricks. It does have a half-ring on it for him to hook his scythe blade on it or other interesting tricks. The sheath he normally uses on missions has a clasp that makes it easy and fast to draw from his back. He does have another sheath that he mostly uses for ceremonies or special occasions to be used with his outfit that he wears when he doesn't expect a fight.

Rex von Broven 31VLkAKWCvL

Dragon Element

Element: Lightning

Name: Dragon Breath
Type: Offensive
Damage Category: Average
Description: The Asentari can breath out a powerful blast of their element. Generally speaking, the stronger the Asentari, the more devastating the attack, but this is their most powerful racial ability.
Cooldown: 3 post cooldown.

Name: Spark
Type: Offensive
Damage Category: Very Weak
Description: From anywhere on his persons, he can fire a very weak stream of electricity. Only a foot at maximum range. It might leave electrical burns on the surface of the skin, but nothing major. IF used 10 times or more, it does incur a one post cooldown, but this is unlikely to happen.
Cooldown: N/A

Base Form Customs

Name: Flash
Type: Support
Damage Category: N/A
Description: A part of his body sparks extremely brightly, causing severe blurry vision for a few seconds. He is effected by this too, so the tell is if you see him close his eyes and you know his ability set, this is likely his next move. Those with high tolerance to brightness, if you close your eyes before it happens, or have some sort of eye protection can deal with this better. It is mostly used to assist in escaping trouble.
Cooldown: 2 posts

Name: Clairvoyance
Type: Support
Damage Category: None
Description: By quickly fluctuating the nerves in his brain, he can cancel out the effects of one illusion ability. Then he needs time to recover, so if one has multiple illusion abilities, you'll catch him in one. This is assuming he notices it is an illusion. More subtle ones will be more effective than super obvious ones. And if used when not under one...well, sucks to be him, cuz it still has that one post cooldown.
Cooldown: The cooldown of the illusion cancelled plus one post.

Name: Blood Regeneration
Type: Restorative
Damage Category: N/A
Description: While he doesn't regenerates like a Heanta or anything like that, he does replenishes his blood supply quicker than normal. This is passive, and it would take a major artery or two before he would bleed out. Or other major injury.
Cooldown: Passive

Draconic Seal Lvl 1

Seal appearance: A bone imprint of the symbol below, in the middle of his patch of scales between his hip and armpit on his right side. It is the size of two fifty cent coins

Rex von Broven Depositphotos_86334856-stock-illustration-black-dragon

Transformation method: He simply touches the seal and wills it to unlock his transformation.

New appearance: There isn't a whole lot of difference. His left side gets a repeat of the scales and seal as the right, his neck grows a couple of inches and becomes covered in blue scales with dots of red in them. The three biggest things, however, is the two six inch bone scythes on his forearms, one on the outside each arm, and a six foot bone whip from between his shoulder blades, right were the spine is. The whip is pointed and edged, and is completely controllable.

Dragon Element Custom

Name: Double Zap
Type: Offensive
Damage Category: 2x Average
Description: Two big blasts of electricity is fired from his hands or feet. The balls of energy is four feet in diameter. Each blast deals average damage. Range is 65 feet, though accuracy is an issue until about 20 feet.
Cooldown: 4 post cooldown.

Draconic Seal Lvl 1 Abilities

Name: Repel
Type: Defensive
Damage Category: Average
Description: He can repel an attack made of metal at relatively average power. Or slow down a heavier attack (strong, but not very strong. This is in regards to someone that is strong/very strong or a metal manipulator).
Cooldown: 4 posts

Name: Confusing Nerves
Type: Offensive
Damage Category: Weak
Description: For two posts, the nerves are switched and moved diagonal, so when the target moves his left arm, his left right leg moves instead, ect. At first, they'll feel a harmless jolt throughout their body from a punch, kick, headbutt, etc, then it'll take effect. The part is surging with electricity, so you know it's coming. However, so long as there is insulation between your skin and anything metal, it will block it and prevent it from affecting you and he'll have to wait three posts before attempting it again. Only direct contact with skin/thinner clothing will do. So leather armor will protect you just fine.
Cooldown: 3 posts.

Name: Bone Dagger
Type: Support
Damage Category: None
Description: He creates a bone dagger from his palms to use. Sharp, it will easily slice flesh, but is mostly useless against medium armor.
Cooldown: 1 post cooldown.

Boosts: Strength, speed, agility, and magic power are boosted +1.

Draconic Seal Lvl 2

Seal appearance: The same as above, but imprinted in three places, two in bone at his sides, the last in a bright, cyan marking on his chest.

Transformation method: Like before, he touches one of the seals and wills it to unlock.

New appearance: He gains an extra five inches in height, and a wingspan of forty feet, just large and strong enough for flight. His bone whip gets much longer at twenty feet. He gains two spikes, one just above the whip, and the other at the base of his neck, angled downward slightly. The wings are a silvery blue in color, and his wrists gain scales, like cuffs. His left eye color changes to red, and his fingernails and toenails turn into claws.

Dragon Element Custom

Name: Lightning Arrow
Type: Offensive
Damage Category: Average
Description: A faster electrical attack in the shape of an arrow. While it does do weak damage, its speed and the fact it punctures through medium armor and weaker makes it average strength. Those wearing heavy armor will be knocked back five to ten feet and possibly on their butts or back, but otherwise unharmed, though there will be a small dent in it where it hit. Range is 75 feet, though accuracy is poor at close to that range, with accuracy improving at closer ranges (particularly because of its speed).
Cooldown: 3 posts.

Draconic Seal Lvl 2 Abilities

Name: Reaper's Graveyard
Element: Bone
Description: This guarantees that he is never without a weapon, though that doesn't mean it isn't used for awkward strikes at range. He'll fire bone bullets from his fingertips/claws or a bone dagger from his mouth, even adding on to his bone whip on his back or scythes. Aside from his wings, this turns the rest of his body into a weapon. Generally, the smaller the projectile, the weaker it is. He could create pieces of bone armor around parts of his body, but at the cost of limiting his mobility if he does more than just a few smaller pieces (like both his forearms, or both his shins, or a single torso piece, anything more than that and he loses speed by -1). Though bone shields isn't a problem. Generally speaking, accurate ranged attacks end at 30 feet, though can launch small, medium or large projectiles, which travel up to 100ft, 50ft or 25ft respectively, and deal more physical damage for their size. . Anything more than that, less movement is needed to dodge if need be to dodge it.
Cooldown: Lasts 3 posts, four post cooldown
Effect: Solid Based

Name: Chain Lightning
Type: Offensive
Damage Category: Weak, up to 5x weak
Description: Great for crowd control or two opponents, or something metal nearby, a lightning strike that bypasses metal armor can attack up to 5 targets with weak damage and surface electrical burns. Or go back and forth between two targets or one target and their loose weapon nearby. The target must be within ten feet of each other to "chain" between them. Assuming of course, if it hits anything during any of it's limits. His initial max firing range is 25 feet, then refer to the ten feet limit for the "chain" part of it.
Cooldown: 5 posts

Name: Electrical Pulse
Type: Offensive/Defensive
Damage Category: Strong
Description: All around him, a pulse of electricity is surged up to twenty feet. It can repel average magical attacks right back (up to two at once, 4 weak attacks, 40 very weak attacks, or any combination of that equals a single Strong attack, but will not block/deflect a single strong attack, though would weaken it by one stage), and deflect arrows, as well as harm anyone around him with weak damage.
Cooldown: 7 posts

New Boosts: Magic power +2, Strength +2, Agility +2, Speed +2


History: Rex was born to a noble house of lightning Asentari in Upper Edia. Granted, a small village, but it was well enough known in the Capital. Since he was young, his mother was abused, and after she died when he was seven, he was the next target while also being groomed to succeed his father. Who always seemed disappointed in him. His world was a place of fear and darkness. Until he was ten, when it started to look up a little bit.

He noticed a small, blue haired boy being picked on for being so small. Knowing what it felt like, the average height Asentari stepped in, and helped him. Even started to play with him. The two became surrogate brothers. Even after beatings from his father, Rex still defended the stoic ice Asentari. Much to his father's chagrin, who felt like he shouldn't mess with "lower born Asentari and humans." The man was an elitist, but was at least smart enough to not take out his frustration on others, for the exception of Rex. And Rex wasn't taking to any of the lessons all that well if at all. For four years, he endured in fear of his father, while gaining a little courage to help Krad and take on bullies far closer to his size.

It all came to a head when he was fourteen, when he was to decide which school to go to. He chose the private military academy in Eapara in the hopes of getting away from his father. When his father found out, the man went into a blind fury, beating him worse, and even choking him. This lasted two days, when the commotion was so loud that the travelling Primoris Rex and her friend, the Sicarius, barged in to see what was goin on. When the tall woman saw that Rex's dad was choking him and was about to kill him with his long sword, she jumped in.

The fight didn't last long, and Rex witnessed the woman tearing his father's skull apart almost neatly in half with her bare hands, his brain spilling out onto the velvet carpet. Instead of being afraid, he was ashamed at his own weakness, and looked at her with admiration for what she'd done. Alura spoke to him directly. "What do you want, boy?" It was a simple question...but it seemed to have fueled him. He tried to stand up twice before succeeding, albeit extremely painfully. His response had at type of resolve in it that could not be broken. "I wanna stand up...a hundred feet tall...I don't want fear to lead my way...I want to run a hundred miles strong...I don't want to be the same!" He yelled. He noticed her eyes had widened ever so slightly. Walking over to him and gently patting his head, she spoke again. "Go pack your things. I don't care if you take my name or not...but I'm looking after you now." Still in tremendous pain, he'd left to do just that, but heard her spoke to the large man with the long black horn on his head to not help him, for fear that it would insult him. And she was would have insulted him. Upon leaving, he took his father's all divinium, navy blue sword. It was a family heirloom, but it was a good blade...a shame to waste it otherwise.

Staying with her before he started classes, it was quickly discovered he had a natural talent for close range weapons, whether it was staffs, swords, daggers, or scythes (which he seemed unnaturally drawn to). No one who stuck around to see her train with him, or asked by her to train with him, had seen such natural talent with weapons, even duel wielding such odd ones like a spear and dagger. It was almost an unorthodox style of fighting. But it was also quickly found out that he couldn't use a bow and arrow or crossbow of any kind, often having to have his arms patched up, along with a few unlucky spectators.

When classes began, he felt much more at ease and confident with himself, even Krad, who had visited him just before, said he liked the new Rex better. The class seemed fairly average, for the exception of a shorter red head Asentari, who seemed younger than the rest of them. It became clear that he was in fact the same age as everyone else, but he had a different aura...more mischievous and malevolent. It soon became clear that Kronos was not one to mess with, despite his own lean and slender build.

And soon became the blonde's rival. When the two of them sparred, it lasted for five or more minutes. And the record was always shown to be a draw, or if one won, the other soon evened the score. The two of them were similar in regards to grades, fairly average in team battles, but excelled in individual fights. It was soon decided that both were too strong for the first years. Unlike some rivals, however, the two didn't like each other. Both wanted to be strong, but Kronos was almost tyrannical, where Rex was more kind and wanted to use his strength to help people and inspire.

The two graduated at sixteen, compared to seventeen or more commonly eighteen. Rex was immediately taken in to be his benefactor's apprentice, while Kronos was sent to be in the general military. Something he did not take well. Rex heard the man had killed four people before storming out, four years later. He had even killed the Kelari he had ridden on to get away. Despite the dislike, it still felt like a betrayal. Rex vowed to either bring Kronos back or kill him. A few weeks after his initial graduation, Shade, the Sicarius of the Oculi Draconis, gifted him with a specialty scythe just for him.

In between doing odd jobs for the Oculi Draconis, from simple messengers to killing bandits causing problems, Rex assisted Krad with his own studies. He had done a few missions everyone thought would be over his head, only to come back with no issues. He is kind of like an honorary member of the Oculi Draconis now, and is respected somewhat, but still has a long ways to go...

Side notes:
Rp example:

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Rex von Broven Empty Re: Rex von Broven

Post by Orgoth on Sun Feb 18, 2018 2:16 pm

Okay so this is my list.

Personality - You just need to make a couple of edits here:

First, the Undari were killed off centuries ago, so the Asentari never actually encountered them.

Second, Eldari have very little to do with trees, so to lump them in with Eldross in that regard is a bit dumb (They live in a giant metal city on an island in the middle of the ocean for god's sake XD).

Third, its alright for your own character to have these prejudiced and mildly racist views, but the Asentari as a whole have a rather different philosophy on the other races than what Rex has, so you can't really say he shares their views when he really doesn't. The Asentari don't really care about the other races too much tbh. Just keep to themselves. Humans excepting of course Smile

Fighting Style - Not a criticism, more of an observation. I'm curious to know how he gets on wielding the scythe in one hand, given that a scythe's primary form of damage is to essentially hook the enemy with the blade, while also wielding a sword in the other hand. Sounds kinda like he'd just get disarmed a lot. But again, not a criticism, just an observation.

Strengths and Weaknesses - A couple of things here too:

First, you have 4 strengths and 3 weaknesses. You need to even this out.

Second, Close Range Weapon Skill. This is a no-no. I understand Rex is very resourceful and clever and such, but being able to use any melee weapon ever, regardless of if he has even seen it before is OP. I've discussed it with Zenke, and we're going to implement weapon proficiency thing soon. Basically, we're trying to stop a precedent of characters just being able to use any weapon and essentially rendering weapon skill pointless. If you wanted to you could, say, have Rex be proficient in all one-handed swords, or all straight swords, or something like that. That would be logical. However, being able to just pick up any weapon and be able to use it effectively is not acceptable.

Third, Strong Armor Break. This isn't really a strength as its kind of obvious that if you're strong and you've got a heavy weapon that you will fair better than a mook with a short sword. Not sure how you want to go about that. From where it stands, if somebody else comes along with a big dude wielding a big axe, Rex will be no more effective than said big dude, powers aside.

Fourth, Lack of Hard-Hitting Magical Attacks. This is not an actual weakness as it stands, given that he actually hits harder magically than most characters on the site. He has an attack that deals 2 Average-level attacks for god's sake XD. So you'll need to think of a better weakness than that. Or start nerfing.

Fifth, Long Range. Given that none of Rex's powers bar Spark have range limitations, this also may not be an actual weakness. But more on that later.

Sixth, Ranged Weapon Skill. Another observation. I'm a little curious about the severe and specific mental block that, despite Rex's incredible improv skills and general intelligence, he cannot get his head around a simple bow and arrow, or even a crossbow, a weapon that was created specifically to require less training to use. Just another observation.

Primary Weapon: We need a little more detail before we can let this through. Is the entirety of the weapon made of Divinium? Because that's not acceptable. Where does the chain get stored? And will a particularly heavy blow disengage it into its components? If not, why? Zenke brought this one up, so i'll let him be the judge of whatever you decide for those questions. With regards to the weapon's ability, you need to come up with a better measurement than "a tad weaker". Just so there's no room for confusion or misinterpretation. Also, you need to cap the max strength of spell that you can absorb. Being able to absorb and fire back a spell combines defensive and offensive abilities, so you'll need a much larger cooldown than that also. We would like to cap it at Average max. Also, the fact that there's no time limit in which you have to fire it back means even more cooldown, unless you want to change it so he has to fire it back immediately, or the weapon reflects it back, or something like that.

Powers -

Spark: Need to cap the amount he can do before incurring cooldown, to prevent infinite spamming.

Lightning Surge: I'm assuming this is a roundabout way of saying you're boosting your agility for 2 posts, in which case this is fine. If not, please correct me.

Clairvoyance: Depending on the circumstances, this can border on meta-gaming. Presumably this only works if he knows there's an illusion at work? Like, if someone is using a spell to change their appearance, he can't just use this ability to decloak them randomly? I'm borderline on this. Might be okay if we just monitor its use.

Blood Regeneration: Get rid of the damage category. Now.

Double Zap: See Lack of Hard Hitting Abilities. Also needs a range limit if you want to keep ranged combat as a weakness.

Repel: You need to properly define what an attack made of metal entails. Presumably it includes attacks from metallic weapons and metal elementalists, but does a metal wagon count? Or a metal wall falling on him? Needs a little more detail.

Confusing Nerves: Denied. Ask Zenke why.

Lightning Strike: The whole bypassing metal thing on your electrical powers isn't really necessary. Everyone know that metal conducts electricity. Just be aware that almost all metal armor sets have a base layer of boiled or sealed leather, so the bypassing metal armor trick is mitigated a good bit by that. Just pointing out. Also need to specify whether it bypasses metal shields too.

Reaper's Graveyard: Need a range on them bullets, friend. Also need some sort of damage and speed for them too.

Chain Lightning: This all sounds very insta-hitty. Needs way more detail on how the attack gets to the target, jumps from target to target, etc.

Electrical Pulse: This is a very dubious ability. You've essentially combined two customs into one. You have two choices, either make it so it can't block attacks, or make it so it can't harm people. Not both. Being able to repel attacks and repel people is fine, but also dealing damage is off the table. If you stick with the protection aspect, you need to limit the number of attacks it can repel. To 1 preferably. As it is it looks like you can just block any number of Average attacks or lower whil the ability is active.

Boosts - You have one boost "point" too many in Seal lvl 2. Total boosts are supposed to equal 8, but you have a total of 9.

That's all I have.

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Rex von Broven Empty Re: Rex von Broven

Post by Jun on Sun Feb 18, 2018 4:48 pm

Clearly some things changed under my nose that I did not notice, even after double checking. Keep in mind, I had the personality and other sections written out for a while, just waiting on finalizations, and while I did add on a tiny bit to personality, was mostly unchanged from before. Where Asentari were mildly racist and could be argued they still are if they're not gonna tolerate an Eldari in their lands. And obviously not Heanta because they attacked them. Still, maybe I took too much from Fayla's abilities or something. Sorry. Edited Slightly.

Fighting Style: Not really? I imagine a lot of twirling of the scythe and him maiming a lot of people before beheading them or deflecting physical attacks and going right into an attack with it and then doing a second attack with the sword. Or blocking with the sword and then slamming part of the scythe into the opponent or chopping a piece of them off in some fashion with positioning of the scythe.

Editted Weapon proficiencies.

Got rid of strong armor break.

Magic Attacks. We have four characters approved. How can you judge one character's weakness based on that sample size? His strongest attack is Double Zap. Compared to Krad's Acidic Ice Needles, Acidic Icicle Crash, AND Acid Rain. How is it my fault that the other three characters basically do the same thing as Rex and have mostly average or weaker or support abilities? I feel like that's a bit of an unfair assessment given that we have a limited character pool right now. Unless things seem so lopsided with magic based characters that everyone is doing that same thing...which would be telling, but that's for the test run to show along with people experimenting and trying it out etc.

Long range: I fail to see how given his combined less than average magic power and inability to grasp a simple bow and arrow or crossbow. Both of those pretty much explains why it's a weakness and shows why throwing weapons, with average accuracy and has a shorter range than a bow and arrow or crossbow, are his only real option, that is only really done at the spur of the moment and not like he'll ever have some shuriken or anything like that. If you're thinking Reaper's Graveyard, that's at a later stage, and again, considering his fair magic power (which even boosted, should typically be lower than other characters that uses that as a strength at the same stage), still keeps that in check and his other abilities in check. I could add throwing things too, but I feel like that adds too much of a handicap on the improv and neat tricks with his sword and scythe thing. Speaking of...

Long Range Weapons: Even a genius has his kinks. A bow and arrow is not that simple. Stance, aim, trying not to have the bowstring hit your holding arm, breathing (yes, just like when shooting a gun, there is a specific time to fire when you breath, and these aren't compound bows or anything of the sort like what we have now)...a crossbow is simpler to use, sure, but still really bad aim. With a standard bow and arrow, just hitting something while on the move is pretty good. Everyone have different skills. It's like construction. Some people are great builders. Others could try it...but is more of a liability than a help or what they build is a piece of crap.

Primary Weapon: Edited the ability and added a second enchantment that I'm gonna have to buy, it's in red to signify it is not active cuz I need to buy it. Which I can't right now. Hopefully that's acceptable. Also lowered the range on the physical trick part to 20 feet total and the chains themselves aren't divinium.

Spark: It's very weak...which does not have a cooldown. You yourself said it's for spammy attacks. And it's x10 to equal a weak one, thus a one post cooldown. Which is something I would assume if one does do such a thing, even if it's not stated in the actual ability or is not a dedicated combo, would automatically apply. I could ask the exact same of EVERY very weak ability out there.

Clairvoyance: Very true. Added a little bit more to it, since that is the trick.

Replaced Lightning Surge with Flash cuz I don't feel like boost type abilities are worth it with the cooldowns that Zenke corrected on.

Blood Regeneration: Is good otherwise?

Double Zap: Literally strongest ability he has, and notice that his magic power is fair. Even with boosts, that fact should balance that out. After all, he'd run out of power quickly if he started spamming them as fast as he can (that is, right after cooldown or his other average abilities), doncha think? Compared to someone who has more magic power?

Repel: I would imagine a metal wagon would be heavier than a heavy guy in heavy armor (which is another thing he probably wouldn't be able to slow down if they body slammed him), and thus would not be effected...he'd push himself away before moving it. And he's still getting squashed by a metal wall it if it falls on him. I was also assuming someone of average strength swinging a sword, not a metal manipulator, though generally, if the attack is average, he's repelling it, though the metal manipulator can then just fling it right back. Added a bit more to it anyways.

Confusing Nerves: Gave it the Vala treatment and added more details on.

Replaced Lightning Strike with Lightning Arrow with hopefully enough details.

Reaper's Graveyard: They're very weak...they're like, teeth sized...don't get the ranged limit on this either. Between a thrown weapon and a standard bow and arrow? I almost feel like this is a little unfair considering your Spectral Clones (you can be 400 yards away from where they are fighting a person, even if it would only be for a post tops) and Nature's Wrath likewise have no range. If you're gonna ask for a range for EVERYTHING, apply it to your own characters too. I can add it, but seems hypocritical on something that does something basic.

Edited: Added some details to it I think. This was a while ago...

Chain Lightning: Not meant to be. Assuming it hits the first time/second time etc. (assuming you're in range, etc.). If it don't...then, you dodged it. I think I added more details here too.

Electrical Pulse: As compared to Spectral Clones? Which is both a cloning support ability that is two of you doing physical attacks on them, and an offensive suicide bomber that does weak damage? I'm for upping strength level to strong (or very strong if you prefer with appropriate cooldown increase), and adding an extra cooldown, assuming attacks deflected is still average, and damage done is weak (just added that in). Which is what I've done. I literally just took the idea a step further on your Spectral Clones and made it into something else. Also added more details.

Boosts: I swear I have brain cancer sometimes...edited.

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Rex von Broven Empty Re: Rex von Broven

Post by Orgoth on Thu Mar 22, 2018 4:56 am


Fighting Style: Fair enough, just curious is all.

Weapon Profs: Grand

Magic Attacks: I'll cede that we don't know how things will play out yet until we have more characters. I'll let this go.

Long Range/Long range Weapons skill: I understand that he may have poor aim, but it's just you described it a bit too dramatically. Given his resourcefulness I doubt he'd be able to hurt himself with a ranged weapon. Also, I'm gonna ask you for another weakness to replace Long Range. It doesn't appear to be a true weakness on its own, rather it simply seems like it's a summary of the other two. The other two weaknesses are fine as individual weaknesses, but with this one it looks like you just took one weakness and spread it over three points. You're gonna need something else.

Primary Weapon: Ok. Just be wary that unless the steel in the chains is enchanted, it is still susceptible to breakage in the right circumstances, regardless of the quality of the steel.

Spark: I'm aware of the rule, all I asked was that you stick it in the ability description. By your logic, why put cooldowns in at all? We already ask that of every Very Weak ability any way. Zenke's Vala has that limit stated on her Assault Burst ability, and Parius also has it on one of Arthur's abilities. It would have been a lot less effort to put the line in that we needed, rather than waste a paragraph arguing against it.

Blood Regen: Grand

Double Zap: Granted, but you still need a range limit.

Repel: Fine

Confusing Nerves: Fine

Lightning Arrow: Fine

Reaper's Graveyard: I forgot to put a range on Nature's Wrath, so I'll do that now. Spectral Clones is staying the way it is, simply because nature of the ability means that making the clones appear 400 yards away, while possible, is utterly pointless. She cannot see through their eyes, and directing them when she cannot see them is an exercise in futility. The only reason I'm asking is that you've centered all of your weaknesses around a lack of ranged options, so it logically stands that I want to have a stated limit on how far you can fire these things. Like, saying Rex lacks range, but then being able to walk up and shoot a bone bullet at a guy 200 yards away is a little broken. We enforced this on Era X, so we expect it here too.

Chain Lightning: Fine

Electrical Pulse: Alright. I had an extensive conversation with Zenke about it, and given Rex's Magical Power rating by the time he gets to use this, as well as all of the abilities packed into it, these are the options we're giving, based on calculating the cooldown of each component. You can either:

- Put the cooldown to 6 posts, and get rid of either the damaging aspect of the ability or the attack-reflecting part

- Keep everything and push it up to 7 post cooldown

This is the best we can offer here. The Spectral Clones are versatile, I agree, but they are nowhere near the scale of this.

Boosts: No worries.

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Rex von Broven Empty Re: Rex von Broven

Post by Jun on Thu Mar 22, 2018 10:26 am

I'm cool with the 7 post cooldown.

Made edits, added ranges to a couple of things just to remain consistent, added Curiosity as a weakness while adding onto that one part to long range.

Basically everything you wanted done now.

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Rex von Broven Empty Re: Rex von Broven

Post by Orgoth on Fri Mar 23, 2018 8:34 am

Sorry about all of the hold ups dude. Just wanted to get it right. Approved A-4.

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Rex von Broven Empty Re: Rex von Broven

Post by Zenke on Fri Mar 23, 2018 10:23 am

Reaper's Graveyard: you should really include the full effect of solid based manipulation in this. The whole argument about range would have been avoided since there's already a range limit in it.


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Rex von Broven Empty Re: Rex von Broven

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