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Special Abilities: Talents

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Special Abilities: Talents

Post by Zenke on Tue Jul 16, 2013 9:29 pm

Talents are special magical skills all races can learn over time. Every race, except humans, starts with a specific talent, and can learn others. Humans can choose one from the list Depending on alignment and/or birthplace. For example, a human who grew up in heanta lands may learn blood track from one, or if good leave and learn magic sense from the eldari.  

There is no restriction, humans can learn sky step from Asentari, and elves can learn to track by blood. The only thing is, you must pay a price in gold, and rp out learning the talent from an appropriate source, such as in the case of the human, you must learn sky step from an asentari or another human who knows it.

Basic Talents
Each character starts with one of these, and has the capacity to learn 2 more.

Blood track
Besides having enhanced sense of smell, Heanta have the ability to track a foe by the scent of their blood. They can follow the mark from miles away using this magical skill, and the scent stays with them for days. Being a skill that relies on their natural magic, they can teach it.

How to use: To use blood tracking the user must either cut their target, or find it in the environment and taste it.  This will activate the blood tracking skill and they will be able to track their target for a day. If they have fresh blood of their target, they can continue the tracking past that point. 

Enhanced vision
The depths of the sea are dark, and fire cannot be brought down below. The Undari developed a way to see under water and in dark caves using magic. Because this is magical, they are not blinded by sun light, like many subterranean creatures would be. This does not just help vision deep under water though, it allows the users eyes to see more clearly in water, and protects them from salt water and bits of debris by blocking the eyes with a thin layer of magic. 

How to use: Undari Enhanced vision will activate as soon as light level drops below a certain point, or once they enter water.

Sense Magic
As beings of immense magical power, Eldari have learned to sense magic. Normally people dont emit magical auras unless they fight or use magic, so this doesn't work well for finding hidden foes, but Eldari are hard to catch off guard with a stealth spell. This has a range of 50 feet in all directions.

How to use: Sense magic is always active. If someone starts using magic within 50 feet of the user, they'll know. These skills do not count as sensible magic, but elven spells, and any powers a person has count as magic.

Sense Life
Eldross, as creatures of the forest and life, can sense living beings around them. This works up to 50 feet in all directions. 

How to use: This can be turned on and off at will, given that there is a lot of life in the world and extended use can be somewhat overwhelming. This cannot sense undead for obvious reasons.

Sky step
The Asentari sky step is the closest thing to flying most beings will ever come. It requires concentration and speed to achieve. However it gives them the advantage on their home terratory where they can move from island to island without the use of bridges and walkways. 

How too use: Sky step is the trickiest skill to use. The user can walk on the air, but they must move fast or they will fall. Sky step can be used to go quite high but its not suggested because they higher you are if and when you screw up, the farther you'll fall. 

Advanced Talents

Advanced Talents are not based on races. These are much harder to learn, and you can only learn 2. However they have greater benefits. 

 Advanced sky step
The advanced version of sky step can only be learned by people ranked E-1 or higher. Advanced Sky step allows the user to stand on the air, they no longer need to move to stay up. Advanced Sky step can be learned from extended use of sky step. It replaces Sky step. Like any talent, it has to be paid for and learned through rp.

Hellish eyes

This talent grants the user enhanced eyes that allow them to see in all directions when activated making it impossible for them to be caught off guard. When activated, Hellish eyes lasts for 2 posts, with a 3 post cooldown between uses.

Magic Gauntlets
This talent creates a special pair of guantlets from magical energy. These gauntlets protect the users hands and wrists, and can stop all kinds of weapons without being cut. Magical guantlets are invisible and dont have a solid shape until the user wants them to solidify. Its hard to tell the user even has them until they block something with their bare hand.

Water breathing

This ability is very hard to master, and is very risky. First taught to human's by the Undari, it is a way for other beings to survive deep underwater using magic to enhance their lungs. If the training is failed, the person is likely to drown as the user is submerged under water before they must try it.


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Re: Special Abilities: Talents

Post by Jun on Sat Sep 10, 2016 10:45 am


Quirks are something that no one starts off with. If they do, they paid for them before hand in some fashion. These are usually earned in RP, and if included in an app., will be just below Weaknesses. Unlike normal or advanced talents, you can have one quirk. If you want a different one, you unlearn the one you already have. Some of these might seem like they can be put into strengths, however, even with those, you are not as good at is as someone with these. Such as the case with someone with extreme body control compared to someone with only flexibility as a strength, the person with extreme body control is still more flexible than the person with flexibility as a strength.

Combat Perception

Combat Perception are most common for career soldiers. Usually older combatants, but younger ones that have done a lot of fighting can sometimes earn this too. Often having a natural nack for combat, they start to be able to predict an opponent's moves much more easily. This can start with x%, but after every post, increases at x% until they can predict with a 50% accuracy rating. This does not mean you can insta-hit someone or anything like that, just makes it easier. Be sure state in rp of this effect as well. Also, it must take at least four posts to reach your maximum prediction ability.

Mental Fortitude

This is earned through a lot of mental games and discipline. Tough to earn, this quirk makes it difficult to ruin your concentration or things that often affect your mental state do not work as well, if at all. Your character's personality might disqualify you from this. Illusions and distractions are also not as effective on you and are more resistant to them, max resistance being 50%. Sometimes this can come with a smaller effective time, often by one to two posts less.
Hyper Awareness

This quirk is often underestimated. And often misunderstood. A person can essentially pick out the tiniest of details, or be aware of a person being there despite how quietly they've moved into an area or similar. People with this are often invaluable team fighters, always knowing where teammates are or the enemy in relation to themselves, and position accordingly. Hellish Eyes often complement this quirk. While similar, this quirk is not as effective as the talent as it does not give all around detection capabilities.

Extreme Magic Control

Most common with Eldari, you use quite a bit less magic than others do to do the same spell/similar powered attack. Essentially, no waste of energy. It is just as good to have this and very little magic power as to have a large amount of magic power and not have this. Some spells/magic based abilities might even have some very minor homing capability (a step to dodge it would then require three to four steps) and increased homing capability on already homing abilities minorly (approx. same amount as above.). Just be sure to state this.


Extreme Body Control

Controlling your muscles, ligaments, etc. to the point that resetting them when/if broken is easy and virtually painless. Same with putting them back into place. Those with this is dramatically more flexible than your average being, and somewhat more flexible than those with flexibility as a strength. One can even fake death by stopping their heartbeat, but only for 2 posts and once per thread. They can even breath so shallowly that it's seems like they're not breathing at all, when that's not really the case. Stamina usage is also slightly less than a normal person's. Eldross and Heanta are most common races with this quirk.


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