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Equipment guide

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Equipment guide

Post by Vala on Fri Jun 14, 2013 6:50 am

Every item you make will have a price. This guide will help you calculate that price before you post it, so that you wont make something to expensive and not have enough for it. I will go through a list of things that effect the price, and how they effect the price, starting with the type of equipment.

The Type of item will give you the base price. There are several types of items, all given in the table below, along with their prices. Note that weapons in your app will not be charged for. 
Melee Weapons have 3 catagories, light, heavy and shield. All PC weapons are made with divinium and twlight wood or Celestial Coral.

Light Melee weaponA light melee weapon is a weapon shorter than 4 feet long. swords, shortswords, hand axes, maces, rapiers and other sabers are all light melee weapons.300
Heavy Melee WeaponHeavy melee weapons is anything over 4 feet long. This includes spears, bastardswords, greatswords, battle axes and hammers, as well as pole arms of any kind.600
ShieldCan be any kind of shield. They are made of Divinium or twilight wood, granting excellent protection in battles, but they are costly.800

Ranged Weapon
Ranged Weapons have 3 categories, ranged, thrown heavy, and thrown light. All bows and crossbows are made with Twilight wood and divinium.

RangedA ranged weapon can be a bow, crossbow, or a mechanical device that does not use gun powder. We do not use guns here, so dont try making one. come with 30 free ammo a thread. More can be purchased.600
Thrown lightLight throwing weapons include throwing knives, shurikens, or anything else small. They come in sets of 5, so if you want 10 you'll have to pay double the price.100
Thrown HeavyLike light throwing weapons but larger. Includes throwing axes, javalins, or anything else. The price covers 1, so if you want 5, you'll have to pay 1000, and so on.200

Armor has 3 Categories, light medium and heavy. The heavier the armor, the better the protection but the less agile the wearer. Armor cannot be made of divinium or twilight wood.
Light ArmorLight armor is often made of light materials like leather, sometimes with a mix of metal. It has no penalties to wearing it. Light armor is very good at protecting against blunt attacks to a point and because its usually made of leather of other slightly more maleable materials it wont bend or crush as easily as metal. However the protection offered against blades is mild at best. Grazing blows are likely to cut through it, where heavier armor would deflect them. It is also less likely to stop piercing attacks or weapons.500
Medium ArmorMedium armor is usually a mix of chainmail and leather, with some metal plates. It tends to weigh a bit and might restrict the wearers flexability. Medium armor grants average protection from blunt and cutting attacks, but it excels at protection from piercing attacks and weapons. When worn, medium armor gives a -1 speed debuff.1000
Heavy ArmorHeavy armor is armor like full plate mail, banded mail or other armors made with allot of metal. It is very restriction to movement, but makes up for it with a much greater defense, especially against cutting attacks. It deals decently with piercing, and is more likely to be crushed or damaged by blunt. It comes with a -1 to speed and a -1 to agility, meaning that while it offers the best protection of all the armors available it also has the most penalties.1500

Magical Items
Magical Items have 1 category. All magical items have 1 free effect, but can have more. An example of a magical item is a pair of boots that allows the wearer to walk on air, a pair of gloves that are imbued with lightning , a special storage device and so on.

Magical ItemA magical item worn or carried by the user. These can be smalll peices of armor, like armguards or gauntlets made of divinium, goggles that allow the user to fire a ray of fire from their eyes, wands, gloves, or just about anything that isn't a weapon or a full suit of armor. 600

Alchemical Items
Alchemical have 1 category. They are cheaper because they are one time use (refreshed for free from thread to thread) though you can have multiples. They have 1 free effect, but can have more. An example is a vile of poison that can be put on your sword, a jar of explosive fire or acid, or even healing potions. Alchemy is in a very primative state, and does not include more advanced types of chemestry. Black power, gun powder, thermite and similar chemicals do not exist, as alchemists of Asmir do not understand them, because of a focus on enchantment and magical qualities.

Alchemical ItemAlchemical items can be any kind of potion, poison or thrown item. Poisons cannot be lethal, healing potions cannot give instantaneous full healing. Things like explosive vials, magical grenades, or other one use items count as alcemical items.250

Enchantments are special powers and effects placed on your item. If you have a flaming sword, then you'll add the price of your sword and the enchantment for the total price of your weapon. The max amount of enchantments allowed on an item is 3. 

single enchantmentthis is the price for a single enchantment. Magical Items and potions have a single enchantment free. For all other items the price applies.300
Double enchantmentThis is the price for 2 encanhtments. Remove 300 from the price for magical items and potions.900
triple enchantmentThis is the price for 3 enchantments. Remove 300 from the price for magical items and potions.1200

Special Materials

These are descriptions of special materials used to make weapons and some magical items. Armor cannot be made from these materials, as they are incredibly hard to break and would make the wearer impossible to damage, which is against the rules, obviously. On the plus side these materials make sure your weapons dont break in a fight. These materials have their own unique special properties and share some as well. Generally, certain races will start with certain materials, while Divinium and twilight wood is available to every race, Nightmare quartz or celestial coral are unique to the races who produce them, so it is rarer for other races to start with them, but may obtain them later. For more indept descriptions go Here. You will also find descriptions of not so special materials commonly used in the world of asmir Ka'lesa.
DiviniumDivinium is a valuable metal first discovered by Humans. However its become well known and wide spread across Ka'lesa. It is expensive, so common soldiers wont be carrying a Divinium sword, but Pc's are never common soldiers. It is incredibly strong and hard to break, and holds an edge better than steel. It has a bright white color, but forging techniques allow it to be dyed. It seems to adapt to its color, and a black divinium weapon looks like its drinking in the light, whereas a red divinium sword may appear on fire. When making a magical item out of Divinium you must add the price to the item.300
Twilight woodTwilight wood is a rare and valuable material created by Eldross and Elven magic. They failed to keep it to themselves. Twilight Trees can be found almost anywhere now, growing fast and strong. They are particularly hard to cut down and work with, but they more than make up for it when used in combat, making bows and other wooden weapons capable of blocking blades and powerful attacks like divinium can. When making a magical item out of Divinium you must add the price to the item.300

Example equipment

Below is an example piece of equipment, along with how i calculate its price.
Name: Javalin of piercing
Type: heavy thrown weapon
Price: 1500
Description: Four foot long Javalins. The heads are long and sharp. They are made of Divinium and the handle is Twilight wood. They can be used in hand to hand, but their effect only works when thrown.

Piercing: When the weilder throws the javalin, it takes off with far more force than what the person can throw it with. This allows them to pierce even the strongest armors if they hit.
Recall: After being thrown the javalin wll dematerialise at the users will, and recall to the user's hand or harness after 1 post.

How Many do you have?: 3
Who Owns It?: Me

As you can see the price is 1500. 200 for the type, which is heavy thrown weapon, times 3 for having 3, and then 900 for the 2 enchantments. 200 x 3 = 600 + 900 = 1500. You always apply the price for multiple items before the price of enchantments, as opposed to multiplying them after, because 3300 is a bit much for 3 javalins. XD

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