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Equipment template

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Equipment template Empty Equipment template

Post by Zenke on Thu Jun 13, 2013 9:38 pm

Below is the template for Item creation. Copy the code from below and fill it it. Remember that you can calculate the price using the equipment rules. If your making something not in the rules consult staff first. 



[u]Name:[/u] (What is the name of your equipment)
[u]Type:[/u] (What type of Equipment is it? Weapon large or small, armor, magical item, potions?)
[u]Price:[/u](What is the price? The Equipment creation rules will tell you this. Dont worry)
[u]Description:[/u](give us a description of the item. You can use a picture)
[u]Enchantments:[/u] (what does it do, if anything? it can have multiple effects, but for each extra effect it will cost a little more.)
[u]How Many do you have?:[/u](Just state the number of items you have. This will effect price, but everything i reusable thread by thread.)
[u]Who Owns It?:[/u] (which of your characters owns it? If your bying it for someone who isn't your character, state who owns that character too.)

If you are adding an enchantment to your item, use the ability template below and put it under the enchanment section of the item. Enchantments don't cost power points to use, but still have cooldowns. These cooldowns tend to be longer than for normal abilities.


[table border="1"]
[tr style=][td]
Name: (this can be anything. Mostly for flavor.)
Type: (Offensive, Defensive, Support, Restorative)
Damage Category: (If any; Very Weak, Weak, Average, Strong, Very Strong)
Description: (give the ability a good description to show how it works and what it does)
Duration/Cooldown: (all abilities have cooldowns. Some have durations, which is messured in posts)


When your done creating your Item, you should have something like this:

Name: Sword Of The Hero
Type: Light Melee Weapon
Price: 600
Description: A Silver bladed divinium sword of unknown make with a crossguard of gold. The handle is black leather, and it has a gold counter balance. The blade is 3ft long, tapers into a sharp tip designed for thrusting, and has a fuller running to two thirds its length. The weapon seems mundane, but it can shoot bolts of lighting and is said to be able to kill a god in the hands of The Hero.

Name: Lightning Blade
Type: Offensive
Damage Category: Average
Description: The user points the sword at the sky and charges lightning into the weapon's blade, Before swinging it to unleash the lightning in the direction of their target. The attack has a range of 30ft.
Duration/Cooldown: 3 post cooldown
How Many do you have?: one exists
Who Owns It?: The Hero

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