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Stock Mounts

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Stock Mounts

Post by Jun on Thu May 30, 2013 11:46 am


Horses: The most common mount for a human are horses. While not as exotic as other mounts, nor as strong, they're the workhorse (no pun intended) of the human people...or mostly anyone. They're easily the cheapest mount, but also the easiest to maintain, making it popular. The Swiss Army Knife, they can haul goods, carry soldiers into battle, or just simply joy riding. As such, they're decent at all, but master of none. Though they do have one quality that truely sets them apart from the rest...magic resistance. The source of this is unknown, but is believed it is because they are related to the Pegasus, another mostly human mount.

Traits: Average in everything. 30% resistance to Magic.
Price: 500

Pegasus: Often reserved for the Air Corps. or high ranking generals and soldiers, these magical creatures are far more rarer than their ground based brethran. Like a normal horse, they're a master of none, but holds a much larger Magical resistance.

Traits: Average in Everything. 75% resistance to Magic.
Price: 1500

Unicorn: A single horned horse, these are exceptionally rare. There are only two things that make it stand apart from the rest, making it easily the rarest, most reserved, and most expensive of the human mounts, despite the usefulness of the Pegasus.

Traits: High speed, average in everything else, 60% resistance to Magic, and ability to use a Magic Barrier once every other post (the clever rider can use it offensively as well).
Price: 2500


Amphithere: These creatures are about 20 to 45 feet in length. With no legs, these flyers/water dwellers are the Undari's means of flight. With no legs, a snake-like body with large wings, they looks peaceful. They're not. They feed on fish near the surface and other flyers and are aggressive towards anything that comes into their territory. They also live in flocks of 5-7 members, young kicked out soon as they can fend for themselves. Their bite isn't particularly dangerous, but they do have control over wind and water, often able to create storms when two or more flocks fight each other.

Traits: High stamina, low strength. They can generate severe winds, making their maneuverability unmatched and position kings of the sky. Minimal water control, usually in the form of water spouts of moderate power.

Price: 3000

Wyrms: This amphibious snake-like creature grows to be about 40 feet in length. They feed on anything moving and with a pulse. The larger ones are extremely rare and are thinner. While powerful, they have low durability and stamina, though their scales/hide do offset it somewhat. The ones found in the ocean are hard to find and are tougher, but the ones found in large rivers, lakes, and swamps can be just as deadly, and are less aggressive.

Traits: High strength (they're constrictors...mostly), low durability and stamina, but an average scale armor/hide (basically like dragon's skin) and the occasional lightning elemental. Mostly just close range electrocution, though some can fire bolts from their mouths.
Price: 2000, 2500 with lightning elemental ability.

Balroth Shark: Can grow 25 to 35 feet in length, they're a moderate force in the underwater food chain. They're bigger and stronger than a great white shark. Fast and strong, they're known to puncture wooden boats and make holes in the bottom hulls. They're also highly adaptable to different water bodies, able to survive in lakes and rivers if they're big enough, and at nearly all depths. Below is a picture of them.

Traits: High speed and strength. Water transportation only. Highly adaptable to differing water bodies and temperatures. Mirror Image is a unique ability, making it seem like there's two to three below you or around you, but is really only one.

Price: 1500 (Due to most battles, confrontations, etc. being on land or away from major bodies of water, they have no weaknesses, but a lot of averages. That also kept the price down.)

Balroth Shark:


Fellbeasts: These ferocious monsters are the primary mount of the evil Heanta, and are often called the Wyvern's rival. While they're between 20 and 50 feet in length, they often don't have forward legs. Though they use their wings to stabalize themselves on the ground. They're often black or grey in color, though there is a rare red one. These beasts should never be underestimated, especially considering their speed and sheer ferocity.

Traits: Very high Speed and stamina. Able to fire poisoned air and foul breath from its mouth. The poison instills the emotion of extreme fear into the victims for 2 posts, 3 post cooldown, though it can be overcome by the most vigilent of opponents. The breath also stinks horrendously, potentially disorienting foes, even for just a few seconds. Just below average strength, and average durability.

Price: 3000

Hellhound: These hounds are abnormally large, black, hairless beasts that prey on damn near everything. Like a typical hound, once you earn their trust, they'll be loyal to you to the end. They're epecially fond of eating elves and humans...something their Heanta masters sometimes enjoy joining them. These hounds are about as large as a standard horse when they're a teenager. Slightly larger when fully grown.

Traits: Speed and strength. They can also go days without food or water due to their environment. They also a 50% resistance to heat and fire based abilities, but at the same time, takes 50% more damage from magic infused water/ice based abilities. Just below average durability and average stamina.

Price: 1500

Fierysteeds: Pretty much, think Ponyta and/or Rapidash except black. Like how the horse is the workhorse of the human population, these are the Heanta's...pun intended.

Traits: Like the normal horse, it's average in everything. Except has a 50% resistance to fire, taking 50% more damage from magic infused water/ice abilities. A 10% magic resistance (excluding water and ice magic) in general also seperates it from the standard horse.

Price: 800


Griffin: These magestic creatures are often prideful and difficult to tame. But well worth the effort. With the body, back legs, and tail of a lion and the head, wings, and front legs of an eagle, they're flexible and very powerful physically. However, their sense of smell and hearing aren't particularly good compared to other mounts.
Traits: All things physical are strengths. Takes double damage from non-physical elements and energy. Hearing and smell are not that great.

Price: 3000

Endaron Elk: The smallest of Eldari mounts, they're the workhorse of the Eternal Watchers and citizenry. Mainly living off of the vegetation on Endaron, this herbivore is still a threat to unmounted people thanks in no small part to their antlers, which armor pieces can only enhance. They're the more exotic horse in some respects.

Traits: Low Durability, high strength. Bones are unnaturally tough, making their antlers extremely tough to harm.
Price: 1000

Endaron Elk:

Endaron Great Fox: This carnivorous canine tends to eat moderate sized predators and giant rodents, maybe an Endaron Elk if it's injured. But only if it's injured. Cautious, like most canines, once its trust is earned, it will stay by its owner till their dying breath. Slightly larger than an Endaron Elk, it uses its large ears to locate prey or people more easily than most other canine mounts. Having higher intelligence than the average canine, however, it does use some arcane magic, but only two basic spells.

Traits: Low durability, high speed. Extremely good hearing.
Price: 1300
Price: For two basic spells, they can be custom, but nothing stronger than weak, even for support spells: 1800

Endaron Great Fox:


Hippogriff: These fancy creatures have an eagle's head and wings, but body of a stallion. These creatures are great for scouting ahead and as a quick reaction force.

Traits: Fastest of the mounts, easily. Everything else is below average.
Price: 2500

Gordial High Lizard: This large herbivore is more or less a dinosaur. While slow, it takes a bit to bring it down. While slow, it is also a battering ram, roughly the size of an ox or bison. It can also blend into its environment, though it's only effective when it doesn't have a saddle or anything.

Traits: Slow, high strength, above average durability. Head is incredibly tough to harm from the front. Can blend in pretty well with its environment like a chameleon.

Gordial High Lizard:

Hariodial Leopard: Resembling a leopard in general, this cat is about as large as a horse. Despite this, it mostly feeds on birds and smaller animals. You normally wouldn't think this would fill the feline, but it is surprisingly easy to take care of. Fast and mobile, the Eldross value this mount for quick scouting when flying isn't an option.

Traits: Very good jumper and climber, even with a rider. very fast for a land mount. low durability, whiskers are extremely easy to tear off, stunning it and making it writhe in pain.

Hariodial Leapard:


Wyvern: The primary mount of the Asentari, these are essentially lesser dragons. These things are between 20 and 50 feet in length and almost always have wings. Like most of their riders, they do have a dragon's skin, making it difficult to hurt them with standard piercing and cutting weapons. What also sets them apart is that some of them can fire blasts of lightning, fire, air, or ice. Though it is a rare trait and thus more expensive. These also lack forward legs and are entirely reptilian in appearance.

Traits: Very High Durability and Strength, just below average speed and average stamina. Dragon's Skin.

Price: 2500

Price (with Element Breath, please specify element when buying, even though it won't effect the price.): 3000

Drakes: The only ground based mount of the Oculis Draconis, they're dragons minus the intelligence and wings. Between 25 and 40 feet in length, they also "stand" (as in normally, not on their hind legs) at 20 feet. They're used primarily for hauling goods, but are also a strong fighter as a beast of war. Used exclusively by the ground troops (duh) they're like a battering ram of death...a slow moving one at least. Their weakness is that they have very low stamina, often having to take a break after battering through a castle gate.

Traits: Very tough Dragon's Skin, Very Strong, Very durable. Extremely slow, very low stamina.

Price: 2000

Kelari: Kelari are the smallest of the Asentari's mounts, standing the height of a common horse. However, these wolf like beasts are both fast and strong, ferociously protective of their owner. They have a furry body and the hind legs of a common wolf, but their forarms are scaled, with razer sharp talons. They can slash and tear and cause serious damage with these talons.. They can be riden, of course, and have a pair of wyvern like wings that allow for flight. Their head resembles a wolf, with scales on their chin extending down their neck. Their fur is thick and comes in a veriety of colors, similar to their scales. Their tails are long and fluffy. Kelari are incredibly loyal to their owners, and will never betray, turn on or harm them. They are very playful and cuddly, and able to read their owners intent. If they sense they're owner doesn't like someone, they are quick to growl and prepare to fight, but most of the time are calm and at ease if alert. Their smaller cousins, the Kelit, are ideal family pets and protectors.

Traits: Very fast, Very strong, small and agile. Low durability. weak dragons skin and scales.
Price: 1500

Price (breath Attack): As Kelari share traits with Wyverns, they also share the ability to use breath attacks. This is rarer, and as with Wyverns, it costs more to buy a Kelari. The choice of elements for Kelari is fire, ice  lighting or air. Their breath attack is similar to the Asentari's and shares those cooldowns. 2000

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