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Post by Jun on Wed May 22, 2013 11:43 am

Some missions are race or organization specific. These will be specified. Difficulty level will be on a 1-10 scale, 1 being the easiest, 10 being the hardest.

Mission Name: Dragon Takedown (Currently unavailable)
Location: Anywhere
Race/Organization: Anyone
Difficulty Level: 10
Discription: A dragon finally revealed itself. It's now on a rampage on the lands, destroying whoever dared approach it. The dragon's element is unknown. It is very highly recommended that you get a group of friends to help you put this beast down!
Reward: 3000 for each player upon completion or 2 additional ability slots for a current app. or a new one.

Mission Name: Sea Excursion
Location: Starts in Gateway Harbor
Race/Organization: Humans and Elves on the good side or Orcs/Heanta on the bad side.
Difficulty Level: 5
Discription: Humans/Elves: A ship had gone missing on the Cerulean Rift. While this isn't completely unheard of, there have been rumors of pirates now roaming the seas. This has us extremely concerned. Take a ship and crew, find the pirates, find the whereabouts of the ship and its crew, and recover any stolen goods.

Orcs/Heanta: We have finally gotten to the seas! Plunder the merchant ships for anything and everything of value. Kill or eat all aboard. But be careful, there are now military ships in the area. If you meet one...don't hesitate to destroy it and kill all aboard!
Reward: 1500

Mission Name: Magma madness
Location: A village on the borders of the Kyrias
Race/Organization: Anyone
Difficulty Level: 7
Discription: A Magma Mauler has ventured out of the burning wastes and has gone on a rampage attacking a village on borders of Kyrias. It needs to be taken down before it can cause any more damage. Don't take it lightly, a group of 2 or more is needed to take this burning beast down.
Reward: 500 and a free piece of equipment valued at 1500 or lower

Mission Name: Combat Teachers Wanted!
Location: A Private Academy in Eapara City (Or capital that might have them)
Race/Organization: Oculi Draconis (Or the appropriate Organization)
Difficulty Level: 2
Discription: A private academy in the Capital is in need of some combat instructors. Remember, these are students, so they are far weaker than you are. The type of training is up to you. And for the love (hate?) of all...don't kill any of them.
Reward: 300 for students, 250 for Teacher

Mission Name: The Great Race!
Location: Starts in a place of the challenger's choice. Single thread.
Race/Organization: Anyone
Difficulty Level: ?
Discription: Bibidi Jim Bob is holding a great race with a great prize! The rules are simple. You will be using a flying mount to race each other. You cannot power up to anything higher than your base form. The mount will be appropriate to your race or one that you bought. You cannot use your weapons, but you can fist fight in the air and use the base racial abilities. Cheating will meet with immediate disqualification. And don't try to hide it! The race will take you all through the lands in an order specified by the Judge(s). EVERYONE WILL BE OF THE SAME TIER!!!!!
Reward: Whatever the judge wishes it. But everyone gets a prize, just that first, second, and third place (if there's enough people) will get better prizes. Those that got disqualified gets no prize.

Mission Name: Beasts of Burden
Location: Anywhere
Race/Organization: Anyone
Difficulty Level: 9
Discription: We're pissed that our mounts are getting captured and placed on the Black Market! Find those bastards and bring them to justice! Or just kill them all. We honestly don't care. Just take a small team with you. (2 to 3 people)
Reward: A free mount of your choice. Per player.

Mission Name: Let's go Hunting!
Location: Anywhere
Race/Organization: Anyone
Difficulty Level: ? Depends on animal
Discription: People wanna get rid of pests. Help them out!
Reward: Depends on the animal

Mission Name: Caravan Raid!
Location: Anywhere not Edia
Race/Organization: Anyone not Asentari
Difficulty Level: 6
Discription: Good guys: We've had problems with our caravans being robbed and destroyed before. But it has only increased. We need to put a stop to this. Use this caravan as a decoy. Ambush the ambushers. Find their hideout if possible, and destroy it too.

Bad Guys: These caravans are making us worried. Raid them. Steal everything of value. Weapons, money, mounts, kidnap a few survivors for some fun later. But watch out, they're sure to have escorts.
Reward: 1700

Mission Name: The Curious Case of the Asentari
Location: Lower/Upper Edia
Race/Organization: Anyone
Difficulty Level: 9
Discription: Asentari: We've heard rumors that some of the other races might try to sneak into our lands. Find them and execute them. We'll send the heads back to their masters.

Everyone else: Too little is known about these people beyond their neutrality. Find out more about them. Try to be sneaky.
Reward: 2500

Mission Name: Armor Works
Location: Anywhere for the appropriate affiliation.
Race/Organization: Anyone for the appropriate location.
Difficulty Level: 4
Discription: Those rodents kicked out our best blacksmith and taken over his shop! Kick them out!
Reward: One free weapon/item valued under 800

Mission Name: Little Town of Horrors
Location: Any very isolated town of humans.
Race/Organization: Travelling Asentari, Eldross, Elves, Humans, travelling and semi-peaceful (plotting somethng evil) Orcs and Heanta
Difficulty Level: 10
Discription: You're travelling and came across an isolated town. You've been hearing rumors of a strange disease during your stay at this rural place. You decide to investigate. Your ally in this is a Doctor Toshiro Ozuki. Find out what's really been happening in this village surrounded by death! (Might need a squad of people on this one.)
Note: Based on the Anime Shiki (great anime). Spoiler: Vampires (very hard to kill, especially the ones that can go out in daylight.).
Reward: 3000 gold or 2 ability slots or a free mount of your choice (per player) and a free item worth 2000 or less.

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