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Eldari Powers and Abilities

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Eldari Powers and Abilities

Post by Jun on Tue May 21, 2013 9:38 am

Eldari are unique in the fact that they are the only race that does not have release or tranformations. However it doesn't limit their power, as Eldari not only have custom powers, they have access to a large selection of Eldari spells. Eldari also have a natural ressistance to all poisons.

Poison Ressistance

Because of Eldari natural poison ressistance, they recover much quicker from the effects of poisons than other races would. This cuts 1 post of duration off all poisons inflicted on the Eldari. For example, if an elf is inflicted with a poison that lasts for 4 posts, it will only last for 3 posts.


A-1+: Eldari can learn 5 spells form the Eldari spell list, limited to Apprentice level spells.

R-1+: Eldari can learn 5 more spells, selected from Apprentice and Regular Leveled spells.

E-1+: At E-1 Eldari can learn another 5 more spells and can select them from the list of Apprentice, Regular and elite spells list.

Hero: The Eldari faction leader can learn an additional 5 spells from any spell rank.


A-1+: At A-1 Eldari get 3 custom powers slots.

R-1+: At R-1 Eldari get 3 more custom powers slots, for a total of six.

E-1+: Eldari get their final 3 custom powers slots, for a total of 9.

enhanced capabilities

At E-1+ Eldari gain permanent X2 boosts to strength and durability, and x3 boosts to stamina, speed and magical power. This allows them to fight on par with the other races in thier stronger forms.

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