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Character Creation Rules

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Character Creation Rules

Post by Vala on Sun May 19, 2013 10:21 pm

If your making a character for the first time, then you'll probably find everything here very helpful. First off, I'll start with a few Rules you'll need to keep in mind when creating your character, then I'll give you some actual help in the process of creating your character.

Creation rules

1. there is no limits on characters, that being said if your seen to be making an excess amount and not actually using all those characters, we can deny you making a new one after ten characters. If you can rp more then 10 characters and keep up with them, then fair play to you.

2. You must use our template, its easier for staff to grade your app if we know what we're looking at. We will refuse to grade any apps not using our template.

3. Custom races. For now, we do not allow custom races. Thats just to much work on the staff. However if enough people express interest in having a new race added to the forum, we may consider it.

4. If you've proven yourself and earned a faction leader position, congradulations. However you cannot have 2 faction leaders. That wouldn't be fair.

5. Keep in mind your racial alignment. You can play a heanta who isn't incredibly evil, but if he's also protecting humans instead of snacking on them we may have to call you on it. We do allow some exceptions, but dont push it.

6. In terms of size limits, the max hight is 10 ft, and max wieght is 2000lbs, or 1 ton.  That is in the characters base form, if you have a release or transformation you may get bigger, but within reason.

7. A character is limited to the number of ability slots given on the app. This is to maintain balance between the races.

Staff retain the rights to make additions and changes to these guidlines. If a Rule change happens, everyone will be informed, so you cannot say you didn't know.

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