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Asentari: a personal history

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Asentari: a personal history

Post by Zenke on Thu May 16, 2013 5:34 am

Asentari are by far the youngest race in Asmir Ka'Lesa, only revealing themselves to the other races near the end of the second age. Before the Asentari lived in Edia, the dragons of the first great war lived there. And when humans found their way into the lands below Edia's floating Islands, they were contronted by the dragons. The dragons, powerful magical beings who could take human shape, were dying out. They seen in the humans a means to keep their bloodlines flowing, and made an agreement with the humans in lower Edia. They dragons would allow humans to live on upper Edia, live under thier protection and in exchange they would mix their dna. In essense, Asentari are the offspring of humans and dragons, created over generations of co-existance.

600 years after the formation of this agreements, the dragons finally left Edia in the hands of their prodgeny race, and flew to new lands. The following years, Asentari lived in general peace, their existance unknown by people outside of Edia. However the finally revealed themselves when a raiding party of orcs attacked the human villages below. Feeling a strong connection to the humans below, the Asentari went to their defense and drove the orcs off. News spread from that orc raiding party to Heanta and Eldari until finally the world was aware of what lurked in Edia. Heanta responded with violence and were met with force, where as the Eldari tried deplomacy and were refused entry into the upper lands and capital city.

The Asentari made it very clear very quickly that they were not interested in the world outside Edia, and that the lands below the floating islands belonged to them, and attacks on the humans living there would be met with war. On several occassions the Asentari were sent requests to align with one side or the other, and each time they refused to become involved in the war between the other races. The Primoris Rex, Alura "the Skull Crusher" Wanderweich, made sure of this.


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