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Kyrias: The land of fire

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Kyrias: The land of fire

Post by Zenke on Thu May 16, 2013 5:32 am

Kyrias is a mountainous region in the north of Ka'lesa, not to far from the home of the orken. While the outskirts of Kyrias are relatively safe, as people travel farther in, they will eventually encounter the locals. The locals being a race of blood thirsty demonic creatures known as the Heanta. But Heanta aren't the only dangers in Kyrias. Infact, once you pass the area known as the outskirts, you enter the burning wastes, a land ravaged by lava flows and fire. The burning waste is probably the most dangerous place on Asmir Ka'lesa's Surface. 

The burning waste is home to several volcano's, which is why the land is so ruined. But two volcano's stand out among the rest. First is Na'kora's forge, the dormant volcano that is supposedly the birth place of Heanta, where their dark goddess Na'kora forged them from the earth and set them on the world. Na'kora's forge is a sacred place to all Heanta, and it is where they preform the ritual to create their demon matrices. Its from the magma caverns deep below this mountain that they must obtain the crystal used in the creation of said items. 

The other mountain of fire that is well know across the land is Ren's spire. This massive mountain that dwarfs the others, including the forge, is where Ren the hornless, one of the first Heanta kings, built the capital city of Kyrias,  Av'eden. When the city was finished, Ren the hornless created a magical dome of pure energy to protect it from the fires of the mountain, and to this day the barrier stands.

Atop Ren's spire stands the fortress of hell, an imposing structure of black stone that is home to the Sanguine Dominion and the Heanta's leader. It is around this structure that lava flows from the mountain into the world. The fortress is heavily protected from the fires with magic, and even when the volcano explodes the fortress stands unshaken.

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