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Heanta: a personal history

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Heanta: a personal history Empty Heanta: a personal history

Post by Zenke on Thu May 16, 2013 5:30 am

The history of the heanta race, the creation of Av'eden city, and the formation of the sanguine Dominion is a bloody and death filled affair. In the early years, the heanta lived in tribes spread out across the outskirts, or some of the more daring tribes lived within pockets of life deeper in the burning lands. The tribes were constantly fighting with each other, mainly over food and resources.  These battles were fierce but generally ended with few casualties, mainly due to Heanta's healing abilities. 

It was in these early years that Heanta and Eldari encountered each other. The Eldari greeted the heanta with kindness and offers of peace, believing that they were kindred due to appearances. Indeed, Heanta share eldari good looks, with perfect skin and long clean hair that never seemed to get dirty, but looks can be deceiving, and the eldari made a mistake when they trusted the heanta. They let down their guard, and of course the Heanta showed their true, carnivorous nature. It was after this point Heanta developed a taste for Eldari flesh, and began attacking eldari villages and taking them as slaves and dinner. 

This of course caused the eldari to rise up and attack with force, driving the Heanta from their lands, but the heanta were not easily scared and raids continued. This led to open war, and the heanta were beaten mainly because they were violent, unorganized and the tribes didn't work well together. However, one heanta knew well the issues of his people, and he began a war with his own kind that ultimately led to their unification. 

This heanta was known as Ren the hornless, one of the most powerful heanta's in history who did not possess a demon matrix, or horns for that matter. In fact at first his lack of horns cause him to be dismissed by many heanta, until he ripped the head off of the strongest chieftain at a tribe meeting, without breaking a sweat. This caused a divide between the tribes, half fell behind him and half opposed him, but when the battles ended, the heanta agreed that Ren the hornless was the heanta they needed to lead them, and thats exactly what he did. 

With the unification of the tribes and the eldari's war efforts stumped, Ren turned his attention towards building his people a true home, deep in the burning waste on the side of a volcano. This is where he founded Av'eden, and built a paradise within hell.

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