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Eldross Powers and Abilities

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Eldross Powers and Abilities

Post by Dark Hunter on Sun May 05, 2013 6:41 am

Eldross' are nature attuned beings, who's abilities focus on the freedom and randomness of nature. Eldross have the ability to transform into an animal, and later a hybrid form. An Eldross has an animal companion, which they communicate with like another person. Every Animal Companion is born at the same time as their master, and they mature at the same rate. So an Eldross with a wolf Companion would be born, and then receive his wolf pup. The Eldross would grow into adulthood, and his wolf pup would become an adult wolf. Then, when the Eldross and his Companion reach full maturity, a ritual would be performed, permenantly bonding the Eldross with his Companion. This ritual is known as The Sealing. The Companion would then become his weapon, taking the form of a powerful Staff. The Eldross can channel his power through his Staff to defend himself. When the Eldross gains even more experience fighting alongside his Companion, he can perform the Empowerment ritual, allowing him to take the form of his Animal, albeit a supremely powerful version.

Animal Companion

This is the animal bonded with the baby Eldross. It can be any common animal. Choose this animal wisely, as it dictates your later forms and cannot be changed after creation.


When combat arises, an Eldross' Animal Companion transforms into a powerful Staff. All Eldross with any kind of power wields a Staff. The Staff is key to their power, and grants them abilities outside of their animal shape.

Animal Form

An Eldross who has completed the Empowerment Ritual for their Staff can eventually gain access to an Animal Form. Each Eldross' Animal Form is a representation of their Animal Companion. An Eldross gains powers for their Animal Form. Also worth noting is that an Eldross in their Animal Form possesses the same traits and abilities as their Animal Companion, but is vastly superior in each one.
Unlocked at R-1.

Hybrid Form

Eventually once an Eldross gains enough power they can transform into a hybrid form consisting of their humanoid form and animal form. This is their most powerful form, and they gain boosts and new powers when using it. Unlocked at E-1.
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