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Humans: Powers and Abilities

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Humans: Powers and Abilities

Post by Dark Hunter on Mon Apr 29, 2013 3:50 am

On the surface, Humans are an unremarkable race with no real strengths. They have neither the magic power of the Elves, nor the demonic abilities of the Heanta. What Humans bring to the table is pride, loyalty, will, and an incredible ability to find hidden reserves of power that easily makes them a threat to the other races. While this power is not visible normally, in a combat situation a human can delve into his own spirit and seemingly transform into another being, with greater power and skill than normal.

Humans start with two Primary Weapons and a Secondary Weapon. Also when a human is in his/her normal state, they have only their weapons and their own natural skill. Regardless of tier, they receive no boosts or powers until they use a release, i.e. a Humans character who has achieved the rank of E-3 is different to a R-4 character in basic physical skill only, meaning that the E-3 character can still beat the R-4 character but only because of the greater experience, until they use their release forms.

Heroic Trait

A Human character must pick a Heroic Trait from this list. This must be chosen on character creation and once chosen it cannot be changed.

Ungodly Strength - Enhanced Strength
Hero Rush - Enhanced Speed
Hero Heart - Enhanced Stamina
Lightning Reflexes - Enhanced Agility
Go Down Fighting - Enhanced Durability
Magical Spirit - Enhanced Magical Attunement

Battle Mode

This is the Human's first ability. When in combat, they draw on their power of spirit. This gives them enhanced physical and spiritual abilities, and also gives them access to their first set of powers. A Human in Battle mode receives the ability to use 5 custom powers. Always available.

Enhanced Battle Mode

The second form used by Humans. Drawing power from the same source as Battle Mode, this form is much more refined as the user's increased experience allows them greater discipline in regulating their power. They receives 5 additional custom powers, as well as even greater boosts to their abilities. Available from R-1.

Ascended Mode/Ascended Hero Mode

The third - and for most, final - form available to Humans. This form represents the pinnacle of human ability. The user has drawn on their entire spiritual power, to the point where they now harnesses the very fabric of their being in a fighting effort. They gains 3 additional powers, and their abilities reach their peak. Available at E-1.

There are some who rise up the ranks of human organisations, eventually proving that they can draw that little bit more from themselves. These humans are looked up to as paragons of the race. They possess what is known as the Ascended Hero Mode which, while physically similar to Ascended Mode, gives them an extra boost to the ability they chose to enhance at the start.
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