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Post by Zenke on Wed Jun 05, 2019 11:31 pm

On Asmir there have been a number of catastrophic events resulting in the destruction, or near destruction of entire races of sentient life. The survivors of these events are few and far between, beings who are forced from their old homes to make a place with the rest of the world. There are currently two races who live this way, the peace-loving Eldross, once masters of the wild and guardians of nature, and the isolated Undari, once rulers of the seas. Both are very rare beings, many of which are very old.

The Eldross have made a place with the Eldari, and as guides or scouts for the various surviving races. They are survivors or a great tragedy caused by the ruthless Dragon Onyxus. The surviving Undari have done their best to simply stay alive in a hostile world where they are at best shunned at worst hunted. They are wanderers and mercenaries. They're mastery over the water has atleast allowed them to become valued ship crew. The Undari's plight is self inflicted thanks to Naderi Morin, a powerful shaman who tried to curse the Eldari and instead destroyed her own people.

Because of how rare both races are, you can only create one them and must choose between Eldross or Undari. The only way to have another would be to kill your first character or turn them into an NPC.

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