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Current Political Situation on Asmir Ka'Lesa

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Current Political Situation on Asmir Ka'Lesa Empty Current Political Situation on Asmir Ka'Lesa

Post by Orgoth on Wed Jan 09, 2019 3:00 am

Current Political Situation in Asmir Ka’Lesa

The Eldari
The Eldari are now facing a conflict of generations. As the longest-lived civilisation in Asmir Ka’Lesa, there is a divide forming between the older ruling class and the younger upstarts. Since the Second Great War, the Golden Council has maintained a stance of strict border security. They are at peace with their neighbours, but they do not allow other races to enter their lands, save the town of Minarion and select members of the Sunlight Covenant. This has ensured a slightly safer land for them, but there is a growing sense of stagnation within. The younger generations, led by the likes of Mariel Shor and Merlin, have begun to lobby the Council to open their borders and embrace what the rest of Asmir has to offer, lest the world move on without them. The Council, however, is highly resistant to the idea, citing the Humans and Heanta as causes for isolationism. The general opinion is that unless a compromise can be made somewhere, the conflict risks weakening the Eldari from within, leaving them vulnerable in the storm.

The Kingdom of Mondolin
The Kingdom of Mondolin is currently ruled by King Tormir, a veteran of the Knights of Mondolin and a respected military leader in his day. He ascended to the throne when the previous king, King Ramald, passed away without a progeny. Tormir has ruled for almost a century now, but his health is deteriorating rapidly. Tormir was instrumental in his handling of the discovery of Divinium, and is widely considered to be a fair and reasonable leader. As another king with no children, it falls to an election to choose another monarch. There are currently two clear favorites, Riva and Sigismund. Riva is a respected noble who is an advocate of the mercantile guilds. Sigismund is another former Knight of Mondolin, but his stance is far more militant. Time will tell who will take the Kingdom of Mondolin forward, with the ramifications of the appointment far-reaching.

The Heanta
The Heanta are currently led by the Warlord Roth Vandel, who is directly opposed by Celaena The Hornless, current leader of the Sanguine Dominion. Though once friends, their relationship has been deteriorating for years now. Both want the other gone, and neither is willing to make the first move to begin a potentially bloody civil war. Roth fears he will lose, however Celaena is more concerned with the consequences of a direct conflict between them. Assassins won’t be able to do the job for either, so just how long will this whole thing drag on before finally igniting? Or will it be resolved without bloodshed? (not likely. Heanta, remember.)

The Asentari

The Free Lands

The Order of the Sun: The current leader of the Order of the Sun is Odric Mantell, a direct descendant of Carodin Mantell, one of the knights that joined Solden Kallis when he founded the Order. He is a patient and considered man, and along with his second-in-command Randalla Thorne, is responsible for the careful and judicious use of the resources of the Order of the Sun. The Order is primarily a peacekeeping and diplomatic front, although recently they operate mainly in the Free Lands, rooting out slavers and generally being a big hindrance to the black market activities of the region. Their main operation to date has been protecting the merchant caravans and supply routes in and out of Edaria.

The Nyberrite Alliance: The Nyberrite Alliance is a relatively young organisation that currently controls two main cities, Karem and Karcenak. They run both cities from the shadows, exercising control over the authority figures themselves instead of the their positions. They utilize assassins and spies to keep themselves secure and alert, but their muscle comes in the form of the Red Fang mercenary guild. Currently, the Alliance is monitoring stirrings from over the river in the Ardorian Conclave. The Conclave was not initially considered a threat, given the distance between the two parties. However, as both spheres of influence grow, interaction is inevitable. They are still led by Kaverra Multani, and she is becoming increasingly paranoid and restless as time goes on. What this means for the Alliance going forward is unclear.

The Ardorian Conclave:


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