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The First Contact War

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The First Contact War

Post by Zenke on Tue Dec 11, 2018 11:59 am

During a time of great adventure, a Merchant and Pioneer by the name of Rasmus Talir prepared an expedition into the unexplored jungle near Edaria. With a large party, the explored deep into the jungle to discover what lay beyond the dense jungle. The jungle was wild and untamed, however the explorers were lucky in the fact that it seemed to be very free of the Vultani wildlife, however as they travelled deeper, they pierced through the jungle to miles of cleared farmland. A town lay in the distance, and above it, a multitude of islands floated in the sky. Rasmus Talir had Found Edia, home of the dragons. However, he assumed the islands were uninhabited, and the people, humans, who’s town seemed rather undefended were welcoming. The spoke an old form of common, and greeted them. However Rasmus had no intention of peace with these people, as he seen a source of slaves unprotected by any nation.

Rasmus and his band of explorers attacked the town and dragged away as many people as they could grab, and set a course for Karem. However, Rasmus’ actions did not go unnoticed and a force of Asentari descended from above to aid the humans who lived below them. The asentari chased rasmus’ group, however they escaped into the freelands. Unaware of how the world worked, the Asentari assumed the closest town was home to Rasmus’ group and attacked it to free their people. A Knight of Mondolin, with a small force of Mondolin soldiers and an ambassador, had been in the town and when the Asentari force struck they aided in the fight against them. The Asentari won, however when they realised Rasmus’ group was gone, they left the town alone and returned home, having lost their quarry.

While the Asentari were careful not to kill innocents, they were not so careful with the soldiers. Many were killed, including the knight, and two of the Mondolin soldiers. The survivors returned to Mondolin post haste with news of the attack, and the strange human-like beings who had attacked them. In the meantime the Asentari force split, half returned to Edia to report of the incident, and the others travelled to the next village over to hunt for rasmus and his party. Not a week past, before the group encountered a Mondolin Skirmishing party. The Asentari and Mondolin forces engaged in a series of skirmishes, in which the Mondolin side came up on top and ended up chasing them back to the jungle, only to spot a much larger force amassed on the jungle’s border.

The Mondolin forces reported back to their superiors with a head count of the enemy force, prompting Mondolin to respond with a force of their own, one intent on intercepting the Asentari army as it travelled inland. The forces met near the East undine river, and the leaders of both forces met. The humans sent Clara Karstone Toral and Knight Commander Marina to negotiate with the Asentari, who sent Korvus Serilius and The Primoris Rex, Alura "Skullcrusher" Wanderweich. The Asentari demanded the return of the people who were taken, however the humans had no idea who had taken them. The Asentari demanded the human forces step aside, however, the Mondolin force stood their ground. The danger that the Asentari’s army would venture into Mondolin was to great, so they stood their ground.

Any chance of peace broke down, and the battle began in full, the Asentari shieldwall advancing across the field. Mondolin sent a force of humans with shield and sword backed with pike, their crossbowman moving to flank the Asentari. Both forces collided in a furious cacophony, and during the fight, Clara Toral was slain By Darius Merciallus. After about forty five minutes, another force arrived on the field. Soldiers of the Order of the Sun and Edaria city, along with several Heanta, Eldari and the city’s leader Aline Drexara arrived. Aline sent Kairi Thorne to ask the Knight Commander to order the retreat, and Aline herself went to talk the Primoris Rex down. In The end, Aline, an Asentari living among humans in secret convinced the Primoris Rex to stop, and when the Asentari sounded the retreat, so did the humans.

Though tensions were high, and the fighting was still in the air, Aline and Kairi convinced the two forces to parlay again. Aline revealed to the humans of Mondolin that she was an Asentari, that she had lived in peace with humans and Eldari and even Heanta, for years. She also revealed that the Order of the Sun had captured a man named Rasmus transporting thirty odd slaves to Karem, who had claimed to come from the Vultani Jungle. The Order of the Sun had taken them to Edaria, since it was one of the closest cities to the jungle, and Aline had quickly figured out who the humans were by their old common dialect.

Aline returned the humans to the Asentari, and convinced them to turn Rasmus over to Mondolin as an act of goodwill. And while many people died, the war was a tragedy that neither side wanted to continue. And so, the world now knew about Asentari, and though the Asentari made no attempt to integrate with the others, some left the sky islands to explore. Some, like Aline, had left years ago.

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