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Lilian Toral

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Lilian Toral Empty Lilian Toral

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Character information

Lilian Toral 3_210

Name: Lilian Toral
Age: 19
True age: 19
Sex: Female
Personality: Lilian is the daughter of a crazy human inventor named Andreas Toral and the famous knight of Mondolin Clara Toral. From a very young age Lilian has dreamed of following in her mother’s footsteps to become a true knight of mondolin, a respected and proud warrior like her mother was. And although she mostly takes after her mother she does share her father’s creative flair. From a young age she was in her father’s workshop creating, and while she does not have a very good hand when it comes to weapon crafting, she is capable at basic forge work and she eventually discovered an innate talent for enchanting.

Lilian is a bright, intelligent and fierce girl. She has an warm outgoing attitude that can easily melt the coldest of hearts. Though she is playful and mischievous she has a serious side. She is compassionate, slow to judge and quick to befriend. She judges not by race but by actions, and while she will leave those who mean no harm in peace, she is willing to put her life on the line to protect innocent people and is quick to jump to their defense regardless of the odds. Though she fears dying, she does not allow that fear to control her, especially when other’s lives are on the line.

Lilian’s desire to follow in her mother’s footsteps stems from a desire to protect those around her. Not just her family, but the people of Mith Silvanus, Mondolin, even the freelands. She values honor and Valor above all else in her comrades, and though she strives to be a true knight of Mondolin, were the knight’s goal to suddenly become something she disagrees with, she would leave them and find another place to serve. She found her ideals would actually be better suited to the Order of the Sun, however she didn’t want to leave her family behind. While Lilian does not share her father’s wonderlust and penchant for exploring old ruins, she does like to go with him just to keep an eye on him. She knows he has no qualms about going into to places he really shouldn’t, and fears the day he goes to far and never comes home.

Lilian has known pain for one so young. Her mother was taken from her when she was 14. While Lilian loves her family dearly, there are days where she misses her mother so intensely there is very little that can comfort her. When she was sixteen, not long after becoming a squire in the knights of mondolin, she suffered serious wounds at the hand of a heanta known as Korroth Vex. She lost an arm, friends, and was almost relieved of duty from the knights of mondolin due to this. The encounter almost left her broken and scarred for life,  However a chance encounter with Kairi Thorne, and the help and support of her father and brother allowed her to drag herself back from the brink of oblivion.

While Lilian is has no intrinsic hate for heanta, she feels it is her duty to defeat Korroth and gain justice for the lives he so easily took. On the other hand, she fears him far more than she has ever let on, and to this day she the hulking armored beast haunts her dreams, especially when the wounds left by the loss of her mother open. Even after she discovered the beast's name, she refused to share it with her father, for fear that he would try to seek revenge. Lilian is also not very fond of Asentari and still blames them for the death of her mother. While she is not as prejudiced as some, she is less likely to be freindly towards them.


  • Family: Lilian’s family is a big part of her life. WIthout them she wouldn’t be who she is today.
  • Protecting others: Protecting others and making her mother proud is why she became a knight.
  • Enchanting: A task that comes to her so easily, creating an enchantment allows Lilian to wind down and relax.


  • Bugs: Plain and simple they are gross and she wants nothing to do with them.
  • Weapon mistreatment: Growing up in a weapons workshop has taught her to respect her equipment and take care of it. Seeing someone mistreat a sword annoys her greatly.
  • Thieves: She doesn’t like thieves, even if they’re stealing to survive, though this is mostly because of the dishonesty behind the act.


  • Korroth: A demon in a heanta’s skin, an ill fated encounter left Lilian scarred and terrified of this monster.
  • Death: She’s afraid to die. Young and so much to live for. However despite this fear, she still throws herself into the line of fire willingly.
  • Harm to her family: More than death, she fears harm coming to her family. She fights to protect


Lilian Toral 3_110

Height: 5'8”
Weight: 132lbs
Appearance: Lilian has long dark brown hair that she either leaves loose or arranges into a practical ponytail when the time calls for it. She is attractive, even beautiful by most standards, with an oval face and soft features, and almond shaped eyes. She has sunkissed skin and bright blue iris that share a similar spark of warmth to her father’s, and also a little bit of mischief. Lilian is of an average height, and is quite slender, her body built for agility. Her left arm is metal from just above the elbow down, crafted from Aurilium and enchanted to move at her command. She has several scars, one of which is across her ribs on her left hand side, which she also received when she lost her arm. The others are minor, mostly from injuries caused in the workshop or during training.
Clothing: Lilian where’s a variety of outfits, depending on the situation. When in the workshop, even if she’s not at the forge she wears a similar outfit to her fathers, clothing designed to withstand the heat and resist catching fire. When she’s out and about but not on duty, she wears skirts and tight fitting tunics, with leather boots. However, when she is on duty or out in the field, she wears her custom set of light leather armor.

Fighting style

General Fighting Tactics: Lilian relies on speed and agility to keep her distance from foes as she engages with them from short to medium range with her powers and crossbow, while doing her best to stay out of direct combat. She is a crack shot with her crossbow, capable of hitting a target up to 150 yards away with pinpoint precision while still, and is capable of deadly accuracy while on the run when within 100 ft of her opponent. Lilian prefers to fight within this range, as she finds sitting still and shooting at someone to be both boring, and dangerous when in the open.

Lilian’s sword style is that of the Legendary former Knight Jensen Reinhart, though she is far less skilled than the old blade master. Still, she utilises her master’s style well, and with a bit of self taught flair she’s picked up along the way she can certainly keep herself alive if she’s forced to rely on the blade. Lillian has the ability to conjure up and manipulate metal, primarily steel, but a few others like copper or tin, albeit temporarily. Metal she creates eventually disappears. She uses this in her attacks, or to carry her lightning abilities.

Her abilities have varying ranges, mostly somewhere between 10 to 100 ft, which compliments her tendency to stay closer than the average crossbow wielder, with a few close and personal abilities she keeps as a shocking surprise for those who insist on getting up in her face. Lilian’s greatest asset in battle however is her keen intelligence and perception. She is difficult to trick or lure into a trap due to her perceptive intellect.

heroic trait: Lightning Reflexes

Combat Stats-

Strength || Poor
Speed || Good
Agility || Very Good
Durability || Fair
Stamina || Average
Magical power || Good

Battlefield Awareness: Lilian is quite intelligent, but on top of that she has excellent spatial awareness while engaged in combat, allowing her to keep track of details that might be missed by other combatants, keep track of her own or other’s location in relation to obstacles, cover or potential hazards without needing to look at them. Obviously she needs to know an object or obstacle is there, for instance if there’s a pit or ditch behind her see is less likely to accidentally back into it as long as she’s aware of it. While this keeps her from tripping on a rock she's noticed, Lilian still needs to learn to turn this in her favor and trick opponents into tripping on that rock.

Marksman: Lilian is an incredible shot with a crossbow, though she is better with Oblivion Piercer in hand than any other weapon. As stated already, she is pinpoint accurate up to 150 yards with Oblivion piercer while still, and pinpoint accurate at up to 100 feet while moving.


Inexperience: Lilian is young, and while she’s seen some combat she is still green compared to most other warriors. She is still prone to mistakes or misjudgements that can compromise the flow of a battle for her, or miss openings in another person’s fighting style, and is less likely to take advantage of opportunities that could end a battle, such as stabbing someone while their down. She’s also more likely to take risks without realising it.

Mind altering effects: Lilian’s mind is to open and to easily swayed by effects that alter her state of mind. Effects that cause fear, or rage, or other extreme emotional changes are more likely to work on her.


-Primary Weapon I-

Name: Oblivion Piercer
Description: Oblivion Piercer is a Repeating Crossbow with a 5 bolt cartridge. Similar to her father’s Crossbow Hailstorm, Oblivion Piercer reloads by pumping the bolt cartridge. The weapon is 2.5ft long with a 2ft bowarm crafted from twilight wood. The metal rails, plates and internal trigger mechanisms are all made from Aurilium to keep the bow light, and the weapon is traced with enchantments. It is a highly stylised weapon designed and built by Andreas. It has three separate triggers. One at the handle that fires the weapon, One on the side, that engages the weapons primary enchantment. and a third below that, which releases a hidden blade from the front of the weapon. The blade is 1ft long and made from Divinium.


Name: Rapid Fire
Type: Offense
Damage Category: Based on Solid crossbow bolts
Description: When Lilian engages the Rapid fire enchantment, the weapon automatically pumps and fires the remainings bolts from the crossbow cartridge in rapid succession, and then expels the cartridge. The shots are less accurate as the repeated automatic pumping shakes the weapon.
Cooldown: 3 post cooldown

-Primary Weapon II-

Name: Aegis Arm
Description: Aegis arm is a mechanical arm enchanted to act and function exactly like the real thing. The enchantment allows the arm, hand and fingers to move, flex and bend at Lillian’s command, with the exact same range of motion and precision of a real hand, since it relies entirely on the magical enchantment imbued on it to move, instead of any specific mechanisms, clockwork or otherwise. It is a replacement for her missing limb. Aegis Arm is built from Aurilium, a light durable metal similar in toughness to steel, while the back of the forearm is reinforced with Divinium, allowing it to be used to protect as protection against divinium blades. Lilian opted for a design similar in look and feel to her own arm, and underclothes it's impossible to tell anything is different. The Aegis arm is of Lillian’s own design, though Lucas helped her with the original version since she needed a hand with it, but more importantly the enchantment that allows it to sync with the user is one of the reasons she’s considered a genius enchanter.


Name: Aegis network
Type: Support
Damage Category: N/A
Description: The enchantment required to allow the limb to function, the Aegis network uses electrical signals to convey messages from the brain to the limb and move the limbs joints via magic. Limbs enchanted with this allow the user complete control of it, as if it was a part of them. While Lilian’s arm is normal, the design possibilities for the limb are limited only by what a person can become used to using.
Cooldown: Passive

-Secondary Equipment-

Name: Regal Light Armor
Description: A custom set of white leather armor, designed for practicality while keeping a balance of protection and maneuverability. It comes with a dark blue shoulder wrap set in place with a shield pin with the knights of mandolin symbol engraved on it, and a cloth tasset, also held in place with a similar shield pin. The tasset can be easily removed in the case of a fight so that she won't become entangled in it.

Custom Powers

Battle Mode

Name: Lightning Strike
Type: Offense
Damage Category: Weak
Description: Lilian builds up energy within her Aegis arm, coursing Lightning throughout it. When she strikes a target it delivers a weak blast of electricity along with any damage caused by being struck with a metal hand. The lightning lingers in her hand until she lands a blow with it or 2 posts pass.
Cooldown: 3

Name: Shockling hook
Type: support
Damage Category: very weak
Description: Lilian creates a grappling hook and throws it. The hook has a metal cable attaching it to her, the cable being capable of supporting her weight. She can use it to scale buildings or trees rapidly, however she can also attempt to loop it around someone, and send a very weak blast of down the wire at them. She can also use it to pull them over, or trip them, however it only lasts a post and can be cut.
Cooldown: 1 post

Name: Bladestorm
Type: Offense
Damage Category: Very weak X10
Description: Lillian conjures up ten 2 inch shurikens of steel in her hand and throws them out in a fan like spread before her. The shurikens take off with more speed than she throws them, and can cut through light armor, dealing very weak damage on impact. They have an effective range of 20ft. The attack is inaccurate but useful at close ranges.
Cooldown: 2 posts

Name: Imbue
Type: Support
Damage Category: N/A
Description: Lilian imbues a single object, such as a weapon or shield, with enough electricity to deliver a powerful shock on impact. The Lightning energy is transferred by touch, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be her own weapon, however it must be at least a foot long and made mostly of metal to work. The imbued weapon sparks electricity and is clearly bad news. On impact, the weapon releases an average blast of electrical energy into the target. The lightning sticks around for 2 posts or until it hits something.
Cooldown: 4 post cooldown.

Name: Steel Protection
Type: Defense
Damage Category: Strong
Description: Lillian creates a physical steel barrier made up of interlocking disks of metal that forms a dome shaped barrier around herself or a target of her choice. The interlocking plates work well at absorbing heavy impact without crushing or caving in, and also disperse incoming magical attacks safely. Its capable of blocking up to one strong physical or magical attack before falling away, and if its hit will a stronger attack will negate up to strong damage from it.
Cooldown: 5 posts.

Enhanced Battle Mode (Unlocked at R-1)

New powers

Name: Enchanter’s Playground
Element: Metal
Description: Lilian’s ability to create metal from thin air has been temporarily enhanced, and she has free reign of the ability for the duration. She primarily saves this ability for dire situations and likes to create shuriken and a variety of other throwing weapons, and when her opponent least expects it slips an imbue on one of them. She also uses it defensively, often forming small plates of metal that hover close to her that she uses to block incoming attacks.
Effect: The user is skilled in the manipulation of a chosen element. They can manipulate their element in several ways. They can create walls, shoot projectiles and in general use the ability to attack or defend. They can create spikes or pillars, the maximum being 10ft long and 1ft wide, or create walls of their element 5 x 5 ft wide and tall. They can launch small, medium or large projectiles, which travel up to 100ft, 50ft or 25ft respectively, and deal more physical damage for their size.
Cooldown: 3 post duration with power points reduced by 2 for the duration, 4 post cooldown.

Name: Electrostatic net
Type: Support
Damage Category: N/A
Description: Lilian throws out an electrostatic net in a 15ft radius around her that allows her to keep track of opponent's movements, including those who are hidden via magic or in plain sight. It also pings off of hidden metal objects, revealing traps to her. It lasts for a post. The net moves with her, and passes through wood, however large metal objects can interfere with it.
Cooldown: 3 post cooldown.

Name: Static surge
Type: Support
Damage Category: N/A
Description: Lilian begins sparking electricity from her hands and feet, as it courses through her body, increasing her speed and agility by +1 each for 2 posts.
Cooldown: 4 post cooldown.

Name: Lightning Bolt
Type: Offensive
Damage Category: Strong
Description: Lilian forms a large metal bolt thats coursing with lightning, before launching it. It travels slower than the speed of a crossbow bolt, and has a range of 100ft, it deals impact damage and lightning damage equal to strong, however it also throws off a very weak electrical shock in a 5ft radius around the impact site, catching those lucky enough to dodge off guard.
Cooldown: 4 post cooldown.

Name: Storm Shield
Type: Defense
Damage Category: Average
Description: Lilian creates a small metal shield roughly 2 foot wide made of metal, attached to her arm. The Shield is capable of blocking up to average damage, though it does not give full body cover so its better used to protect vital areas.
Cooldown: 3 post cooldown.

Boosts: Speed, Agility, Stamina and Magical power.

Ascended Mode(Unlocked at E-1)/Ascended Hero Mode(Hero, Unlocked at E-5)

Appearance:(Your appearance in this form)

New powers

Damage Category:

Damage Category:

Damage Category:

New Boosts:



Early Life

Lilian Alyssa Toral is the first born child of Andreas and Clara Toral. She was born during a time of peace and quiet, her mother, a knight of mondolin had recently retired from duty after a long service, and her father had finally found someone to settle down with. Life growing up for Lillian was pretty easy and happy, between spending time with her father in the workshop, reading her father’s journals with her mother and learning about the world. When Lilian was five, her brother was born, and though a second child usually made the first feel out of place, Lilian was quite happy to have him around. She helped with taking care of little Lucas. As her brother aged, and their father insisted they come learn in the workshop a worried Clara tried to teach the children a safer art, that of enchanting. Lucas found it boring, But Lilian loved every minute of it, and Clara ended up giving her daughter even more reason to be in the workshop. Lilian’s mother eventually accepted that she was her father’s daughter, and the thrill of creation and invention was in her blood.

However, Like her mother, Lilian knew her true calling was to become a knight. She heard stories of her mother from her uncle and cousin, and knew that she would follow in her path, to make her mother proud, and to protect her and the people of mondolin, like Clara had. Lilian began training with her mother as soon as possible, and though it seemed she would need to choose between enchanting and becoming a knight, Lilian, like her father, found a way to balance both sides of herself. She refused to give up, and learned to not only fight, but shoot a crossbow, ride a horse, and anything else that seemed like a knight would need to do. The family could barely keep up with her antics.

Trails and Training

Lilian progressed at a steady rate, her skill with the blade slowly reaching its full potential, but her aim was never truer, and when she was 13 her father hand crafted her crossbow Oblivion Piercer. Lilian’s skill with enchanting had grown to match, and the first enchantment she put on the weapon caused it to fire all 5 of the bolts rapidly, to her father’s delight. Her mother however was not so pleased, especially because the kickback on the enchantment knocked Lilian over and caused her to bang her head. Her father instantly “Confiscated” the weapon for safety purposes, but she later found him playing with it. She wasn’t surprised.

Lilian had natural talent, and was already garnering attention from the Knight’s of mondolin who approached her mother to see if she was willing to let Lilian train as a squire. Though both her parents were apprehensive, they allowed Lilian to do so. Lilian was overjoyed, and began to train under the instruction of Blademaster Jensen Reinhart, and old knight and legend in his own right, with the other Pages. While Lilian was more skilled with the crossbow, she had speed and agility over the other Pages, and lost very few fights.

Everything was going well for Lilian, however in 996, when she was fourteen, her trouble began brewing in the freelands. A new race had appeared, and began attacking towns, and they’re unclear motives caused mondolin some concern. They sent a force to investigate. In the meantime, Lilian’s more was requested to return to the knights, as her expertise and power might be needed. Of course her mother agreed. About a week later, a legion was sent out into the freelands, Lilian’s mother with them.

Lilian begged her mother to take her along. She was old enough to fight, she taught, and she was better than a grown man with a crossbow. However, no matter how hard she pleaded her mother refused. “Your still a child. I need you to stay here, with your father, and be safe. I promise I’ll be fine.” She was not fine. Lilian’s mother was killed in the battle. When her father told her the news, Lilian cried and wailed and raged her mother, and blamed herself for being to young to be there, but most of all she cursed the asentari who had caused it.

It later came to light that a man named Rasmus Talir was responsible for the who incident, and while her father accepted it, and seemed to let the grudge go, she could not. A few months after, a visitor came to the house. Lilian heard her father invite him in, and close the door to the living room. She snuck up to the door to listen in, and discovered that the man who had come was in fact an asentari, but not just any. He was the asentari who had killed her mother.

Her father was silent, accepting, forgiving, but Lilian burst into the room and lay into him, cursing and crying and screaming. She even lunged at him with a fire poker, but her father managed to stop her. In the end she collapsed, crying. Her father let the man go in peace. When her father came back, she renewed her angry assault, outraged that he had let the man go. Her father pulled her into his arms even as she tried to strike him, and let her cry until she was calmer, then he brought Lucas in, and explained everything. It didn’t change how Lilian felt, and for the next few weeks she gave her father the cold shoulder. Eventually she let it go, and started talking to him, and the family returned to semi normality.

The next two years she returned to training, working harder than ever before, and finally reach the rank of squire.


On a hot summer day, a few months after Lilian’s sixteenth birthday, she was dispatched to the northern border along with a handful of other squires and Knight Instructor Castir Havados, to run routine training exercises. They spent several days out in the wilderness, and Castir had them running mock skirmishes against each other. On the fourth day, the group split up as they had every day, and prepared for another day of combat. However not long after splitting up, Lilian’s group came upon a Heanta crossing through the border.

Lilian’s Squad leader stopped the heanta, who seemed absolutely terrified, to the groups confusion. While Lilian and the other’s kept an eye on the heanta, one of the boys ran off to find Castir. When he arrived on the scene he called in the other group and began to question the heanta, who began to insist that they needed to leave. However Castir ignored the heanta’s request, ordered him tied up and demanded answers. That was when Lilian spotted a second heanta, a massive towering monstrosity in steel plate armor stomped towards them. The captured heanta began to scream, “We must run! Please!” However, the squires panicked at the sight of the new comer, and the terror in the captured heanta’s voice.

Castir ordered them to form up around him and keep their cool, before attempting to speak to the heanta. He plainly told the heanta that the tresspasser was in their custody, and to turn back over the border. The heanta’s response was to draw his weapon. One of her cohorts shot at him with a crossbow, the bolt bounced off and clattered to the grass. The heanta charged.

His first swing killed the crossbowman, and scattered the group to the wind, easily breaking their defensive formation. Absolutely terrified out of her mind, Lilian was compelled to run, however her friends were in danger, and she somehow found the will to fight, even as some of the other’s fled. Together with Castir and some of the others, they attempted to fend off the heanta. However every swing of his mighty bardiche killed someone, and he was relentless in his assault, the bolts from her crossbow, barely making a dent in his armor.

In last ditch effort, Lilian activated Oblivion piercer’s enchantment, peppering the heanta with bolt’s, two of which pierced through the armor. Deploying the divinium blade built into the crossbow, she attempted to get behind him, and drive it into the back of his knee, as Castir attacked from the front. However, the damage she thought she’d done to the heanta was not enough to slow him and he spun, catching her off guard with a powerful swing of his bardiche, that cut through her arm, and slashed open her side. She was thrown into the grass, and the same swing took the head off Castir’s shoulder. She began to pass out as the heanta snapped the neck of the trespasser, and left. She blacked out.

She wasn’t out for very long when she came round, but she knew that she was bleeding out. Using what energy she had left, she formed a tendril, and coiled it around the open wound of her arm, and surging it with lightning, she heated the metal and seared the wound shut, scarring her arm. She passed out once again screaming. The second time she came around, it was to the gentle coercion of a woman named Vivien and a small group of mondolin scouts.

Vivien’s team searched the devastation for survivors while Vivien patched her wounds, before gathering up Lilian and taking her out of there. She was semi conscious for most of the journey, passing in and out as they went. Eventually, she woke up in a bed as opposed to on the road. After that, she slept for several days, which she found out later was because the healer had given her a sleeping concoction. When she finally woke from that slumber, she was faced with the challenge of coming to terms with her injuries. While the cut to her side had been bad, it would have been fatal if her arm hadn’t been there to take the blow and turn the attack.

However, her arm was gone, from a few inches above the elbow, and there was no way to restore it. Not easily, and not in Mondolin. Lilian was escorted back to Mith Silvanus, to a very angry father. She couldn’t bare to face him after all the arguing she’d done with him over becoming a knight in the first place. However, what was worse, when she returned to the city, she was relieved of duty because of her injuries. Of course the Knights of Mondolin didn’t just cast her aside, but it had felt like it to her.


In a single day, Lilian felt like she had lost everything, and nothing that followed the next few weeks could cheer her up. Her wounds had healed, though the stump of her arm was terribly scarred and tender. Her father was lost when it came to dealing with her, and in the end he asked her if she would like to go to stay in Mith Verdanus with Olivia and Isabella. Lilian agreed, only because she didn’t care either way, and she was fond of her aunt who had stepped into the role of her mother after clara died, since there were things her father wasn’t able to help her with. She spent the first few days moping around the city, Olivia doing her best to keep an eye on her aimless cousin.

On the third day she stormed out to escape the house and Olivia’s attempts to help her feel better about her injury. She remembered very little of her outburst other than screaming “Putting a bow on it wont fix a damn thing!” as she stormed out and slammed the door. At that moment, she missed her mother more than she ever had in the last two years. Once the anger wore off, and was replaced with sadness, she found her way to a small cafe, where she ordered a drink, and sat. She received plenty of sympathetic looks, but ignored them.

However, her sorry state drew the attention of a young woman all in white, who had spotted her and asked to sit with her. Lilian agreed but didn’t really engage. The woman introduced herself as Kairi Thorne, and began to carefully question her to find out what was wrong. She was met with a sarcastic wave of Lilian’s stump, and a shrug. “Take a guess.” she said haughtily. Kairi seemed resistant to her teenage scorn and sass, and persisted, asking her how it had happened. Lilian explained how she had been hurt by a heanta, and booted out of the knights because of it. Kairi first told her that it wasn’t because they taught her useless, but they probably felt it wasn’t safe. And then she told her a little bit about herself, and how she’d been like Lilian. “If you want something, don't give up, no matter how hard, or futile it may seem. Prove to them that your still a fighter, with or without your arm. You have to make your own opportunities in life.” She told Lilian.

It was a pretty speech, but Lilian only heard “Make your own” and suddenly she leaped up. “Of course, why didn’t I think of that!” She said. Hugging the other woman, she thanked her before running off, without explaining. Leaving a very confused Kairi sitting in the cafe. Lilian returned to the house, and began designing an enchantment that would replace her arm. She spent the rest of the week with her aunt and cousin, who had noticed a marked improvement in her mood, however she refused to say why she was so happy all of a sudden. She didn’t want to tell anyone until she returned home, to see her idea was even possible.

When she returned to Myth Silvanus, she recruited her brother’s help and together the pair designed, built and enchanted their finest work yet, a metallic arm. It took them almost a week, and their secrecy as they worked on the project worried their father, until they finally revealed the work to him. He was so proud of them both,

Proving Grounds

It took two weeks to become used to the new arm, with constant training, moving and several accidentally crushed mugs, however Lilian was once again whole, and she felt stronger than ever. She and Lucas improved upon the design several times after that, and when Lilian finally felt ready, she reapplied to the knights of mondolin for testing. The knights were hesitant to accept that a metal arm had changed anything, however she refused to be turned away. In the end they agreed to test her and were genuinely surprised and impressed by the arm, and also how well she had handled herself. They accepted Lilian back as a squire, and not two years later, they promoted her to a full fledged knight at the recommendation of both Blademaster Jensen and her Cousin Max, though she still had a few years of training to get through.

Lilian had never been so happy, not since her mother had died, however she knew Clara would be immensely proud of her. Her father certainly would. Lilian upheld her mother’s values and beliefs when she was on duty, and when she had down time she spent her days working with Lucas and her father in the shop. She had attracted as much attention, and many people sought out her skill in enchanting. However during that time, she and Lucas also worked on variety of designs for enchanted limbs, to help other people in Lilian’s position, and paid forward the kind words of a Kairi thorne.

Side notes:
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I think everything looks good here, pending a second opinion.

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Lilian Toral Empty Re: Lilian Toral

Post by Ryokoshky on Wed Dec 12, 2018 1:21 pm

Everything looks good from me too, Approved.

Only thing to keep in mind with Enchanters playground, "She'll occasionally slip in an imbue when her opponent least expects it." Keep in mind you did mention an imbue'd object must be around a foot long.

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Lilian Toral Empty Re: Lilian Toral

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