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Post by Zenke on Mon Dec 03, 2018 1:05 am

This is a list of questions I imagine might be asked allot.

Q1. Can I make a character that is not one of the established races?

A1. No. Custom races will not be permitted.

Q2. Can I make a crossbreed?

A2. Perhaps one day. Crossbreeds are complicated.

Q3. Can I use a seperate account for each character I make?

A3. Short answer is no. Simply because of the way we work Experience, resources and jobs. We let people spend experience on any character regardless of who they earn it with for convenience, and we give out resources for each character a person makes, however the first character gets you more. We also only allow one character to earn resources with a job so your second account character would end up with less resources, and its a bit of a pain to be trading resources and experience across accounts when you want to use some for your other characters.

We do allow you to create a post in the off topic area where you can organise your character roster, their skill sheets and equipment, and you can include a link to that page in your signature.

Q4. Can my character be from a different dimension or established universe?

A4. No. There is no cross dimensional travel on Asmir. Any character you make should be resident to the world, however they can be loosely based on a character from a different universe, tv series, book or anime.

Q5. I'm having trouble creating a history, can I establish them or their family into the site's timeline?

A5. Every event in the timeline is designed to help you construct a history for your character. While we wont change the timeline to include or mention them unless it makes sense, you can have your character take part in past events or battles without altering the outcome, and describe them from your characters point of view. Adding or changing events to suit everyone would not be feasable.

Q6. Can I make my character's family noblilty or royalty, or can I make the king/Queen of one of the countries?

A6. Your character's family can be nobility. We may even allow them to be royalty, however they cannot be king/queen or ruler of any of the countries.

Q7. Can I have time manipulation powers?

A7. NO!

Q8. Can My character be a leader of a faction?

A8. Yes, but not right away. They must first meet certain requirements, and cannot simply replace the current leader.

Q9. Does my character have to join a faction?

A9. No. However you can only have two rogue characters. You must join a faction with some of your characters.

Q10. Can I make a new faction?

A10. No, not right now. We want to fill up the current factions before we even think about making any new ones.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to pm or ask any member of staff and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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