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Post by Shiva on Mon Dec 03, 2018 12:19 am


"warmth dwells within myself, which is immutable for eternity"


Name: Severa
Age: Retaining a youthful glow, she appears to be in her early twenties.
True age: Thirty Years of Age
Sex: Female

Personality: Adventurous to a fault, more resourceful than a Swiss Army Knife, and as calm as can be in a crisis, Severa is a woman who thrives off of the moment, immersing herself in the physical realm as much as she can, whenever she can. With confidence enough to make a king blush, and the skill to back it up, she’s inviting (to a point), practical, and flexible. This comes from her “immersive” attitude, as she is constantly seeking to understand what’s around her, if only so she can pick it apart and put it back together just a little bit better.

“Never stop. Never stumble. Never surrender. I do what I have to; my survival is more important than anything else”

Unlike certain rogues, possessing a quality that is pointblank deemed as ‘dangerous’ or ‘wrong’ is not cause enough for Severa to be labeled the same. This is most certainly due her background in that she might caution herself to a said quality but provide a just and fair trial before deciding what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong.’ Most notably, this pertains to the ongoing debate about Evil versus Good in and to date, she has yet to form an opinion on whether her actions are truly justified or not. More often than not, she spends her entire time contemplating her future decisions instead of making any. Despite that, reasonable and level headed seem to be the popular palette for Severa nowadays.

“I wanted to live the life, a different life. I didn't want to go to the same place every day and see the same people and do the same job. I wanted interesting challenges.”

There is an aforementioned bit that she always has her guard raised just slightly, and this is due to the stoicism brought forward from years of living under suspicion and fear. There is a bit of mystery that will always surround her and to those unfamiliar, may find it a bit off-putting and even uncomfortable to be around. That is not to say that she is unapproachable but that the expected reaction from Severa may not be as warm or as inviting as one would like. It is the lasting impression of someone who was raised to be poised and calm.

“We can shoot it, stab it, burn it, or blow it the fuck up. ”

Sometimes, the quickest solution really is the best. Driven by a lifetime of harsh living, Severa is a person who knows how to get things done in the quickest, most efficient way possible, and this near militaristic mindset carries over into everything she does; she is always on the lookout for how to rid herself of the flaws in her methods, without sacrificing their strengths.

“Fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But fear is a choice.”

This may seem in direct contrast to her emotional fortitude, but reacting or behaving emotionally tends to the fact that Severa’s personality has always been divided between two extremes. When she has been pushed to the brink or becomes too distressed to act applicably reasonable, she is still very much prone to heatedly reacting. She is most susceptible to behaving as such when being prodded about a topic sensitive in nature specifically to or about herself. Under someone less tranquil will prove a dangerous combination for Severa and in time, she will have to learn to either reap the consequences or simply hold back when absolutely necessary.

“What you do has a far greater impact than what you say.”

One would think for someone who has lived the type of life she has that she’d a profound understanding and perspective about the world in which we live. However, as much sense as that makes, in spite of her vast experiences, Severa had mostly kept to herself. To have an overarching vision on the future, on how to properly lead and inspire subordinates and equals alike, these are all things that she is currently lacking. This is what makes her parochial but luckily for Severa, she has finally been given the right tool set to start expanding such narrow-mindedness.


  • Morales: A follower of her own heart, Severa acknowledges when someone is brave enough to go after what they want and are guided by their own moral compass, --even if it conflicts with her own, and the laws.

  • Spicy Food: Curry is a great example of one of her favorite dishes. Full of flavor and spice! Severa will often go out of her way to sample some of the spiciest cuisines and ingredients for her own personal ambition. She likes to give the excuse of "food research".

  • Solitary: She enjoys a little bit of time to herself so that she can recollect her thoughts and unwind. During this time, she enjoys working with her hands, such as building things, drawing/painting, as well as writing. From time to time she can be seen in random spots staring off into the distance and or ignoring her surroundings to appease to her desire for loneliness.


  • Disparity: Severa dislikes the imbalance of power, due to it giving an unfavorable drop to the people who are unable to reach such heights. She believes in equal opportunity, and following the duty given to her upon creation.

  • Ignorance: She does not tolerate close-mindedness and ignorance. She feels that those who will not take the time to listen and try to understand things from another perspective are incomprehensible.

  • Dishonesty: Severa doesn't tolerate when people lie. She considers honesty to be of the highest respect and honor, and those who must stoop to being deceitful to get ahead are not worth her time.

  • Heroes: Severa considers herself the heroine of her own story; So why would she need some goody-two-shoes to come into her business and tell her how she is doing injustice. To herself, she is in the right, only following what her heart and mind tell her, and the definition of good and evil is opinionated. Therefore she will never admit she is wrong, because she finds that her actions are always right by her. This also ties hand in hand with her foolhardy determination to never ask for aid.

  • Ego: Not her own... It is the large ego of others she loathes. As that would make them better than her and Severa does not believe that anyone is more entitled to anything anymore than someone else. So for those that talk about their power constantly without being able to back it up with actions causes her to act in great disapproval. She also does not appreciate people talking down to her in such a way that would place her beneath them.

  • Discrimination: Not every race or even every member is racist against others, but she finds alot of people are prejudice, and she tends to stray far away from activities where one person belittles another depending on their heritage.


  • Power: The desire to grow stronger is human nature that not only applies to humans. All mortals have a strong persisting lust to be more than they once were, and Severa is no exception.

  • Recognition: Because she sets reachable goals for herself as an individual, she hopes to achieve each one over and over, and therefore prove not only to herself but those that doubt her that she can achieve greatness even as a human.

  • Traveling: A silly dream conjured in her mind when she was young, the girl yearns to travel far across the world, and with that, discover something new and possibly make a name for herself by doing so. She can't help but feel that everyone is meant for something, a destiny that was designed for them, and she yearns to find her place in the world.


  • What is she afraid of? Not many people can identify their own "Achilles Heel", or even undertake the effort in the attempt to discover it. That is the same for Severa, who unknowingly suffers from the infliction of loneliness. Her desire of friendship and acceptance often dictates many of her actions in the course of a day, which can obviously become a problem if exploited.

  • Deprivation: Having a strong understanding of what it is like to feel unsafe, Severa has an innate determination to never feel like she is without. To counteract this, she is willing to do ANYTHING to make sure her needs are filled and that she is comfortable.

  • Betrayal: Severa doesn't tolerate when people lie, and she certainly does not have strong feelings for those that are treacherous. Out of fear, Severa tends to not actively trust anyone who has not earned it, and even when she does, --she still sleeps with a knife under her pillow.


Height:  Severa stands at only 154 centimeters, give or take a few depending on her posture. A clean five foot with shoes.

Weight:  With a small stature, it is expected that her weight remains only around 120 lbs even though she is biologically thirty five years of age.

Appearance: The average woman's body largely reflects their own self-image, and as such, Severa's build is largely what one would expect of a young lady with her genetics in her mid twenties: small, light, and feminine. Her physique is an almost stereotypical reflection of a talented dancer, --lean, powerful muscles in a slim and supple package, yet graced with slightly larger than average breasts. Though she despairs about the “excess” that never quite leaves about her middle and thighs-- usually noticeable in her outfit of choice-- Severa reluctantly acknowledges that she still has what some would consider quite the attractive silhouette; curvy without being unhealthily so.

Severa's hair is the shade of a shimmery blonde, that appears almost silver in some areas of light. It's soft texture causes it to curl at the ends, and flair out in certain places despite it's straight behavior at her roots. She typically leaves it long and flowing behind her, with a few pieces pulled from her face and put into bows to join the remainder of her mane.

The tresses falling above her face, only plays the role of a shadow to her captivating amber irises and her delicately structured face. Her visage is actually an extremely surprising feature of her, as it vivifies the most subtle of expressions. It is a lively, intelligent face, on a woman with a full, sensuous mouth and sparkling eyes that shimmer in the light due to their vibrant color.

Clothing: example. Though she has had years to expand her wardrobe, she continues to prefer a small collection of outfits that she is most often seen in. Severa, like most in her profession, tends to wear clothing that is not only dubbed comfortable, but also practical. Varying textiles create the genetic make up of her ensemble, starting with a form fitting tunic with a diamond shaped slit in the chest, sitting above a patterned red center. This is wrapped in a long black tail coat decorated with ornate buckles, insignia's, and bow's similar to those worn in her hair.  Paired together is a set of black thigh high sollerets, and bracers embroidered in gold lining for protection. At her hips resides the matching belt designed to carry the sheath made for her blade.


General Fighting Tactics: It is common fact that someone of a small stature wouldn't weild a weapon half their size, and would be better off with something lighter that they can better handle. However Severa does not fit this stereotype, and instead finds her hands comfortably gripping a long folded steel blade. Over a decade, Severa has acquainted herself to using a long single edged blade, that naturally can be used both one-handed and two-handed (however due to her strength and size, she prefers the latter style). Attributing to her preferences, Severa has developed a unique fighting style comprised of dodging her opponents advances rather than parrying them with her sword, and then striking when finding an opening. If she is in a situation where she cannot use her sword, Severa will find herself at an odd and likely remove herself from combat by fleeing and hiding. Another thing to note about her general combat style, is that Severa will never fight an opponent she knows she cannot win against; if she is forced to, she will use underhanded tactics such as using caltrops, throwing dirt in their eyes and even putting on a facade to get the upper hand.

Heroic Trait: Lightning Reflexes - Enhanced Agility; Severa is light on her feet, allowing her to maneuver quickly and effectively against larger more lumbering opponents. This is the source of her unique fighting style, and she finds a harder time when facing someone who is equally as nimble.

Combat Stats-

Strength || Fair (-1)
Speed ||  Good (+1)
Agility ||  Very Good (+2 [+1])
Durability || Poor (-2)
Stamina || Very Good (+2)
Magical power || Poor (-2)

Strengths: There is little that Severa is actually proficient in, except for reading her opponents moves. She can make note of little hints to a person's next move, as well as predicting what they will attempt to do next. This is not something she can replicate every time, but it is prominent when facing someone who was military trained; as their fighting style does not deviate and is full of repetition. Due to her chaotic nature, her motives are temperamental, which can be translated to her sword fighting technique. Outside of combat specifically, Severa is a strong climber, handy with a rope and a skilled swimmer.

Weaknesses: Unlike her strengths, there is a lot that Severa is unskilled in. She is undisciplined in hand to hand combat, and quite frail in comparison to most people of the rogue/warrior nature. In combat she can be emotionally volatile and can be deceived if provoked enough, and refuses to wear strong armor ( which can lead to being mortally wounded). She is also unable to use magic at all, and has little to no understanding of how the properties work, so she detests fighting mages ( and views them as crazy people). On another note, Severa is adequately uneducated and can not read or write.


Primary Weapon: 60 cm of folded metal; layered Divinium smelted in the heat of fire, and polished in the pools of a northern fortress. A tang of embroidered metal, glistening with a gold pattern, and a hilt wrapped in strong woven charcoal colored silk. A brilliantly forged sword, decorated appropriately with a matching sheath to keep it well oiled. The blade itself glistens a red color, giving it the appearance of being elementally imbued, however that is only in appearance. While it may have had a name once in it's lifetime, Severa does not offer the same sentiment to the object. To her, it is a necessary tool, and holds regards for its chaotic use in combat. She appreciates it's make-up, as the single edged blade never seems to dull. If there is any innate magical properties to the sword, she is unable to tap into them, and instead assumes that it lacks any.

Secondary Weapon: A 28cm knife with a cotton wrapped hilt. It appears to be homemade and very worn in appearance. Not as sharp as her sword, the knife only serves it's use in emergency situations, or if she is skinning an animal. It has a sheath sewn onto her tail coat, resting comfortably in the nape of her back. If the time comes where she has to use it in a fight, she can be seen wielding it with the blade pressed to her forearm and using wide slashing motions similar to when she is using her sword.


Battle Mode

Name: Adrenaline
Type: Support
Damage Category: None
Description: After being in combat for longer than three posts; she can ignore any negative effects to her constitution should she receive any major [strong] damage or ailments that affect her fortitude, only feelings the effects after combat is over. An example being, -- if she retains a severe blow to the head, her adrenaline keeps her from being stunned or sluggish.
Cooldown: 2 posts

Name: Phantom
Type: Support
Damage Category: None
Description: A technique created by Severa that combines breath control and footwork to fool an opponent's senses in close combat. Alot of swordsman can possess a similar skill, but Severa’s is built entirely around her fast reception and ability to dodge. Simply put, she uses misdirection to goad her adversary into thinking she is somewhere where she isn’t, such as behind them, or to their flank. Then when they make their action Severa will ‘reappear’ elsewhere. This is a skill that proves fruitless against combatants that are highly perceptive, and its useless in mid-range to long-range combat. She also uses it to gamble and make coin from foolish drunkards
Cooldown: 2 Posts

Name: Reflective Guard
Type: Defensive
Damage Category: None
Description: Severa will not always be able to dodge an opponent's advance, and when she cannot parry, she will bring her blade up to catch the attack. This creates a reaction that she can only guess comes from the sword; --but it is actually a combination of the swords sturdy composition and her own habit to follow through. After making a successful guard, Severa pushes forward with her weight at the perfect time, sending the force of her rivals’ attack backwards in combination with her own movement. This often results in her opponent losing a foothold or creating an opening for a counter.
Cooldown: 1 post

Name: Pinsir
Type: Offensive
Damage Category: Strong
Description: In combination of her Phantom Technique, Severa will make an advance. What it does is allow Severa to “conceal” an attack, hidden behind another false movement.  What this means is that the first swing of her weapon will be seen normally, however, the swing after that, they won’t be able to see, allowing Severa for some attacks that might surprise the opponent and allow for some good combinations with higher success of pulling them off. If done correctly with an unsuspecting opponent, Severa can achieve two unmitigated sword swings in rapid succession dealing devastating damage.
Cooldown: 4 Posts

Name: True Sight
Type: Support
Damage Category: None
Description: By using her adaptive perception skills, Severa can more easily identify an opponent's weak points in their armor and/or movements. This is something she can only achieve after being in combat for 3 posts, and the result is a buff to her damage output from Fair to Average for 2 posts. This can be used in combination with her Pinsir Ability.
Cooldown: 3 posts


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