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Npc Character Rules

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Npc Character Rules

Post by Zenke on 2/12/2018, 1:12 pm

When it comes to creating Npc characters with powers for events, there a few rules we'd like to point out. While oneshot bad guys who die by the end of the thread are allowed and don't need to adhere to these rules, Npcs who will be used in a string of threads are subject to these rules.

1. If the NPC is going to be an important ongoing character who appears in multiple threads, but doesn't engage in combat, you need to fill in an npc Bio for them. If its just Bob the shopkeeper your character happens to meet every time you do a thread in Mith Silvanus, he wont need one. Likewise a character's parents wont need bios, since they'll be established in your character's history. However, Aline Drexara, the leader of Edaria requires one.

2. If the NPC is going to be an ongoing combatant who appears in multiple threads and uses powers, an app must be filled out and approved by staff.

3. You can request a Rank for an Npc character on creation. However this rank should not change unless approved by staff. The quality of the app does not need to reflect the Rank of the character.

4.All equipment the NPC uses must be submitted for approval, however this can be submitted with the app.

5. Npc equipment is free but this is within reason. Npc characters dont need twenty swords. We will not allow this. Certain things will not be allowed, such as the npc having a valdorion iron sword or dragon scale armor. If an Npc dies, and your character takes their equipment, you must pay for it.

6.Any staff can use Npcs as they see fit, aslong as they stick to the character's personality. They cannot kill them without the permission of the creator first, however.

7. Members can use Npcs aslong as they play them correctly and get permission from staff/the npc's creator first.

8. Npcs should not be controlled by multiple people in the same thread, to avoid confusion. This is unless the Npc hasn't acted in a while and the original controller doesn't mind.

Staff retain the rights to make additions and changes to these guidlines. If a Rule change happens, everyone will be informed, so you cannot say you didn't know.

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