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Asentari: Powers and Abilities

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Asentari: Powers and Abilities

Post by Zenke on Sat Apr 20, 2013 1:43 am

Asentari are magical beings, but require training to tap into their powers. However all Asentari are born with two abilities that set them appart from humans. Asentari only gain powers other than the ones below, when they unlock the first Draconic seal. Once unlocked they must break the seal to gain access to their powers in a thread.

Dragon skin

Almost all Asentari have this. Sometimes it developes as dragon scales on their skin, and other times there is no evidence to say the Asentari has it. Eitherway, most Asentari have very tough to cut skin, making them very resistant to bladed and peircing weaponry. They can still be cut, its just harder. That being said a mace is just as effective on an Asentari as it is a human.

Dragon Element

These are powers based on an Asentari's dragon element. There are 4 dragon elements to choose from. The elements are as follows: Fire, lightning, Cold, Or air.

Name: Dragon Breath
Type: Attack
Damage Catagory: Very Strong
Description: The Asentari can breath out a powerful blast of their element. Generally speaking, the stronger the Asentari, the more devestating the attack, but this is their most powerful racial ability.
Cooldown: 5 post cooldown.

Name: Element ball
Type: Attack
Damage Catagory: Average
Description: The asentari can fire a powerful ball of their element. Some litterally spit it, while others throw it or launch it from a weapon. The attack explodes on impact with a 15ft blast radius, and is quite powerful.
Cooldown: 2 post cooldown

Name: Elemental Bolt
Type: Attack
Damage Catagory: Very Weak
Description: A weaker, smaller form of the attack above, this does not have a blast radius. However it can be fired faster and does not have a cooldown.
Cooldown: N/A

Name: Weapon Enchantment
Type: Support
Damage Catagory: N/A
Description: The asentari can enchant their current weapon with their chosen element, adding additional damage to each hit landed by the Asentari's weapon. If the weapon is ranged it has multiple uses.
Cooldown: Lasts 6 posts with a 4 post cd

Draconic Seal Lvl 1

This is The Asentari's first stage of powers. Unlike their dragon Element, these powers can be anything, and do not have to be the related. Sometimes it comes with minor changes to their physical appearance, such as more scales, a tail, more draconic features, and boosts. Unlocked at R-1.

Draconic Seal Lvl 2

This is the Asentari's second stage of powers.  Unlike their dragon Element, these powers can be anything, and do not have to related. This is usually accompanied by a more dramatic change to their physical appearance, such as more scales than before, taller, wider build, and wings. The Asentari's ultimate power. Unclocked at E-1


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