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Character Job Information Empty Character Job Information

Post by Orgoth on Fri Nov 30, 2018 5:25 am

Skill Income System

So you’ve made a character that can fight fearsome enemies, but can they use their skills to pay the bills? The answer is yes. Any character can make some money for you if they’re good at something. So how do you make this happen? Well it’s quite simple, or at least, as simple as we could make it. So let’s get started.

The first thing to know is that this section is comprised of two main components. The first is a list of members, followed by their chosen breadwinner and the skill they are using. Each member can have one character making money at any one time, so the area doesn’t get flooded and people don’t end up insanely rich if they have more characters. So essentially, you pick one character who is highly leveled in a particular skill, and it will be added to the list as your income-maker. For example, the most-leveled skill amongst Orgoth’s characters is Fayla Shor with a rank of Adept in Crafting(Bowmaking). Orgoth selects her and her Craft skill as his job income, so Fayla will provide income based on her skill, until he decides to change. You can change your chosen job income at any time, just let Orgoth or Zenke know.

Now that you’ve selected your breadwinner, time to go make that money. This is done using the second component of this section. There is a thread set up for each skill level, and this is where you will earn your money. Once per week, a member can post in the thread that matches their chosen breadwinner’s income skill level. This post will essentially be a description of the character’s working week. It must be at least a decent-sized paragraph in length to qualify, but you don’t need to go overboard. So as another example, Fayla’s Crafting skill is Adept currently, so Orgoth will post once a week on the Adept thread, describing Fayla’s work that she does in the workshop or wherever she does her work.

Once you have posted in the thread, a staff member will give you your hard-earned dough. The amount you recieve is directly related to the skill of your chosen worker. The formula is your skill level multiplied by 20 resources. Once you’ve posted in your skill thread, the money is yours. There are some skills that cannot be used directly for income, these are: Stealth, Awareness and Lock-picking. In order to use these for income, you must instead invest in the Teaching skill, and select the skill you want as your field of teaching. Teaching can also be used to gain income from teaching combat skills your character is good at, such as fighting with a certain weapon, a certain school of magic, battle tactics, etc.


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