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Post by Orgoth on Wed Nov 28, 2018 11:27 am

Fenroc: This canine beast is the bane of forest travelers up and down the Free Lands. Resembling an oversize wolf, Fenrocs have hard plates of bone covering their back, meaning that the only real way to deal with them is to either attack its underbelly or hope for a lucky headshot. A fully-grown Fenroc stands at 8ft tall and possesses a tail covered in sharp barbs that it can fire at enemies. Fortunately, unlike their wolf kin they are almost completely solitary, with Fenrocs only interacting with each other to either fight over territory or to mate. Female Fenrocs are even more formidable, being both slightly larger and possessing thicker armour. Fenrocs are highly territorial, and generally attack anything that wanders into its patch, no matter the size, with females being even more aggressive towards interlopers. This unrefined aggression has led to Fenroc numbers to be quite low overall, with males outnumbering females, though they are still numerous enough to pose a threat throughout the Free Lands.

The Free Lands Kg4CCmT

Redmane Deer: The Redmane deer is similar to a regular deer, however it is larger, and as the name suggests it has a shaggy red coat. The males of the species have massive black or white antlers, and they have a shaggier mane of red fur around their necks. Redmane Deer are swift of foot, and generally choose to flee than fight, though the stags are large and strong enough to fight off a male Fenroc if they work together. However, even these majestic beasts fall prey to the forest apex predators female counterpart.

Sarconith: One of the apex predators of the swamps that exist in the southern reaches of the Free Lands. Resembling large crocodiles, Sarconiths can grow up to 20-25 feet long, with a 3-5 feet long snout full of razor-sharp teeth. Being amphibious, Sarconiths can lurk beneath the surface of the deeper waters of the swamp, waiting for prey to come along before lunging at them with deceptive speed. They grab their prey with their massive jaws, crushing them to death with enough force to reduce rocks to rubble. Sarconiths also possess thick scales on their backs which act as armor, making it even more difficult to deal with. In combat, Sarconiths rely on their crushing strength and mass to overpower prey, though their agility when attacking should not be underestimated. They are generally solitary creatures, with Sarconiths only interacting when mating or fighting over territory.
The Free Lands Sarcob10

Kapranith: Another apex predator from the swamp and the main rival to the Sarconith, Kapraniths are slightly smaller than their territorial foes, but make up for this with impressive speed and agility. Kapraniths stalk the treeline of the swamp, shifting from cover to cover rapidly to get the best angle on a potential snack. They are also amphibious, though they mainly use the water to evade their foes if the first attack fails. Kaproniths resemble large alligators, though they stand slightly more upright, and they are a lot less bulky. They can grow to 20 feet long at most, and are much more streamlined than their Sarconith enemies. The main attack strategy of a Sarconith is to grab its prey in its powerful jaws and drag it away from any potential help. It does not have the pure crushing power of Sarconith jaws, but the teeth of a Kapronith are specially adapted for clamping down on a foe and allowing no escape. Unlike Sarconiths, Kaproniths have been known to attack in groups when needed, which is the case when fighting a Sarconith over territory.
The Free Lands Kapros10

Vultani Liger: This creature is the result of the mating between a Vultani Lion and a Vultani Tiger. The result is a creature that shares certain appearance traits with both species, but is unique because of its size. Vultani Ligers can grow up to 12 feet tall, and they possess both the mane of the lion and the striped markings of the tiger. Other notable mutations present are the brown pigmentation of the forelimbs, as well as the piercing blue eyes. Vultani Ligers are deceptively intelligent, and they make for very dangerous foes. Vultani Ligers possess frightening speed for a creature its size, and is extremely agile to boot. They also possess the retractable claws that all cat species are known for, with theirs being able to rip an unarmored target to shreds. They are highly valued as mounts, being adept at climbing as well as defending itself, though a rider of some skill is required to utilize one.

The Free Lands VFDIoS9

Vultani Basilisk: This large extremely venomous snake grows up to 40 ft long, with dark green and grey scales that protect its body from attack. It can easily kill a Crag Drake in a single strike of its mighty jaws, injecting enough venom into its pray it could take down a Dragon. Driven from the Edia jungles for that very reason, the Vultani Basilisk is one of the most feared creatures in the Vultani jungle.

The Vultani Basilisk’s venom is one of the most sought after venoms by assassins, and is twice as potent as that of the Blackspire Wyverns in the north.
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