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Asentari: Appearance and Nature

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Asentari: Appearance and Nature

Post by Zenke on Fri Apr 19, 2013 9:50 am

The Asentari are a young race compared to the others. Asentari are desendants of human and dragon offspring. It was common for humans to make pacts with dragons, who could take human shape, allowing them to breed with human women so that they would give birth to powerful half dragons to use in battle against the other races. As more and more appeared, they were treated like nothing more than slave soldiers and given no rights.

Eventually these half dragons rebelled, and with the help of human sympatizers they escaped their bonds and fled to far away land, taking the humans who wanted to come with them. These half dragons continued breeding with the humans that had come with them, and over the course of two hundred years, the two races became one, and became know as the Asentari. Nowadays, most people dont know the story of the Asentari, or that they have dragon blood in their veins.

Asentari are commonly between 5 and 9 foot. Because of their strong human heritage, they are quite diverse in appearance. Its common for Asentari to have longer, sharper kanines, however. Some have scales or horny protrusions on their bodies and faces, As well as black or red markings on their skin. Asentari's pupils are slitted, and red eyes are not uncommon amoung the race.

Asentari do not care for good or evil, and generally dont get involved in the conflicts between the other races. They hold no particular hatred for humans despite the history behind their birth into the world. Elves and orcs are nothing to them but tree huggers and war mongers, and unlike the other races they do not fear or hate Heanta, maybe because Heanta avoid eating them because of the Asentari's hard to cut skin.

The Asentari make their home in a land called Edia, a collection of Islands that float above the earth. The only way to get up to these lands is through a portal in the lower lands, or using one of the Elven portal stones built across the lands. The capital City of Edia is Eapara. The city is built across several of those floating Islands, connected by rope bridges. The Floating Islands of Edia are bound to each other by magic, and do not drift appart, though they still shift and move around. They are also bound to the portal stone below, and do not move from above it.


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